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“Religious Wars (JihAd)”, Excerpted from Ram Swarup’s “Understanding Islam through Hadis Religious Faith or Fanaticism?”

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 1, 2010

Philip Daniel


The following is a superb analysis of the eternal and sacrosanct Shari’a institution of Jihad at-Talab/Jihad bi-l-Saif relying on the unassailable scriptural dictates of the sahih ahadith, excerpted from Hindu author Ram Swarup’s (presumably-public domain) comprehensive study of relevant ahadith within the sahih sittah, “Understanding Islam through Hadis Religious Faith or Fanaticism?”. Possessing untainted, accurate knowledge of the fiqh relating to Jihad is imperative if we are to resist subjugation and Islamization, a threat which persists all-too-plainly today, although our PC MC “elites” are all-too-unwilling to admit it.

The analysis posted below is incredibly comprehensive, in that it deals with everything from ghazwat, to al-ghanima and al-fai’, to Muhammad’s own “glorious” genocidal maghazi which are revered as Sunna by the Ummat al-Muslimin, to enslavement of vanquished kuffar and the corollary reducing of captive women to the humiliating status of ma malakat aymanukum, and the mustahabb [“sacramental”] nature of Jihad at-Talab/Jihad bi-l-Saif.

[I have previously posted {at Western Civ Is Here to Stay} the entire text of “Muslim Slave System in Medieval India” by K. S. Lal and “JIHÃD: THE ISLAMIC DOCTRINE OF PERMANENT WAR” by Suhas Majumdar, as well as several chapters from “THE STORY OF ISLAMIC IMPERIALISM IN INDIA” by Sita Ram Goel, all available for free perusal at Voice of Dharma Books.]

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