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Who writes most of the lefty talking points? I think it is the Fenton Communications

Posted by avideditor on July 3, 2009

“Fenton is a key player in the whole web of lefty organizations put together but a few top dogs as spin offs and useful toolsi

If you see some obscure group on a talking head TV show it is likely a Fenton connected group and just making it look like a grass roots effort.”

Look at the groups they have supported.

“It is simply to show that the entire lefty message is top down coordinated and not random events from independent grassroots groups like they wish to show it to be.

Awareness and knowledge allow voters to make more informed decisions and see just how they have been played like a bunch of rubes.”  Learn more about the Fenton Group.

The idea came to me from someone that wants to remain anonymous at this conservative chat. Thanks for the info and the links. I think all should know about this dark shady group.

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