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Arab Women: Harassed and Hurt

Posted by Glezele Vayne on September 22, 2010


by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Arab women are being subjugated by the hijab. Obediently wearing the Islamic Veil does not protect Muslim women from being raped and beaten within their own families, harassed on the streets, sold into sexual slavery.

In Palestine, more specifically, in Gaza, the territory that is currently most adored by western artists, “free” thinkers, and flotilla “activists,” any woman who refuse to wear hijab, the headscarf, faces new punishments.

In the fall of 2010, Asmaa al-Ghoul, a Palestinian journalist whom I interviewed here, and who has written about honor killings among Palestinians, was literally arrested for not wearing hijab and for wearing jeans; perhaps she was also arrested due to her work which exposed honor killings. In any event, Asmaa now writes that a friend who “refuses to wear the hijab has not been allowed to graduate from university.”

It is not clear whether Asmaa is writing about the Islamic University of Gaza, about al-Azhar University in Cairo or about both universities.

In any event, in the past, women in Gaza, and for that matter, in Egypt, wore modern and western dress. Arab feminists fought for and won the right to be naked-faced, to feel the sun on their cheeks. With the rise of Khomeini in Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, coupled with the increasing influence of both Khomeiniism and Saudi Wahhabism, worldwide, especially on Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, freedom for women ended.

Asmaa writes: “In Gaza, you will come across repressive rules, hurtful comments, stupid words and contemptuous looks, and scorn for the women not wearing hijab. In the small world of Gaza, we need someone to defend the rights of women who don’t wear hijab, or the jilbab, or the niqab. It’s a system that establishes the idea that women should be treated as bodies.”

Asmaa goes on to explain that, in Gaza, Christian Arabs are required to wear hijab as well as Muslim Arabs.

Although the head of Al-Azhar University recently snatched the niqab from a girl’s face and said that face-covering is not religiously required by Islam—Asmaa decries the fact that the university still demands that female students wear the hijab, headscarf, if they are to graduate. And, they must take their official photo wearing hijab, not bare-headed, even if they are bare-headed in their daily lives.

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From Glezele Vayne

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Hamas-linked CAIR whines about airport search of woman in hijab

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

Hamas-linked CAIR whines about airport search of woman in hijab: ”

Who ever heard of a woman in a headscarf committing a jihad terror attack? Read the rest of this entry »

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Leftwing Jewish Traitor supports Hijab at Harvard

Posted by Rodan on March 26, 2008

Writen by guest blogger Trajan

Today’s Moonbat article of the day award goes to Ruth Marcus. She wrote in the Washington Post an article Defending the creeping Sharia law in America.


She says that people should be calm about this! She compares ringing of Church Bells and Lighting a Menorah the same as the Call to Prayer? Can anyone say Dhimmi here!My reaction is more along the lines of: “Get a grip.” It’s reasonable to set aside a few off-peak hours at one of Harvard’s many gyms. It’s not offensive to have the call to prayer echoing across Harvard Yard, any more than it is to ring church bells or erect a giant menorah there.It gets worse! As a Catholic-Christian I was already offending with the Church Bell Comparison. Bu this will make my Jewish Brothers really angry!But I come to this issue as a member of another minority religion, Judaism, whose adherents often seek flexibility from the majority culture in order to practice their faith.Can anyone say TRAITOR Here! I’m not Jewish and I’m offended. Jews have never imposed their religion and rituals on us Christians! How dare this slime and piece of filth compare a peaceful tolerant religion as Judaism, from which my Catholic faith sprang, to the murderous Dog hating, women oppressing cult that is Islam. If she thinks the Hijab is ok, why doesn’t she wear one. These Leftist are a the enemy within. It’s time to expose them and take them on!Wake up America, we have traitors in our nation!

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