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Jews on the Moon a Science Fiction Story

Posted by avideditor on August 13, 2008

Update: I found it is called “May We Please Have the Moon?” by Janet S. Tiger

I referred to this story in my last post. I don’t know who wrote it. I got it in email.

copyright 11/15/2003 all rights reserved

A science fiction story!A science fiction story!!
The Jews settled the moon in 2053, just about five years after the end of the Islamic Wars of the 40’s, where the Middle East, and Israel , of course, had been obliterated by nuclear weapons.

The two million Jews remaining throughout the rest of the world – less than 100,000 total in all the Islamic countries – banded together and purchased the dark side of the moon, which no other companies or people wished to colonize.

Great transports were arranged via the 62,000 mile space elevator and the Space Shuttle and every Jew on Earth – including anyone who claimed any Jewish heritage whatsoever – left to go to a place where no one could blame them for anything.

The Earth rejoiced – happily rid of all Jews.  There were huge parties throughout all of Sweden and the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia South America, and North America . (Now known as the Northern Alliance of Islamic States after the United States was taken over peacefully in the elections of 2040 by a predominantly Muslim Congress and President, who immediately passed amendments making Islam the main religion of the United States and the world.) Read the rest of this entry »

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