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This Can’t Be Good… Jimmy Carter Says Mubarak Must Go

Posted by avideditor on January 31, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution is Jihadi

History is doing some repeating. I hope the libtards fail.
From This Can’t Be Good… Jimmy Carter Says Mubarak Must Go

This just can’t be good.

Jimmy Carter watched as Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini seized power in Iran.

Jimmy Carter told an audience yesterday that the current Arab crisis, “The most profound situation in the Middle East since I left office.”
Carter also said Mubarak must go. Read the rest of this entry »

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Carter and Obama comic

Posted by avideditor on January 30, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution is Jihadi

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F U Carter. Take back your lies. CAMERA’s Dec. 23 letter to President Carter

Posted by avideditor on December 25, 2009

CAMERA’s Dec. 23 letter to President Carter follows:: “Dear President Carter:

We at CAMERA have been outspoken in our criticism of the many factual errors and distortions about Israel in your book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, as well as in various Op-Eds and media appearances. We’ve been greatly concerned that false allegations you’ve made damage Israel, promoting misunderstanding, enmity and prejudice against that nation and its people. It is against this backdrop that we sincerely welcome your recent letter to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in which you ask forgiveness from the Jewish community for statements that may have stigmatized Israel. As you may know, in Judaism the process of repentance also entails action to reverse any harm caused.

In this spirit, we urge you to join your promising words with concrete actions to redress troubling false statements you have made only recently about the Jewish state. In a Nov. 6, 2009 Op-Ed in the International Herald Tribune entitled ‘Goldstone and Gaza’ you made false and exaggerated charges concerning the UN’s Goldstone report on the Gaza conflict. You referred erroneously to the ‘destruction’ of 40,000 homes in Gaza and claimed ‘several hundred thousand homeless people suffered through last winter.’ You refer to the ‘destruction of hospitals’ and claim the Gaza Strip is ‘surrounded by an impenetrable wall.’ You claim ‘the Goldstone committee examined closely the cause of deaths of 1,387 Palestinians who perished. . . ‘

All these statements are factually false and contribute to inflaming negative perceptions of Israel. Efforts to redress the errors via communication with IHT editors failed with their saying you have refused to correct the false statements.

We do hope you’ll set the record straight and affirm your commitment to undo any wrongful stigmatizing of Israel. Below is the factual detail corroborating our concerns about the errors made:
• Israel did not destroy 40,000 Palestinian homes.
Al Mazen Center for Human Rights, a pro-Palestinian NGO, recently issued a report called ‘Cast Lead Offensive in Numbers’ in which it found that 2,632 houses were destroyed beyond repair and 8,522 were assessed as repairable. The latest UN figures are 3,600 homes beyond repair and 2,700 homes that sustained major damages. The Goldstone Report provides additional sources including the Palestinian NGO, Al-Dameer-Gaza, that cites 2,011 civilian and cultural premises as destroyed, of which 1,404 were houses that were completely demolished and 453 partially destroyed or damaged. Even the Arab League’s report on Cast Lead states: ‘Over 3,000 homes were destroyed and over 11,000 damaged.’ There is no credible report that comes near your charges.

•There was no ‘destruction of hospitals.’
Along with the World Health Organization and the Arab League, other international and Palestinian sources confirm that while there were hospitals damaged in the Gaza Strip, none were destroyed. The January 22-23 report by the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that four days after the cease-fire, hospitals were running at full capacity to treat the wounded. The report states:

Hospitals continue to function at full capacity as many injured patients remain hospitalized, with the result that hospitals have been unable to resume regular services such as elective surgery. Post-surgical physiotherapy is provided in Shifa hospital. Most repair work to the Al Quds Hospital in Gaza City, which was shelled on 15 January, has been completed and the facility is now functioning again.
• ‘Several hundred thousand’ people were not made homeless, spending the winter in tents and caves and under plastic sheets.
A January 21-27, 2009 report by the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, issued just days after the end of the Gaza fighting found that ‘Tens of thousands of Gazans remain homeless, with most staying with relatives or other host families.’ A Jan. 16-20, 2009 report, also by OCHA, stated: ‘As of late 20 January, 18,035 people remained in 30 shelters, down from 29,421 people on 19 January.’ Thus, the U.N.’s figure for those displaced last winter is one-tenth or less of the number you posit. Of those displaced, most stayed with relatives and not in tents, caves or plastic sheets.

• Gaza is not ‘surrounded by an impenetrable wall.’
While a concrete and steel wall does separate Gaza from Egypt, a fence made of metal wire, posts and sensors separates Israel from the Gaza Strip. The fence has been penetrated many times, including when Palestinian gunmen crossed into Israel and kidnapped Israeli Cpl. Gilad Shalit and killed two of his comrades.
• The Goldstone Report did not examine ‘closely the cause of deaths of 1,387 Palestinians.’
The report identified by name only a small fraction of the1,387 reported fatalities, and certainly did not ‘closely’ examine the ’cause of deaths’ of that total.

Again, we hope your conciliatory words are indicative of a true change of heart in which Israel is no longer subjected to unwarranted and false criticism. We urge you to take the concrete step of correcting the wrong and distorted statements about Israel in your recent column in the IHT.

Thank you for considering this request and, perhaps, setting the stage for a new beginning.

Andrea Levin

Executive Director, CAMERA

(Via .)

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Carter: We Can Trust Hamas

Posted by avideditor on February 1, 2009

Carter is a fool.

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Posted by avideditor on January 9, 2009

From Mere Rhetoric 



Actually he left out the part where Hamas bragged about unilaterally violating the ceasefire. And the part where they mocked Israel for not retaliating. And the parts where they spend months shooting atIsraeli civilians and Israeli soldiers. Plus he flat lied about how Hamas expressed willingness to give up their unending jihad against Israel. But he definitely remembered to criticize Israeli self-defense in between publishing this nonsense: Read the rest of this entry »

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Self Hating Jewish Council AKA National Jewish Democratic Council continues to lie and try to mislead the jewish people about Obama

Posted by avideditor on August 12, 2008

It seems as if brainwashed or self hating jews are continuing to mislead the jewish people into thinking Obama is good for Israel and the Jewish people. 

The latest preptuator of this lie is Senator Ben Cardin

[He] spoke throughout South Florida yesterday and Sunday, reaching out to Jewish voters telling them he is confident in Obama’s support for Israel.

What would make anyone with a sane mind think this? Would it be that in his books he said he would always support the muslims or having him listen to George Cloney on how he needs to support the “Palestinian” terrorist.

The National Jewish Democratic Council is an evil organization that is selling out the jewish people. They are no better then the Jews who helped the Nazis through other jews into the Gas Chambers.

Hopefully voters are smart enough to not buy into these lies and do what they can to prevent Obama from destroying America and Israel. Just look at what Carter did. We can not afford another Carter, specially now.

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the best News from Pat Dollard june 9

Posted by avideditor on June 6, 2008


I am running late and I need to get ready for shabbat so I am going to copy and paste all the news I find intriguing from Pat Dollard into this post. To watch the video you need to click through by the title of the story. 

“The Best In The English Language”: Al Qaeda’s PR Man In America – With Video

Samir Khan runs an Al Qaeda blog from his home in Charlotte, N.C., which experts say is the best in the English language.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., rows of custom-style homes and neatly landscaped lawns represent the American dream. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jimmy Carter Disgraced For Many Reasons

Posted by avideditor on May 28, 2008

Here is a great article on Dhimmi Carter. Why do evil people live so long? 

Jimmy Carter Disgraced For Many Reasons

By Joel J. Sprayregen

When it came time to judge Jimmy Carter’s presidency, Americans voters thundered:  Carter, receiving 40% of the popular vote, carrying  six states. With sound reasons: The prime rate had soared to 20%, inflation to 12.5% and unemployment to 7.5% 
More dismal than Carter’s domestic failures is the continuing damage his blunders did to international security.  Carter would not help Iran’s Shah — a strong ally of the U.S., even if not exactly a Jeffersonian democrat — withstand Khomeini’s revolution.  Carter bears responsibility for subjecting Iran to the nightmarish rule of fanatic mullahs.  All evils currently instigated by Iran — e.g., killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Hezbollah’s subjugation of Lebanon, Hamas’ reign of rockets and terrorism–are  attributable to Carter’s blunder.  Carter urged 150 Iranian generals to accept Khomeini. All were subsequently tortured and executed; the mullahs distributed photos of their mutilated corpses.
Iranian theocrats exhibited their respect for Carter by invading our embassy in Teheran and kidnapping diplomats — a breach of international law eschewed even by Hitler and Stalin.  Carter dithered for 444 interminable days during the crisis.  His cowardly reluctance to take action exposed our country as a paper tiger, emboldening enemies worldwide.  Hostages were released the day Ronald Reagan became President; Iranians realized we now had a leader who would act resolutely.
No Credence Due Carter
This explains why no credence is due anything Carter says regarding public policy.  To these defects of intellect and character, one more must be added:  Carter’s obsession about Israel which borders on — and trespasses into — outright anti-Semitism.  You don’t have to be Jewish to recognize the mischief Carter caused in the Middle East last week by his parleys with senior Hamas terrorist Khaled Meshaal. Michael Young of the Beirut Star editorialized:  “Carter is on a fool’s errand, complicating an already complicated situation” because his meetings with Hamas legitimate terrorists who have no interest in peaceful resolution.
The columnist added:
“You can almost hear Meshaal gasping at Carter’s naiveté as he prepares to score points off his solemn American visitor.” 
The State Department and Congressmen from both parties condemned Carter’s interference with U.S. policy of shunning Hamas until it abandons its aim of annihilating Israel. Hamas, claiming Carter won them respectability, celebrated by sending two explosive-laden cars into Israel, followed by an armored car filled with murderers, plus knocking out a power line with a rocket barrage.
I suffered a one-on-one meeting with Carter during the 1976 primaries. Carter assured me that, as a devout Christian, he was committed to Israel’s security.  He handwrote a confirmation.  It was all lies. Carter reportedly told intimates that Sen. Henry Jackson had the Jewish voters “so we’ll get the Christians.”  In 1980, Carter ordered an unprecedented vote against Israel in the UN Security Council.  He subsequently put out the lie that our delegate misunderstood instructions!  As November neared and American Jews–like their Christian neighbors–indicated that they would back Reagan in unprecedented numbers, Carter told associates, “If I get back in, I’m going to ****  the Jews.”  And so he has been trying for 28 years.
Carter’s Discredited Book
Carter wrote a mendacious book about Israel, jamming the expletive “Apartheid” into his title to achieve maximum defamatory effect, though he knows Israeli Arabs enjoy equal rights unknown in other Mideast countries. 

Scholar Kenneth Stein, ex-director of the Carter Center, wrote  that Carter’s book was,

“replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited [including maps stolen from Dennis Ross’ book with captions switched], glaring omissions and simply invented segments.”  
Even the New York Times, deriding Carter’s “narrow perspective,” charged the book with lying about Arafat’s supposedly abandoning terrorism.  Arafat was Carter’s endeared friend despite his murders of U.S. diplomats in Khartoum [machine-gunned in 1973] and Gaza [blown up in 2003].  Carter, who placed flowers on Arafat’s grave last week, edited the unrepentant master terrorist’s speeches to maximize a false spin of peace-loving.

Professor Stein and 13 other senior advisers of the Carter Center — which underwrites Carter’s travels and writings — resigned in protest over the “Apartheid” book. 

Blood money
An editorial in Investor’s Business Daily,  captioned “Jimmy Carter’s L’il Ol’ Stink Tank,” revealed that the Center’s $200 million endowment derives from multi-million-dollar gifts from Saudi princes and government, oil sheikhs, crooked Mideast bankers and Arafat cronies:  
“Arab cash flows into the Center from people known to demand something in return.  The Center’s contributions and Carter’s anti-Israel diatribes have both increased dramatically.” 
Saudi Arabia — a country in which I observed flagrant human rights violations during visits in 1995 and 1998 — routinely beheads prisoners (102 in the first half of 2007, including 3 women), chops off limbs, sentences rape victims to lashings and forbids women to drive. Carter has never criticized Saudi Arabia. Apparently, Saudi money speaks loudly to him.  Carter reserves his criticism for American Jews who make contributions to candidates they favor.
While Carter castigates Israeli leaders, including those responsible for withdrawing from Gaza, he has showered praise on dictators, including the Father-Son Dr. Strangeloves of North Korea (who let millions of their own citizens starve to death),  Hafez al-Assad (who slaughtered 20,000 of his own citizens at a place called Hama), Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, Hosni Mubarak, Tito and Ceausescu (asserting the latter two believed in “human rights”)  Democratic Party leaders are scrambling to distance Carter from their Convention and the presidential election; Americans disagree on many issues, but there is no strong pro-Hamas faction in this country.
Former Mayor Ed Koch wrote last week that Jimmy Carter was “a miserable president” and “a miserable human being now as he prepares to meet with Hamas.”  Carter should be encouraged to farm his peanuts, build houses and take more money from the Saudis.  For the sake of the security of democratic countries, he should be discouraged from meddling in foreign policy.
Joel Sprayregen, a Chicago lawyer, met Jimmy Carter twice but voted for him only once.  He was an invited guest at Carter’s Presidential Inauguration. 

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Carter Says EU Is Colluding In A Human Rights Crime: Dhimmi Carter thinks it is a human right for the jihadis to kill jews

Posted by avideditor on May 27, 2008

Super dhimmi Carter thinks it is the jihadi human right to kill jews. I think it is all the oil money he is receiving. Will some one please do something to shut this terrorist loving mad man up. He should be tried for treason. 

HT Pat Dollard


The Guardian – Monday May 26 2008 Article history

Britain and other European governments should break from the US over the international embargo on Gaza, former US president Jimmy Carter told the Guardian yesterday. Carter, visiting the Welsh border town of Hay for the Guardian literary festival, described the EU’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute as “supine” and its failure to criticise the Israeli blockade of Gaza as “embarrassing”.

Referring to the possibility of Europe breaking with the US in an interview with the Guardian, he said: “Why not? They’re not our vassals. They occupy an equal position with the US.”

The blockade on Hamas-ruled Gaza, imposed by the US, EU, UN and Russia – the so-called Quartet – after the organisation’s election victory in 2006, was “one of the greatest human rights crimes on Earth,” since it meant the “imprisonment of 1.6 million people, 1 million of whom are refugees”. “Most families in Gaza are eating only one meal per day. To see Europeans going along with this is embarrassing,” Carter said.

He called on the EU to reassess its stance if Hamas agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza. “Let the Europeans lift the embargo and say we will protect the rights of Palestinians in Gaza, and even send observers to Rafah gate [Gaza’s crossing into Egypt] to ensure the Palestinians don’t violate it.”

Although it is 27 years since he left the White House, Carter recently met Hamas leaders in Damascus. He declared a breakthrough in persuading the organisation to offer a Gaza ceasefire and a halt to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel if Israel stopped its air and ground strikes on the territory.

Carter described western governments’ self-imposed ban on talking to Hamas as unrealistic and said everyone knew Israel was negotiating with the organisation through an Egyptian mediator, Omar Suleiman. Suleiman took the Hamas ceasefire offer to Jerusalem last week.

Israel was still hesitating over the ceasefire, Carter confirmed yesterday. “I talked to Mr Suleiman the day before yesterday. I hope the Israelis will accept,” he said.

While being scrupulously polite to the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, and prime minister, Salam Fayyad, who represent the Fatah movement, he was scathing about their exclusion of Hamas. He described the Fatah-only government as a “subterfuge” aimed at getting round Hamas’s election victory two years ago. “The top opinion pollster in Ramallah told me the other day that opinion on the West Bank is shifting to Hamas, because people believe Fatah has sold out to Israel and the US,” he said.

Carter said the Quartet’s policy of not talking to Hamas unless it recognised Israel and fulfilled two other conditions had been drafted by Elliot Abrams, an official in the national security council at the White House. He called Abrams “a very militant supporter of Israel”. The ex-president, whose election-monitoring Carter Centre had just certified Hamas’s election victory as free and fair, addressed the Quartet for 12 minutes at its session in London in 2006. He urged it to talk to Hamas, which had offered to form a unity government with Fatah, the losers.

“The Quartet’s final document had been drafted in Washington in advance, and not a line was changed,” he said.

Earlier, Carter, told Sky News that Hillary Clinton should abandon her battle to become Democratic presidential candidate after the last round of primaries in early June. Like many superdelegates, he has yet to declare his support for either Clinton or Barack Obama, but he suggested the outcome of the race was a foregone conclusion. “I think that a lot of us superdelegates will make a decision … quite rapidly, after the final primary on June 3,” he said. “I think at that point it will be time for her to give it up.”

Last night, before a packed crowd at Hay, Carter spoke of his “horror” at America’s involvement in torturing prisoners, saying he wanted the next US president to promise never to do so again.

He left an intriguing hint that George Bush might even face prosecution on war crimes charges once he left office.

When pressed by Philippe Sands QC on Bush’s recent admission that he had authorised interrogation procedures widely seen as amounting to torture, Carter replied that he was sure Bush would be able to live a peaceful, “productive life – in our country”.

Sands, an international legal expert, said afterwards that he understood that to be “clear confirmation” that while Bush would face no challenge in his own country, “what happened outside the country was another matter entirely”.

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Jimmy Carter Shocks World & Announces Israel’s Nuke Count

Posted by avideditor on May 26, 2008

The arab Oil money has totally twisted Carter. His presidency was horrific. Now he is making a bigger fool of himself meeting with terrorist and giving up state secrets. I think Carter has always underestimated Israel. 

From GateWay Pundit 

America’s worst president strikes again…

It’s a known fact that Jimmy Carter is not a fan of Israel but to release this kind of information is very troubling- even for a Democrat.
The Times Online reported:

Israel has 150 nuclear weapons in its arsenal, former President Jimmy Carter said yesterday, while arguing that the US should talk directly to Iran to persuade it to drop its nuclear ambitions. 

His remark, made at the Hay-on-Wye festival which promotes current affairs books and literature, is startling because Israel has never admitted having nuclear weapons, let alone how many, although the world assumes their existence. Nor do US officials deviate in public from that Israeli line. Carter, who has immersed himself since his presidency in Israeli-Palestinian relations, was highly critical of Israeli settlers on the West Bank, and of Israel’s refusal to talk to elected officials of the Islamic party Hamas, although he said that Israel’s security was his prime concern.

Let’s hope this man is not privy to any more national secrets.
Hat Tip Quotecritter

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Every time you buy gas your are funding terrorism and the 5th column

Posted by avideditor on May 11, 2008

I just paid 60 dollars for less then half a tank of gas. I feel dirty. I know at least half of that money is helping fund terrorism and the 5th column at home. I think it is time for the US to start drilling again and start a manhattan project to find an oil alternative. We are funding the jihadis attempts do destroy us from with in and on the battle field.  Read the latest from LGF

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, whose $10 million contribution was turned down by Rudy Giuliani in the days after the 9/11 attacks, is showering American colleges and political institutions (like the Jimmy Carter Center for Peace and the James Baker Institute) with multi-million dollar donations: Harvard Islamic Studies Program Opened.

Read the rest 

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Is Jimmy Carter in Violation of the Logan Act?

Posted by avideditor on April 14, 2008

Jimmy Carter should be arrested now. He is a disgrace. He was the worst president ever and now he is causing more trouble since he started accepting millions from the Saudis.

Is Jimmy Carter in Violation of the Logan Act?: The Logan Act was enacted in 1799. It states in full:

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

The origins of this law lie in the activities of Dr. George Logan, a Quaker pacifist doctor who tried to lessen tensions between the French Revolutionary government in Paris and the Federalists then leading the nascent American Republic, who tilted towards Britain. Logan traveled to France with an approving letter signed by Thomas Jefferson, and was accepted by the French government as a legitimate representative of the United States. Then-President John Adams condemned Logan for his rogue diplomacy, and decried the “temerity and impertinence of individuals affecting to interfere in public affairs between France and the United States.” One can only wonder what Adams would think of Jimmy Carter, who has brazenly announced his intention to meet with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Damascus later this week.

Perhaps it is in light of the Logan Act that White House Press Secretary Dana Perino emphasized, “The president believes that if president Carter wants to go, that he is doing so in his own private capacity, as a private citizen, he is not representing the United States.” It is all well and good for the White House to distance itself from the behavior of Jimmy Carter, but there is a limit to how far any American government can go in condemning the actions of a former president. The station of ex-president carries a diplomatic heft, and no one has used it with more inelegance and opportunism than Jimmy Carter, whose sabotage of American foreign policy has not been limited to Republican presidents (see Bill Clinton and North Korea). By calling on the United States to include Hamas in peace talks, and by meeting with the leader of said terrorist group in the capital a of country with which the United States does not even maintain diplomatic relations, Carter undermines a crucial plank in America’s Middle East policy.

Last year, Robert F. Turner argued that Nancy Pelosi had violated the Logan Act when she traveled to Syria against the wishes of the State Department and met with President Basher Assad. He wrote at the time:

Ms. Pelosi’s trip was not authorized, and Syria is one of the world’s leading sponsors of international terrorism. It has almost certainly been involved in numerous attacks that have claimed the lives of American military personnel from Beirut to Baghdad.

The U.S. is in the midst of two wars authorized by Congress. For Ms. Pelosi to flout the Constitution in these circumstances is not only shortsighted; it may well be a felony, as the Logan Act has been part of our criminal law for more than two centuries. Perhaps it is time to enforce the law.

The circumstances surrounding Carter’s visit are no less egregious, in fact, Carter’s freelance diplomacy is arguably worse. Hamas, unlike Syria, is not a country — an entity with territorial integrity, recognized by the international community as the legitimate authority of a nation-state — but a terrorist group. I’m no lawyer, but it appears that a strong case can be made that Jimmy Carter has been in constant violation of a federal statute ever since he left the White House.

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CAIR Supports Carter’s Meeting with Hamas

Posted by avideditor on April 11, 2008

Wow I found this at LGF. I think CAIR is a terrorist organization working for our enemy and its members should be taken in for questioning and its leader arrested and held for treason.

CAIR Supports Carter’s Meeting with Hamas: ”

You might think that with all the negative publicity they’ve received lately for their connections to Hamas, the Council on American Islamic Relations would lay low for a while and refrain from openly shilling for the terrorist gang.

You might think that, but you’d be wrong: CAIR: Jimmy Carter to Meet with Hamas Leader in Syria.

Carter would be the first Western leader of his stature to meet with the Hamas chief. Though Meshal met with Clinton officials in the 1990s, the Bush administration has sought to isolate Hamas, enforcing rigid sanctions on its government in Gaza and refusing to meet with its leaders unless it recognizes Israel and abandons terror. . .

But Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a non-profit advocacy group, said Carter’s efforts demonstrate he’s a true partner in peace.

‘I think if true, this report would indicate that President Carter is willing to travel any road in search of peace,’ he said. ‘I think President Carter would only undertake such a mission if he believed that something could be achieved in terms of peace and reconciliation in the region.’

Hooper added that because of Carter’s reputation among Palestinians he might be able to bring some pressure to bear.

‘Obviously President Carter has a great amount of credibility in the region because of his past efforts seeking peace internationally,’ Hooper said.”

(Via Little Green Footballs.)</

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Carter Loves Hamas Because He HATES Menachem Begin

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2008

Carter hates liberty and truth and loves receiving money from Islamo-Fasicst form Fraudi Arabia. Carter not only wrecked Iran, forced Israel to give up land, and destroyed the US economy he is now meeting with terrorist. After lying through his teeth with him book and trying to poison the minds of future generations he is trying to empower the terrorist. Can he die already?

Carter Loves Hamas Because He HATES Menachem Begin: “Its almost old news already, the worst president in United States History, Jimmy Carter, will be meeting with Hamas in a few weeks:

Fox News— The Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Carter was planning a trip to Syria for mid-April, during which he would meet with Khaled Meshal, the exiled head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, on April 18.

Deanna Congileo, Carter’s press secretary, confirmed in an e-mail to FOXNews.com that Carter will be in the Mideast in April. Pressed for comment, Congileo did not deny that the former president is considering visiting Meshal.

‘President Carter is planning a trip to the Mideast next week; however, we are still confirming details of the trip and will issue a press release by the end of this week,’ wrote Congileo. ‘I cannot confirm any specific meetings at this point in time.’

The State Department has designated Hamas a ‘foreign terrorist organization,’ and some groups hold Meshal personally responsible for ordering the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack once said of the prospect of meeting with Meshal, ‘That’s not something that we could possibly conceive of.’

Everyone is now reporting the Carter meeting but no one is reporting the reason BEHIND the meeting. You see, Jimmy Carter has an obsessive, frothing at the mouth-type hatred of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Ken Stein (the man whose resignation over the Peanut’s book, started the exodus from the Carter Center) wrote an extensive article in of Middle East Quarterly last year More than just correcting the mistakes in Carter’s trashy opus, Stein (who worked with Carter on the book The Blood of Abraham and was director of the Carter Center until his resignation) gave us insight into Carter’s heart and why he [Carter] hates Israel so much.

Jimmy Carter is obsessively fostering hatred for a Ghost. Jimmy Carter Hates Israel and loves Hamas because he hates Menachem Begin. Carter feels that Begin cost him the 1980 election and also cost him the opportunity to be known as the greatest peacemaker ever in the history of the world.

Carter thinks the reason Israel STILL will not leave the disputed territories is the legacy of the late Israeli Prime Minister The intransigence of Begin and his successors, Carter believes, was compounded by a failure of U.S. political leaders to pressure the Israeli government to’ correct its policy’.

HEY JIMBO! GIVE THE GUY A BREAK HE PASSED AWAY A LONG TIME AGO….GET OVER IT !!!!…Carter’s Obsessive Hatred of Begin reaches almost comic proportions.

Stein gives examples:

  • Carter’s animosity toward Begin has grown with time. He blames Begin for refusing to negotiate over the West Bank. Not only did this deny Carter a more complete peace deal, but, Carter believes, it also institutionalized itself in Israeli policymaking, worsening the Palestinians’ plight. Since Begin took office on May 17, 1977, ending the Labor movement’s hegemony in Israeli political life, Carter has repeatedly blasted Israeli prime ministers for what he terms the creation of a ‘horrible’ and ‘terrible’ state of affairs for the Palestinians in areas of east Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip
  • Skepticism of Carter’s intentions may have convinced Begin to take a harder line about the West Bank, which, in line with biblical terminology, he called Judea and Samaria. During his tenure as prime minister, Begin forbade the negotiation agenda to include the West Bank and those portions of Jerusalem that the Israeli government annexed after the 1967 Six-Day war. This refusal to negotiate became Carter’s core disagreement with Begin. Carter realized that with Begin adamant against further concessions, he had no tangible item to offer to the Palestinians or other Arab leaders to reach a broader peace agreement. With Begin not offering a fallback position, Carter could not initiate a conclusive Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process. He never forgave Begin.
  • A point he has repeatedly made when speaking to my students, his animus toward the late Israeli leader is limitless. This became evident when we were writing The Blood of Abraham, and Carter insisted on asserting that Begin ‘wanted to expand Israeli borders to both sides of the Jordan River.’ In fact, this is anachronistic. True, this had been Begin’s view prior to Israel’s independence in 1948, but it was not, as Carter implied, Begin’s position after his twenty-nine years in the Knesset (parliament) or during his premiership. During chapter editing, I brought the error to Carter’s attention. He declined to correct it.
  • The Negotiations with Egypt was really two against one: During the difficult negotiations between Egypt and Israel, Carter and his advisers tried to get Sadat to engage in a collusive scheme: They would encourage Sadat to make ‘deliberately exaggerated’ demands. The White House would then intervene to ‘compel’ Cairo to scale back its demands in exchange for Israeli concessions. Then-national security advisor Brzezinski explained that Washington would ‘apply maximum leverage on Israel to accommodate,by keeping the West Bank’s political future on the table for future negotiations. That Carter risked possible Israeli-Egyptian peace in an effort to extract greater concessions from Begin underscores the tension in their relationship.
  • Carter also blames difficulties with Begin for undermining his re-election. In early 1980, with the critical New York Democratic primary looming, Mondale urged Carter to repudiate the U.S. vote for U.N. Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 465,which had condemned Israeli settlement activity. According to Barack Obama’s Adviser Brzezinski:

Jewish voters swung heavily over to Senator [Edward] Kennedy, ensuring Carter’s defeat. The set-back prolonged the Carter-Kennedy contest. Sadat did not want a final showdown on the Palestinian problem prior to the return of the Sinai to Egypt. Without pressure from Sadat, our own incentive to push Israel hard was much decreased. Begin proved himself to be a skilled manipulator … adroit at delaying tactics and in diversionary public appeals … by mid-June it was clear even to Mondale that Begin wanted Carter defeated.

Carter reminds me of Herbert Lom in the old Pink Panther movies, he played Clouseau’s Boss who hated the Peter Sellers character so much that he kept trying to kill him. Lom’s character keeps hurting himself in his attempts and eventually winds up insane.

Such is Jimmy Carter’s sick hatred of Menachem Began. The man has been dead for sixteen year’s and Cater allows his hatred to stew, effect his decision making, and cause him to ruin any legacy that he might have had.

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