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Is Charles Johnson of LGF a secret Muslim?

Posted by avideditor on July 27, 2010

Update: Is Charles Johnson of LGF a Fenton Shill?

Update : By being purposely ignorant and considering the Islamist threat no different than all other non-threatening Religions, he is being a useful-idiot and helping the creeping Caliphate. But I think Cj goes father here. Warning paste the link into your browser at your own risk http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/36834_TN_Lt._Gov._Ramsey-_Religious_Freedom_Doesnt_Apply_to_Muslims

In the past I questioned was CJ a junkie Watch out for Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and this video. But he seems to be now pro installing the Caliphate in the US I change my speculation. I am sorry but no drugs I know of make one a jihadi. Maybe his wife is a muslim and he converted to being a muslim for her. And CJ tends to drift to the extremes, so now he is a jihadi. But anyways Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs now acts like a jihadi. Like Prince Charles of the UK Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam? :: Daniel Pipes . Anyone have more evidence that he is a secret muslim? Him being a secret muslim might explain this Why is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs obsessed with calling Glenn Beck Hitler? « Avid Editor’s Insights . Any ways watch out for this dangerous jihadi that breaks the TOS of Paypal and is pro installing the caliphate here. Sorry just being a couple of blocks away does not change this CfnJ

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