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HRW Military Analyst is a Nazi Memorabilia Collector

Posted by Glezele Vayne on September 15, 2009

‘Human Rights Watch’ Analyst Collects Nazi Memorabilia

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

(IsraelNN.com) The Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization, which has a long record of harshly condemning Israel, has been forced to suspend its senior military analyst following published revelations that he is an avid collector of Nazi military memorabilia.

The revelations several days ago that Marc Garlasco is fond of Nazi items were spread over the Internet, but HRW defended its analyst, stating that Garlasco “has never held or expressed Nazi or anti-Semitic views.” After newspapers in Britain and the United States picked up the story, “We have questions about whether we have learned everything we need to know,” said Carroll Bogert, associate director of HRW.

However, HRW knew for several days, if not longer, that published reports revealed that Garlasco, an American, wrote a book about Nazi-made medals and revealed that his grandfather was in Hitler’s army.

“That is so cool! The leather SS jacket makes my blood go cold it is so COOL!” Garlasco wrote under a pseudonym on a collectors’ site.

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NGO Monitor PDF: Experts or Ideologues? A Systematic Analysis of HRW’s Focus on Israel

NGO Monitor: Experts or Ideologues (short version)

Photo hat tip: Israel Matsav

Marc Garlasco

Marc Garlasco

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NGO Monitor Debunks Israel ‘War Crimes’

Posted by Glezele Vayne on August 7, 2009

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor has debunked, at length, recent accusations by Human Rights Watch (HRW) that Israel committed “war crimes” during Operation Cast Lead.

The HRW, in its official report and accompanying press releases and interviews, accuses the IDF of using drones to launch precise weapons during the Gaza operation, leading to wrongful civilian deaths. The entire case is based on allegations from only six ambiguous incidents in which 29 civilians are said to have been killed, NGO Monitor states.

HRW’s case against Israel, in which Israel is repeatedly accused of war crimes, is entirely speculative, according to NGO Monitor, “but the conclusions are stated with absolute assurance, as if the evidence was totally clear.”  Robert Hewson, editor of the prestigious Jane’s Air-Launched Weapons, is quoted as stating, “Human Rights Watch makes a lot of claims and assumptions about weapons and drones, all of which is still fairly speculative, because we have so little evidence.”

NGO Monitor’s objective, its website states, is “to end the practice used by certain self-declared ‘humanitarian NGOs [non-governmental organizations]’ of exploiting the label ‘universal human rights values’ to promote politically and ideologically motivated anti-Israel agendas.”

Inconclusive Nature of Arab Testimony
For instance, the report accuses of war crimes the Israelis who operated the drones that were allegedly involved in the attacks. Much of the evidence against them, however, is based on Arab eyewitnesses who claim to have not seen Israelis or Hamas targets in the area at the times of the attacks. HRW takes these claims at face value, despite the inconclusive nature of this testimony, and despite details provided by the Israeli government’s report on the Gaza combat that refute this speculation.

These eyewitnesses are “not likely to have known whether there were legitimate military targets in the area,” NGO Monitor states. “These [targets] could have included command and control centers, weapons’ storage sites, and other Hamas facilities… HRW’s reliance on this evidence reflects two highly speculative assumptions: (1) that the presence or absence of visible Israeli forces in an area is a central criteria; (2) that there were no legitimate targets (Hamas fighters, weapons, communications assets, etc.) in the area, visible or not visible… HRW propagates the misleading concept that there were no legitimate targets unless locals, UN staff, journalists or human rights activists (unnamed) claim to have observed ‘active” local fighters or fighting.”

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