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Why is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs obsessed with calling Glenn Beck Hitler?

Posted by avideditor on February 21, 2010

After my previous posts which where cross posted at the some great places on in internet.  He did it again

Anti Semitic Charles Johnson thinks calling people Hitler is a Joke BECK IS NOT LIKE HITLER

Charles Johnson at LGF compares Glenn Beck giving the CPAC speech to Hitler

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Lizard Lounge Closes now what about LGF?

Posted by avideditor on April 8, 2009

UPDATE: I wrote this in the past:  Why Little Green Footballs is a hate site and why anyone that believes in G-d should take it off your blog roll

A couple of years ago I used to be a frequent member of the lizard lounge. (If someone knows a place like it was, leave a comment that says email me, and I will.) But Charles is Anti-G-d and not a true Anti-Jihadi IMHO. What do you think happened to him? Did he fall off his bike and got brain damaged or do you think he sold out? LGF was much different a couple of years ago.

I would stop blogging for enough Oil money but I think Charles would blog what ever people want for enough money, but who knows. No matter how much people paid me 2+2=4 I would not blog entries where I said 2 plus 2 equals 5.

It seems that Charles cl0sed the Lizard Lounge, (warning the link goes to LGF)  which is sad IMHO. I can not wait till people wake up and realize that Charles is only a bit better then the trash they read at the DKOS or Huntington Post and the blog closes. But I miss the Lizard Lounge and all that it stood for. I hope there are great alternatives out there. There should be. How much longer do you think before LGF closes?

What ever you believe it is you own business, but I will never be a sellout and I will never be anti-G-d like Charles.

UPDATE: Lizard Watch: “There’s a (big) difference between kneeling and bending over”


Lizard Meltdown Watch

for those that think being anti-G-d and siding with the Jihadist  too much is not a problem you should read the links.

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