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How is one to know the difference beaten Yezha Hora and Hashem? I asked a couple of Rabbis but they seem not no know

Posted by avideditor on January 8, 2009

How does one know that the feeling they get comes from Hashem not the Yetzah Hora? I know this is not coving Gaza but I have been thinking a lot today and I want a good answer. I am getting enough people reading my blog so maybe one of you knows. I can’t believe thousands of people want to read my writing everyday. I do not think I can post so much everyday. Should I get some one to do around 5 great posts or a once in a while really intriguing post is better from me? There are some people I respect on the left should I invite a lefty to blog?  I do not personally care where you stand as long as you see the Jihadis the greatest evil to free society. I am not condemning the billion plus muslims;. I am against the Islamo-fascist. I see why people want to say Islam is all evil but I see no practical solutions with that mind set.  Yes the comments here are moderated to prevent the jihadis from getting trough but if you have something intelligent to say feel free to link it. I check the comments when I can. Your comment will get through with in a day. If it is a great comment and I respond I might email you telling you that if you included a good email. If you do not want me emailing you to tell you I respond just leave pleasedonotemailme@aol.com or something like that. Well thanks for coming. Feel free to comment.

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The winner of the most intriguing comments of the day go to mitvahGedolah

Posted by avideditor on March 4, 2008

In order to encourage great comments I will feature the best ones as posts. Today the top two where on the same thread. The first one 

 If you are devout then you must realize that what you are preaching is wrong. Dont you have any value for human life? Why do your people kill innocent civilians in the name of religion? Do you personally denounce this? Does your mosque? If so, I apologize. But my experience with the vast majority of Muslim believers is that they believe, as you mentioned, “Jews will go to hell”. These are your own words… 

In our belief all the righteous of all religions have a place in the world to come. If you are truely righteous and you return to believe in the ONE G-D, you have a chance at repentance. But it is YOUR belief which is the racist one… Your Immams call for death to the Jew, how the Jew will hide behind the rocks, etc…. We have no such belief in our religion. We believe we are all made in the image of our creator, you too. Which is why I offered you a chance to repent your evil ways.We pray three times a day… Do you think you are superiour because you think your praying five times a day? Does that mean your prayers are more dear to the Master of the Universe? It is not so…We want to live in peace… Your people have historically been a people who subjugated my people. Your people have a history of destroying our holy sites, lying about our holy men, and generally doing everything to enrage us.Hashem will help me when Israel is once again the Holy Land for the Jewish people. We dont want your holy lands, we only want the non-believers out of Israel so that we may establish the holy temple. You have your Mecca and Medina, what do you want with Jerusalem {which is not even mentioned in Koran}. BTW, Islam started in the year 700CE while Judaism had existed in Israel for over 2500 years before. Your people were invaders. Let Israel live in peace.I have every reason to be angry with your people. Your people have been killing my people for a long time. We will fight and we will defend our territory.When your Allah has an answer, please inform us what he tells you…


The second one

 I have answered your questions as to why I am angry. My people are being rocket attacked each day by the people who follow your religion. I read about mothers who send their children out wearing suicide vests. I read about children who are raised with the hope that they will die a shahid. Why do you worship a god who wants you to kill yourself? To me and to my G-d it is nothing short of evil. 

You may delude yourself into thinking you are following the way to peace. I am a victim of Islamic terrorism, my brother was killed on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. Your barbaric brothers and sisters celebrated my brothers death. My brother was guilty of going to work to support his wife and his two children. You have the gall to say I am the racist when your people appear every day, chanting “Death to America!”, “Death to Israel”, “Death to Jews”. This is the racist evil which you support.I never intended to suggest that I can absolve you of anything. I ask you to repent to your Maker, ask for his forgiveness for your involvement with evil forces. If you pray five times a day, why not spend some of that prayer time praying for peace with your neighbor. This is what I pray for. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the restoration of the Holy Temple, and resumption of the Avodah {Service}. I dont pray for any evil, only that my people be protected by Hashems divine will against the agression of the Islamic people.You seem very smug and misguided. The fact you pray five times a day is inconsequential. The Patriarchs themselves instituted THREE PRAYERS a day, one in the morning {Saachris}, one in the afternoon {Mincha}, and one in the evening {Maariv}. You can read more about this @http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_services .Personally I hope you find your way through the morass of Islam, as many I know who have encountered it have left it because of its evil ways. If you are a moral and balanced person, very well…. But beware, you are messing with evil forces.

I hope my readers have found these comments to be intriguing as well. Feel free to respond on this thread or the previous one. 

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