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The Tragedy of Charlene Downes

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 27, 2009


Warning: For those with a weak stomach or a sensitive nature, this is one of the most grotesque stories I’ve ever read about, even worse than what we all know of Jeffrey Dahmer.

This post started off an expose of how low is the view of European women in the eyes of radical Muslims (and their own women for that matter). I set out to unmask a time honored method of “jihad” being waged against us; violating the “enemy’s” women. The Muslim outlook on rape is one of the “right of conquerer, of warrior”. In previous eras, European cultures were guilty of the same.

It is true, the statistics do prove out that many, many immigrant Muslims, particularly in Europe, seem to feel it fitting to rape European women. I have posted on this elsewhere at this site, where previously tolerant Europeans are tracking the rise of rapes in their respective countries, and report their findings. While the West has made notable attempts at legislating some minimal levels of morality into the milieu of warfare, rape continues to be viewed by radical Muslims as an acceptable form of “jihad”.

The men who stood accused in the case of Charlene Downs are immigrants to the UK, and at least two of the three are Muslim. Anti-Western, Islamic nationalistic motives may have been behind the disappearance and apparent murder of Charlene Downes. Time will tell.

I hod a specific purpose in mind when writing this post. However, it has developed into a desire to help this family either find their missing daughter, or find out who is responsible for her murder.  With that end in mind, I’ve included all tags I could find in relation to the case, mostly, but not exclusively, gleaned from articles as they appeared in The Blackpool Gazette UK. Thus the tags are related to this post, but are not only from my post, and there’s a lot of them. I’ve tried to summarize and condense lots of information gleaned from other articles I’ve read, that may help someone who knows something about the tragedy of Charlene Downes. — Ellie Katz

Charlene Downes 2003

Charlene Downes 2003

Charlene Downes was a 14 year old English school girl who went missing on Saturday November 1st 2003. After searching for her whereabouts for several years, the police thought they may have pieced together the horrible end that came to this 14 year old girl. Alas, now the trial has collapsed, apparently due to lack of solid evidence. The distraught parents feel they are back at square one.

Two men have been accused of murdering Charlene, Mr Albattikhi, a Jordanian immigrant, and his business partner 50-year-old Mohammed Reveshi. It is alleged that she was drugged, perhaps subsequently developing an addiction, coerced into a child-prostitution ring, murdered, and then very possibly, her remains were disposed of by one or two methods;

  • She may have been cut up and served as burgers and kebabs at the suspects’ take-out restaurant, Funny Boyz fast food shop,
  • her bones may have been ground up and used for grout.

This sort of thing may sound other-worldy, but it has some precedents, one case being reported by The Accrington Observer.

Details and how the allegations in the case developed follow. This text below is lifted, probably from a Blackpool Gazzette article. I’m sorry, I forgot to link it so you can read the original. It’s misplaced somewhayeres…

“In 2004, Mr Albattikhi fell out with his brother, Tariq, who told a witness – David Cassidy – that Charlene ‘had been killed and chopped up and there had been a lot of blood,’ Mr Holroyde said.

Mr Cassidy was allegedly warned by Mr Albattikhi that ‘he would be dealt with’ if he told anyone, and was later offered £20,000 by Mr Reveshi, the jury heard.

He went to police in December 2004 and detectives bugged their flats, as well as Mr Reveshi’s Fiat people carrier.

In one of the resulting tapes Mr Reveshi is heard saying the words ‘eat the body’ in a joking tone, Mr Holroyde told the court.

Mr Albattikhi is heard on one tape saying that if “anything” was found he had ‘had it’.”

There are problems with the tapes, questions of interpretation, as well as quality issues (it’s hard to hear). Other witnesses, under-aged girls, have claimed that the Mr. Reveshi was guilty of sexual advances towards them. One witness, Kirsty Fletcher testifies to implicating conversations she overheard (as reported by Times Online):

“Mr Holroyde said that a witness, Kirsty Fletcher, who worked at another fast food restaurant, went to see her employer about her wages and heard a group of men, including Mr Albattikhi, talking about sex with white girls and mentioning Charlene.

“Kirsty says Albattikhi laughed and said she was kinky and she was very small – the plainest possible indication that he was lying to police when he said he did not know her.

“And, says Kirsty Fletcher, he and the others present were then laughingly saying that Charlene had gone into the kebabs.”

A person of interest who may go by the name of “Ronnie” is reported to have met Charlene regularly and given her money. Here is a brief description of the man as reported in this Gazette article:

“Ronnie is believed to have given cash to Charlene and met her at around 3pm in Talbot Road on the day she disappeared.  He may live in the Thornton area and has been described by several people as aged between 30 and 60, although police believe he falls in the older end of the age bracket.

He rides a white bike with racing-cycle handlebars and a white basket, or basket holder on the back.  He is between 5ft 2in and 5ft 5in tall, slim with grey hair and a grey moustache and beard. He has a ‘messy’ crewcut hairstyle and is said to be of scruffy appearance.

Det Supt Buschini said: ‘Anybody who knows this individual or his whereabouts should contact the police immediately as repeated appeals for him to come forward have not been acted upon.’

Another unnamed man is mentioned in this article: “Detectives revealed details of the men as new pictures of Charlene were released, which show her in the Carousel Bar on North Pier on October 31 – the evening before she disappeared.

“‘The first man they want to speak to bought Charlene and a friend a vodka and coke on the evening she disappeared. He was in the Carousel Bar and is described as being in his late 30s to early 40s, 5ft 4in tall and with short dark hair.”

There were allegations of police incompetence, or worse, dishonesty in building their case against the charged suspects. The family feels their daughter’s tragedy hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

I have included just a few links for the convenience of the reader. Googling “Charlene Downes” is another effective means in updating oneself. In regards to some of the links, I must issue a few caveats:

First, many articles are outdated, but for background information, they are still valuable. As I’ve mentioned, the case has since gone to trial, that having failed, was tried and again and the accused were cleared, due to lack of evidence. Well, if one grinds up the body of the murdered child, feeds her to the customers and uses her bones for grout, that does tend to complicate the search for evidence. I think that the grout idea is a bit risky myself.

“”More than 200 police officers have been involved in the inquiry since it was launched in November 2003, and Detective Sergeant Jan Beasant spent 2,400 hours over two years transcribing 52 tapes, that police said proved the guilt of both men.” — A Tangled Web

Also, one or two of the sites I have linked are very “nationalistic” to put it mildly. This in no way indicates an endorsement by this site of their views. Nevertheless, even British racists may have some legitimate gripes regarding the unfair treatment of indigenous Brits vs. the immigration population. I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One commentator at The Nationalist News Blogspot speculated on possible motives, should it turn out that Charlene was indeed murdered:

“Let’s speculate. That she was murdered isn’t in doubt, but there are a couple of extra questions to be answered:

  1. WHY was she murdered?
  2. Why was her body so thorougly disposed of?

I think the two questions are linked.

It doesn’t seem to make sense that she be murdered; she was a sexual resource for the local Pakis, so why kill her? It’s not as if they will have suddenly gone off sex with underage white girls. It doesn’t seem to make sense.

I think she was pregnant, and had just told him that, and that he was daddy (she may have tried to put a squeeze on him? Who knows? the fact of the pregnancy itself will have been enough, with her being underage and him facing jail if the whole story came out).

Suppose he’d just murdered her and made the usual murderers’ incompetent job of hiding the body – well the police would sooner or later have found the body, and the post-mortem would soon enough have shown that she was pregnant.

Foetuses reveal a dna sample that will pin daddy down to one man.

So she had to die to keep him out of jail. And the body had to be thoroughly disposed of to keep a foetal dna sample from being obtained … which would again lead to jail for him, only this time for murder in addition to rape.

Why did the social worker get involved? Maybe he was one of the possibilities as daddy.

Just pondering on the matter.”

There is more discussion at that site, and bigoted views notwithstanding.

Help Find My Child

Association of British Investigators



A Tangled Web

Majority Rights

Nationalist News Blogspot – Warning: A number of links are broken, but there is still a lot of good information.

The Blackpool Gazette (many of the Nationalist News Blogspots links go to this site.)

Missing Girl; Men Hunted (another Blackpool Gazette article)

A Google Groups Report

UK Commentators


The Guardian

If one combs through the comments at one site (and I can’t locate the site I”m thinking of right now, but when I do, I will insert it HERE) I read some surprising things. Some of the commentators claim to be young women who either —

  • knew Charlene, such as her sister Donna, and a young woman named Kirsty Fletcher, later a witness
  • Some snide comments passing between girls, pointing fingers at each other about  illicit goings on at “Funny Boyz”
  • comments indicating these girls knew the men who ran Funny Boyz
  • comments indicating who exactly was involved with the questionable activities going on at the restaurant
  • comments indicating that Charlene was indeed involved with these risky activities
  • who else knew of those same activities.

According to “The Guardian” this seaside city has a considerable problem with child-sex rings, that the problem being a barely covered up “secret”. The suspects, of course, feel their lives have been destroyed by allegations when, in fact, they never even knew Charlene. And that would be a tragedy, if indeed these men are innocent of all charges. We will see. The truth always has a way of bubbling up.

Heartbreaking. I just can’t imagine what the family must be enduring.

Parents, please do teach your daughters some safety tips, and keep close tabs on them. There are many excellent books, courses and other resources available that teach our children — girls and boys of all ages — good safety tips without making them overly fearful. Our children don’t always understand what the real world is like. They are counting on us to protect them.

One of the faults of Western culture is that we often granted our children too much freedom, without giving them to tools to handle that freedom responsibly. The courts often aid and abet this, taking parents to task, even taking children away when the more defiant of our adolescents go to the “authorities” (and I use that term advisedly) with gripes against their too strict of parents, over petty things like not being able to have whatever friends they choose or not being able to watch whatever filth and gore they may want to on television or at the movies. This has to stop. We cannot exercise the proper responsibility over our children if we are not allowed authority over them.

Tragedies such as that of Charlene are often the sad result. I am not, by any means, blaming the parents here. I do not know them or what their family life was like. Some reports say their home-life was chaotic, and others say they were a very loving family. Both conditions can no doubt exist concurrently. It’s not for us to say. In any case, family life has always been varied, but the pandemic of missing and exploited children has not always been the norm in our peaceful Western cultures.

We have enjoyed a peaceful and law-abiding society for so long, now that things are changing, we have allowed ourselves to live with a false sense of security. Our minds haven’t caught up with the reality of how sinister things have gotten. Again, this is due, in large part to the incompetence and corruption of our justice systems, who are often more concerned with interfering in the petty affairs of normal families than in dealing with the sex-slave traffiking industry, one good example among many. Thus the criminals know they can often do what they like with impunity.

Our collective  permissiveness with our children makes them feel we don’t value them, and so, their sense of not being valued puts them at great risk to make foolish and dangerous choices.

Freedom does not equal irresponsibility, especially not with our kids. On the contrary, freedom safeguarded properly is a huge responsibility.

Contact information if you have information about Charlene:

  • Blackpool Police on (01253) 293933
  • Nat’l Missing Persons Helpline Freephone 0500 700 700
  • Crimestoppers: 0800 555111

Charlene is 5ft 1in and has straight shoulder length brown hair and was last seen wearing a black jumper with a white diamond pattern, black jeans with gold eagles on the front and black boots. She may also have been wearing a white hooded top or cardigan.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

Hat Tip goes to Avid Editor’s Insights for sending me the following link, Religion of Peace Subject Index which got me started and threatens to do so repeatedly, as it is an excellent source for information. Cross posted at  same.

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