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High Alert from Fox News: Hezbollah using Mexican drug smuggling routes to enter U.S.

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 29, 2009



Automatically Generated Transcript

(note from Ellie, I didn’t fix many mistakes in this transript. There were a few I noticed that I just couldn’t resist fixing, but overall this is just FYI, not beautiful prose.)

” shocking story earlier this morning now according to her reporting the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Has been using Mexican drug smuggling routes to enter the US. Sara A Carter is the national security pentagon correspondent the Washington times she joins us now on the very latest. Sarah that the just to get this straight the same Hezbollah that is funded by Iran.”

” Cracked it is the same Hezbollah that is funded by Iran. These are wings at Hezbollah criminal enterprises working in Latin America — yes absolutely right — you save your report that they rely on the act the same criminals smugglers the document traffickers transportation the drug cartels.”

” And that there were all working together we can you explain what some specificity exactly what that means.”

” Yet it you know this isn’t as complicated as it scenes. What happened is you know Hezbollah has to count on this — transit routes into the United States. To raise money and to move people as the other. Cartels in Mexico as well as Colombian cartels. And other cartels and Latin America and South America. At this point in time Mexico’s seems to control the majority of transit routes into the US. You know after September 11 we were locked down a lot of our waterways. Fifteen years ago we close off the Caribbean corridor so it made it much more difficult to move things by ship or by plane. In the United States so what happened then with that most of the South American drug cartels began moving all of their narcotics through Mexico. The airport having to pay the Mexican cartels. Tax our permission to move their product through. And at what happened is that increase the power of the Mexican drug cartels to the point where they were making billions and billions of dollars. And now pretty much controlled Mexico itself you know look — Sarah at.”

” I have made this case I’ve been through what I’ve seen these tunnels as one of particular that I saw in San Diego literally from Mexico to San Diego. I’ve been to the border from the Rio Grande El Paso to San Diego and everywhere between.”

” My biggest arguments always — that if somebody can come to America.”

” Because they want to job where they want hope or opportunity which by the way if I was living in poverty I think that probably do the same thing.”

” But the biggest threat to America is that they can come here these are terrorist organizations and it for the life of me.”

” I don’t understand why the fences and completely built like Janet — coast tell America that in fact we have no drug violence on our border right now.”

” What’s it going to take for these guys to wake up.”

” Look this is not a lot enforcement issues this is a national security issue. It’s not just me saying this — defense officials. These are DEA officials this is intelligence officials. These are people that worked in that region day in and day out and risk their lives. I’ve been down there myself you know that — yes I have seen homes blown up by busy because they’re using AK forty sevens they’re using grenades they’re using rocket launchers they have bulletproof SUVs. These guys have. Built a criminal syndicate that we can’t even comprehend these are armies — these are gains.”

” I hope I swear I hope everybody’s listening do you think it’s possible as they are crop as they’ve now — crossing the border news in the same roads. Is it possible they can sneak in a nuke.”

” You know we keep hearing about these missing suitcase — from from the former Soviet Union as a possible that they can bring in weapons of mass destruction. Warm I live in — paranoid delusional fantasy here.”

” You’re not living in a paranoid delusional fantasy they can certainly sneak over radioactive material they can sneak over people. One of the things that I’ve been looking into — it’s in my report as well. If you know that soldiers and an end they would be willing to move suicide bombers and in this country through the border it’s just that easy it’s it’s not that. There has not been sufficient amount of security on that border we’ve been reporting this for years since September 11. I mean one of the things that the September 11 commission said with that we needed to look outside of the box more. I mean now we were struck by planes in the sky it’s not impossible and you look al-Qaeda is already looked at the border. Hezbollah has already made their way through the border we don’t know who else has made their way through that border he was here right now I mean really we don’t.”

” we end this is coming from sources that analysts that we can’t use the term enemy combatant war on terrorism. You know operational contingency or a contingency operational whatever the phrase that Barack Obama uses. I mean it’s what it’s it seems that we’ll go back to pre 9/11 mentality. And you mention the 9/11 report the final report said they were — war with us. You know we were at war with them and if we hope we don’t pay attention to it while I think that the same result full wolfpack.”

With the above video/transcript in mind, then watch this Islamic cleric discuss in all seriousness the feasibility and desirability of some “courageous” person smuggling 4 lbs of Anthrax in a suitcase through these very same tunnels. This amount of Anthrax would be guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within an hour, if distributed through population centers properly. — Ellie Katz

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