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Iran caught red handing giving weapons to the jihadis in Gaza

Posted by avideditor on April 27, 2009

From Holgers Awaken

Iranian Ship Transporting Arms To Gaza Torpedoed and Sunk Off Of Sudan

Yesssss! The Iranians continue to try and rearm their Hamas minions in Gaza with shipments on Iranian cargo vessels and this time, this past week, a set of torpedoes took down an Iranian vessel just off the coast of Sudan. Neither Washington, D.C. or Jerusalem has mentioned who put the Iranian ship on the bottom of the Indian Ocean….haha. Here’s some of the scant details from the article over at Haaretz:
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Iran To Celebrate ‘National Nuclear Day’ On Thursday

Posted by avideditor on April 8, 2009

From Holgers Awakens

Iran To Celebrate ‘National Nuclear Day’ On Thursday

Isn’t this just what the world needs? Iran, the world’s biggest terror supporting nation, will celebrate its “National Nuclear Day” on Thursday and most expert believe that the gimp-in-chief, Ahmadinejad, to announce that the country has finalized its nuclear enrichment program. But hey, let’s follow the United Nations plan and keep on hoping that the Iranians will just fall in line and not make those nasty nuclear weapons, okay?  …

So let me put up a hypothetical case here regarding a nuclear Iran. Let’s just say that one year from now, the Iranians have a high level meeting with Taliban leaders. The Taliban agree to ink a huge deal for Iranian oil and weapons (remember how much money is involved in the Afghan poppy trade) in exchange for Iran assisting the Taliban in ridding Afghanistan and Pakistan of Western troops. So, the agreement is signed and the Iranians threaten to launch two nuclear missileheads into Afghanistan – one into the nation’s capital of Kabul and one into the largest U.S./NATO military complex in the country. Considering that Barack Obama is President of the United States and Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the time, what do you think would happen? Would the West pull out of Afghanistan and Pakistan? Will the U.S. even have nuclear capabilities available at that time?

I’ve said it before here – if Israel were to make an attempt to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities and succeeded, the world would sigh a heavy sigh of relief. But doesn’t that just show how spineless the rest of the world is? How can Western leaders look their people straight in the eyes and NOT tell them that they are willing to give total support to Israel in that endeavor? Is that simply the right thing to do?

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