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Evil Israeli Settlers Ruin Everything… Again

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 11, 2010


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Post-Racial America Looks a lot like Pre-Post-Racial America

Posted by ghostofsparta on August 23, 2009

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Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and wax nostalgic. Why, just 1 year ago our economy was booming, with a record high Dow, Sarah Palin was about to light the Conservative base on fire, and Barack Obama was promising his election would lead to a post-racial America where we would all live in peace and harmony and rainbows and unicorns, Amen.

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What Bias? A Study of 2 Stories at Opposite Ends of the Political Spectrum

Posted by ghostofsparta on June 1, 2009

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I know, I know, I can hear you all now.

 “Another post about media bias? Seriously?” As if this topic hasn’t been beaten to death over the past decade. But never do 2 stories emerge that are so similar in plot but so different in coverage in the span of 2 days as happened this past weekend. For those of you who don’t pay attention to the news, here are 2 links to news stories (via Ace of Spades HQ) abou

t the shooting of abortion doctor George Tiller and the shooting of 2 military recruiters in Little Rock, AR.

Now according to most news sources, the recruitment center shooting occured around 10 A.M. today (not sure if that’s local or Eastern time). The police have a

suspect but haven’t relased information regarding the shooter or the victims as of yet, so I admit I may be jumping to conclusions a bit early, but I’ll go ahead and make the prediction for all to see: the murders in both of these stories will be treated very differently if the person who shot the military recruiters turns out to be a left-wing, anti-war protester. What’s my basis? Well let’s just look at the current deification of George Miller and what’s being said about his murderer.

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The Media that Cried Wolf: Why We’ll Never See an Actual Pandemic Coming

Posted by ghostofsparta on May 4, 2009

I’ve always considered myself a skeptic by nature. Part of that is because I’m a realist, which means taking a lot of life with a grain of salt. This is especially true concening the media. Now I’m not an idiot, and I know how capitalism works. The media gets money by making every story seem like it’s the most imporant story of our lifetimes. Most of the time it’s not a problem, overblowing celebrity screwups or political misspeaks won’t destory western society. However, there is one line that they media crosses too often: declaring a pandemic is upon us every year.

Every year, it seems the media types come out in sackcloth and ashes declaring “Woe unto us, the end is nigh.” This year’s pandemic-du-jour is Swine Flu (H1N1). Why this year, the numbers are staggering. In the U.S. alone there have been 286 confirmed cases in 36 states! Why, there’s even been 1 death in the America….at least techinally anyway, as it was a Mexican child who died while in America:

The only swine flu death in the U.S. is that of a Mexican toddler who was visiting Texas.

But hey, the media says that THIS is the one that’s gonna kill us all. And why should we doubt them? After all, it was basically the same flu that did actually kill close to 100 million people in 1918, when it was called the Spanish Flu. Never mind that the disease spread like wildfire because of the horrible conditions of trench warfare in WWI. After all in 90 years we have had absolutely no advances in medicine or living conditions.

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The Investigative Project on Terrorism: How The American Media And National Muslim Political Organization Support Terrorism, Murder And Genocide

Posted by avideditor on May 30, 2008

I just recieved this in my email. From the Investigative Project on Terrorism It is a must read.


When you don’t recognize evil, denounce evil, resist evil, fight evil, you become dangerously close to being evil.

That is the unfortunate situation where we find many important players in American society, including the mainstream media and the major national Muslim political groups. This does not bode well for America’s ability to fight and win the war against Islamo-fascist terrorism that now threatens the survival of the free world. That’s so because of the important role played by the mainstream media in shaping public opinion and public policy and because the essential role that the majority of Muslims must play in bringing the minority of the extremists within their ranks under control.

You don’t see much discussion of this in the mainstream media as those that control it simply do not see the evil of terrorism and Islamo-fascism, as they should and as any rational observer does.

This sorry state of affairs was made crystal clear in an article by Steven Emerson, one of the nation’s leading experts on international terrorism and national security. The article appears in the publication Counter Terrorism: The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security International (Summer 2008).

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