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The confessed Mossad spy is Majid the IRGC terminator

Posted by avideditor on January 17, 2011

Majid is really not a spy. In fact he is a member of a death squad for Iran.

From The confessed Mossad spy is Majid the IRGC terminator

Majid the terminator and champion kick boxer

The young Iranian man who “admitted” on Iranian TV last Tuesday, Jan. 11 that he had acted for the Israeli Mossad in the murder of Iranian nuclear scientist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi is revealed in real life byDEBKAfile‘s Iranian sources as a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ secret reserve death squad of brawny sportsmen used to cut down opponents of the regime and break up protest rallies.
DEBKAfile‘s Iranian sources had uncovered the real Majid Jamali Fashi – a champion kick boxer, a professional terminator and an ardent fan of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As a sportsman, his face is familiar to people in Iran from the media and the Internet. Until late 2009, he represented his country in international kick-boxing contests.
Iranian intelligence minister Heidar Moslehi must have realized that putting him on national TV as a Mossad spy to support his boast that Iranian agents had penetrated the Mossad networks he claimed were spread across the country would open more than one can of worms.
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