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Glenn Beck sells out. Is it because the Saudis bought more of Fox News? While the libtards form a Coffee party

Posted by avideditor on February 27, 2010

UPDATE  Beck agreed with me on how terrible a 3rd party would be. Tea Party Threat to GOP?

UPDATE: I have no problem with libertarians that are not isolationist. The problem I have is promoting a 3rd party because that will ensure the progressives take over. I saw the show and I saw him promoting one. I hope I am wrong and he will elaborate it more on Monday. I agree with beck that exporting democracy to the muslim world is like teaching an ape table manners 😉 But I think he crossed the line. I hope my opinions are more clear now. I am in no way calling Beck Hitler like some. Again I hope I am wrong but I fear I may be right.

Watching last night Beck. Wow does he know what he is doing? He seems to be promoting a 3rd party and that will insure the appointment of tyrants like Van Jones Do you think he is doing this intentionally?. Is it because of this?  The story was actually broken here first 😉 Meanwhile the libtards are forming a Coffee Party.

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