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Barack Hussein Obama Sends Letter To Palestinians Blaming Israel As Obstacle of Peace

Posted by avideditor on May 3, 2010

From Barack Hussein Obama Sends Letter To Palestinians Blaming Israel As Obstacle of Peace . This site is amazing Holger Awakens . I highly recommend it.
“It seems each day that we see that every single speech by Barack Hussein Obama throughout the Presidential campaign voicing his commitment to Israel was a bald faced lie. The actions by our new President towards Israel, one of our strongest allies, has become legend in the past year and now it is revealed by Palestinian officials that they received a letter from Obama stating that he thinks Israel is clearly to blame for the impasse to Middle East peace.

From the story at Israel Today:

US President Barack Obama made clear in a recent letter to the Palestinians that he views Israel as the obstacle to peace and will approach further peace efforts from that point of view, according to senior Palestinian Authority officials.
Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat confirmed for the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency that such a letter was sent, and that in it Obama “clarified the US stance on the peace process and Israel’s intransigence on the issue of settlements.”
Erekat said that the letter contained several assurances to the Palestinians, but refused to go into detail.

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Open Your Eyes

Posted by Glezele Vayne on August 3, 2009


The problem with evil is that often it is only shocking and obvious in hindsight. As a nation slides towards evil, and then begins to sink, ever so slowly, into evil it all looks so banal. So unremarkable. So…everyday. It is not for nothing that the comparisons between the proverbial “frog in the pot of water” is cited when describing the direction America is taking. We are all of us, asleep. Anesthetized. We don’t want to move out of our comfort zones.

Please, take stock of what is swirling around you. If it’s not on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC…it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  What is happening? For that, it is important to listen to the following:

Audio: Are the Gates Closing for American Jews?

Audio: Wake up Call to America! The Third Jihad is Here!

Obama and Tisha B’Av by R’ Lazer Brody

Bishop Jackson: Who Really is Influencing Obama? by R’ Lazer Brody

Islamic takeover through open door policy – Northeast Intelligence Network

Planning for Jihad – on U.S. soil – Northeast Intelligence Network

Hizb ut-Tahrir America: Let’s Not Exaggerate; Let’s Be Accurate by Madeleine Gruen

Please. Please. Think about all this. I know it’s not pleasant. I know you’d rather just live your lives peacefully. But if you refuse to consider what is going on, how will you be prepared? How will you prepare your children?

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Washington Post to Obama: Back Down on ‘Settlements’

Posted by Glezele Vayne on June 8, 2009


by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

(IsraelNN.com) The liberal-leaning Washington Post, often noted as reflecting U.S. policy, editorialized Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama’s demand that Israel stop all building for Jews in Judea and Samaria may leave him without Israel as an ally and without Arab support. The daily traditionally has taken a harsh view of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria.

“The problem is that no Israeli government — not Mr. Netanyahu’s, not even one led by the current opposition — is likely to agree to a total construction ban,” The Washington newspaper stated in its editorial. “By insisting on one, the administration risks bogging it down in a major dispute with its ally, while giving Arab governments and Palestinians a ready excuse not to make their own concessions.”

The paper also declared that Palestinian Authority negotiators have already conceded that large Jewish population centers in the PA will become part of Israel if and when a new PA state is created. No PA leader has made this statement in public, and President Obama’s declaration that “settlements are illegitimate” has strengthened confidence in the Arab world that all of the territorial demands in the 2002 Saudi Arabia Peace Plan will be met.

The Washington Post pointed out that former President Bill Clinton as well George W. Bush recognized the “facts on the ground” of a permanent Jewish presence in such cities as Maaleh Adumim. However, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton specifically said earlier this week that the Obama government does not recognize the personal promise by Bush on Israeli retention of the city as well as other areas.

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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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78%, eh. Maybe the Stats are Phoney?

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 5, 2009


So, I see the Obama Administration, complete with his own token Israeli, Rahm Emmanuel, is not wasting any time pressuring Israel to commit national suicide. Did 78% of American Jews really vote for Barak Obama?

For insightful reading on this, I suggest Sultan Knish’s excellent post, Who did Jews really vote for in the 2008 Presidential Election?

Below are some excerpts from the Sultan Knish post:

“But there are of course two major reasons for putting out phony numbers for the Jewish vote.

”First of all a phony Jewish landslide helps cover up the real landslide of fraud that really brought Obama to power. Imaginary Jewish voters coming out in droves for Obama helps conceal the multiple voting ACORN frauds, the ballots thrown out and replaced and the whole ugly litany of deceit that forms the 2008 Presidential election’s true numbers.

”Second of all it creates the illusion of a broad Jewish consensus supporting Obama. This will be key in silencing internal Jewish criticism, moderating any Jewish newspapers that dared to criticize the false messiah… all in preparation for his crackdown on Israel.”

And here comes the crackdown: MK Katz: Pakistan Situation Proves Dangers of 2-State Solution.

This article discusses Rahm Emmanuel’s views, how disturbing they are to Israelis, particularly given Emmanuel’s family history. His father was in the Irgun. We have a name for the men and women, who, during the Holocaust, betrayed their own fellow Jews in order to save their own necks…”Kapo”. We’ll have to come up with a new term for a Jew who does it just for fun.

Excerpt from the Arutz Sheva article:

“In other words,” Katz continued, “we have to bring ourselves to the brink of extinction by allowing Hamastan into Judea and Samaria.  And this is the idea of a Jew, Rahm Emanuel – a Jew whose father fought in the Etzel (Irgun) against the British for the future of the State of Israel, but whose son, born in America, identifies with the most left-wing opinions, whose significance is the destruction of the State of Israel. I think this has to be stated very clearly.”


Hat tip: WeJew

Back to Sultan Knish:

”So what was the real 2008 Presidential Jewish vote? The short answer is we’ll probably never know, but it also probably looked a more like Reagan vs Carter, than Gore vs Bush. And if the country ever makes it intact through the other side of the Obama junta, we can begin working toward a true history of what truly happened in the 2008 election.”

In a more recent post by Sultan Knish, entitled Obama’s Plan to Destroy Israel, he describes the various tools in Obama’s arsenal for putting the screws on Israel —

“On the military side, Obama’s people will make their non-existent efforts to stop Iran’s nukes conditional on more concessions to terrorists. Since Israel will never be able to make enough concessions and since Obama is working with Iran, rather than working to stop Iran’s nukes, this is a hollow charade.”

On Israeli concessions —

The more Israel will offer, the more the Obama Administration will tighten the screws. No offer will be good enough, and Israel will be blamed for every breakdown in talks and every bit of violence that takes place. The media will portray Israel and particularly Netanyahu as extremist and intransigent. Hamas will be slowly whitewashed in the media, the same way that Arafat’s goons were, (assuming that they prove more willing to cooperate in creating a positive media image of themselves than Ahmadinejad is.)

“The plan is to destroy Israel, and to do it by pushing Israel to the edge of the cliff and then over the cliff. Israel’s enemies will be getting top of the line US military equipment. Israel will not. Israel will be squeezed economically until the Netanyahu government collapses, leaving a weak left wing leader like Livni in charge of Israel, and in charge of acceding to the new Pharaoh’s demands.”

This has been confirmed to be a real billboard, put out by a group headed by Cindy Sheehan, which is funded by Hamas affiliated Holy Land Foundation

This has been confirmed to be a real billboard, located in Albequerque, put out by a group headed by Cindy Sheehan, which is funded by Hamas affiliated Holy Land Foundation.

Hat tip: Israel Matzav

Sultan Knish understands the cynical plan better than most I’ve read. To read the entire post click HERE.

Sultan Knish in conclusion:

“Meanwhile so-called American Jewish groups will support Obama all the way, some because they were created precisely for that purpose, e.g. J-Street, and others because they have been hijacked, cowed or subverted.

“That is the game plan and some of it’s coming. The rest is already here.”

The red flags have been flying all over the place  for decades, spanning  several US Administrations, Democrat and Republican. The Obama Administration is characterized by the personality of the cult leader, Barak himself. He is a smooth talking, gifted speaker, particularly in tune with the American experience, knowledgeable enough to know what we want to hear, and willing to say it, to lie to us while doing exactly what he wants to do…dismantle Israel, while concurrently undoing America as we know it. He’s well on his way on both counts.

At Northeast Intelligence Network, Doug Hagmann, who refers to Obama as Captain Chaos, has written two articles that touch directly on this subject: This is Just the Beginning, and The US Abandonment of Israel, stated that the US Administration under Obama would be turning against Israel in the near future.

Excerpts from NIN:

31 December 2008: Northeast Intelligence Network director Doug Hagmann interviewed a highly-placed U.S. intelligence official late yesterday who not only confirmed rumors about escalated and more intensive Israeli military operations against the Muslim terrorists in Gaza, warned of the increasing probability of abandonment of Israel by the U.S. and other Western countries based on what he termed ‘malicious intelligence.’

“ ‘Remember that term,” advised this well-placed intelligence official, “you’ll be hearing it again.’ ”

Obama breaking with past US Administrative tradition —

“It has been a long standing policy to stand behind our Israeli allies, even if such policy merely amounts to paying lip service in public while exerting political pressure of restraint privately. Now, it appears evident that the United States, under Barack Hussein Obama as President and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, is not even willing to do that. The pro-Palestinian, pro-HAMAS agenda of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration should be clear to anyone who is willing to take time away from watching their retirement funds evaporate into thin air, and equally unsettling.”

Operation Cast Lead. Necessary, but it came with a heavy price tag —

“I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse.” When asked what could be worse than losing the support of the United States, he stated: “when our administration provides more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.”

Massaged US Intelligence and MSM complicity in disseminating it —

“He continued: ‘When an intelligence work product that has been thoroughly and properly vetted is submitted to those in Washington, and I see a completely different and entirely inaccurate product intentionally submitted and aired in the media, only to be told ‘that is the way it must be,’ then I know it’s time for me to leave.’ ”

American apathy, refusal to face facts —

“It is obvious to me that most Americans don’t understand or don’t care what is actually happening in the Middle East relative to Israel. People don’t understand history, or have been subjected to revisionist history based on lies and more lies. Add to that a media that fails to provide an accurate assessment of what is taking place in Israel, in Gaza, and you end up with a very bad situation for Israel,” stated this source. He added that the disinformation coming and going to and from Washington is getting worse, as is the media bias against Israel.”

One example of how Muslims pull the wool over willing American eyes is their calculated use of standard Islamic “cease-fires”, which give the appearance of moving from a hard-line stance to moderation. Here is one example at The Huffington Post:

“On the two-state solution sought by the Americans, he said: “We are with a state on the 1967 borders, based on a long-term truce. This includes East Jerusalem, the dismantling of settlements and the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.” Asked what “long-term” meant, he said 10 years.

Sigh. The more things change the more they stay the same. This is the lawful maximum amount of time allowed within sharia (Islamic law) to remain at peace with an enemy. It is called a “Hudna” and is designed to buy time in order to strengthen the given Islamic regime, in this case, Hamas, after being weakened (Operation Cast Lead) in order to recover and re-arm for the continued struggle. “If Muslims are weak, a truce may be made for ten years if necessary, for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) made a truce with the Quraysh for that long, as is related by Abu Dawud” (‘Umdat al-Salik, o9.16). But Americans will buy Hamas propaganda if packaged correctly, because we do not have patience for long-term struggles. We have not had to endure a 100 Years War.

Americans surely do not exhibit the tenacity that the Jewish people have had to make their standard “MO” just to ensure mere survival, never mind anything resembling a decent and stable life, which we’ve managed to do as well. That’s not just little ol’ Jewish me, bragging. I have it from authoritative sources that we are the “most tenacious people in history” (A History of the Jewish People by Paul Johnson, page 3. Mr. Johnson is a British Christian. Yeah, I just started it. Apart from his gospel interpretation of Scriptures, which is to be expected, it’s good so far.)

Having bragged about some of our finer qualities, I must say, it is extremely disconcerting to see an Israeli Jew, the son of an Irgun fighter, promoting the Obama policies which if followed, will result in the dismantlement of the modern State of Israel and the death of many innocent, good Jews. In such a horrible scenario, Heaven forfend, make no mistake, Jews in America and around the world will also be running for their very lives.

I have been amazed to see so many former IDF military leaders turn dovish. It is perplexing. The details of these sorts need to be investigated.  We need to find out if they are really “heroes” or are just selling themselves as such. If dovish former IDF military leaders were indeed outstanding in their service to Israel, it would be worth our time to find out what went wrong.

It’s disturbing to know that there are American Jews, any American Jews, who voted the smooth talking Barak Obama and his double-speak, destructive Administration into power. But we need to keep in mind, as we read the news, that ugly, deadly games are being played, Jewish organizations are being co-opted, influential Jews are being strong-armed in an effort to silence them. Numbers, statistics, intelligence…it’s all being manipulated. We are being lied to, all of us. No, not everything is a lie, but enough to throw us off, to make everything doubtful. Remember, it’s only paranoia if no one is out to get you.

What we see is only the tip of a very nasty, sewage infested ice-berg.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Laura Ingraham & Brigitte Gabriel – Obama & Iran (3/20/09)

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 29, 2009


American Congress for Truth

At the link above, click Brigitte Gabriel’s bio, and at the bottom is a link to a streaming video where she talks about her life in Lebanon, suffering under the jihadis.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Obama Advisor Calls For Military Invasion of Israel

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 28, 2009


Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Obama Advisor Calls For Military Inva…“, posted with vodpod

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Jihad Reactions To Election Of Obama

Posted by avideditor on November 6, 2008


Jihad Reactions To Election Of Obama

Excerpted from Jihadica:

  • Abu Mus`ab al-Mujahid: “We will not stop from seeking (America’s) destruction…”
  • `Abd Allah al-Harbi: “The victory of Obama means the departure of the occupier from Iraq, humiliated, exhausted, defeated, and broken.”

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Israel Hit By 35 Hamas Rockets To Celebrate Victory Of Their Candidate, Hussein

Posted by avideditor on November 5, 2008

It is already starting. 


November 5, 2008

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli rescue services have reported a “massive” cross-border rocket barrage by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip.

The barrage Wednesday came just hours after an Israeli air strike and marked the first major exchange of fire since a truce took effect in June.

The Israeli military said at least 20 rockets were fired from the strip early Wednesday but there was no immediate word of injuries or damage.

Israel launched an airstrike on Gaza earlier Wednesday after its troops fought a fierce gunbattle with Hamas militants who fired mortars into southern Israel. The fighting killed six Palestinians and threatened to unravel the truce, that had mostly quieted violence in the volatile territory.



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“The Founding Fathers Planted White Supremacy In The DNA Of This Republic”

Posted by avideditor on April 13, 2008

Wow even more anti American rhetoric from Obama’s spiritual leader. Obama belongs on a FBI watch list for his terrorist supporting behavior and the rhetoric of his wife not the leading candidate for the democrats. What happened to the party of Roosevelt?

“The Founding Fathers Planted White Supremacy In The DNA Of This Republic”: ”


Chicago Sun-Times:

April 13, 2008

The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., former pastor of Barack Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ, has kept a low profile since some of his sermons landed him in the middle of a political firestorm.

But on Saturday Wright made his first extensive public remarks since the controversy began as he paid tribute to his friend, former appellate judge R. Eugene Pincham, a congregant at Trinity since 1987.

While discussing ‘seven lessons the judge taught me,’ Wright never mentioned church member Obama, who has rejected some of Wright’s comments, which included denunciations of America for its mistreatment of black people and claims that America’s promotion of terrorism abroad helped prompt the 9/11 attacks. But Wright did take the opportunity to bash some of the critics of his controversial statements, including Fox News personalities Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Standing ovation

And while Wright made no mention of terrorism, he did revisit the topic of America’s mistreatment of blacks, saying America’s founding fathers ‘planted slavery and white supremacy in the DNA of this republic,’ and adding that Thomas Jefferson wrote, ‘ ‘God would punish America for the sin of slavery.’ I guess that makes Thomas Jefferson unpatriotic,’ he said to the cheers of the congregation.

Reflecting on the late Pincham, Wright said his faith ‘was not the jingoistic, chauvinistic ‘you’re either with us or against us’ demonizing kind of faith.’ Wright said Pincham was friends with ‘Jews, Muslims, rabbis, imams, fathers in the Catholic church and [Louis] Farrakhan in the Islamic faith.’

Escalating into full-preaching mode, Wright thundered, ‘Fox News can’t understand that. [Bill] O’Reilly will never get that. Sean Hannity’s stupid fantasy will keep him forever stuck on stupid when it comes to comprehending how you can love a brother who does not believe what you believe. [Pincham’s] faith was a faith in a God who loved the whole world not just one country or one creed.’

At that point, congregants nearly drowned Wright out with a booming standing ovation.

Wright also referred to Fox News as ‘Fix News.’

And, talking about Pincham’s integrity and honesty, Wright said, ‘You don’t change who you are because of where you are. You don’t stop telling the truth because it is not politically correct or it makes a racist uncomfortable. You don’t blame other folks for not fixing some of the problems in our own community that we can and need to fix ourselves.’

(Via avideditor’s shared items in Google Reader.)</

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Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright: Former Muslim

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2008

Obama’s pastor’s Muslim beliefs attracted him to the black value system and the stance against “Disavowal of the Pursuit of Middleclassness.” lead him to United Church of Christ in Chicago.

read more | digg story

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Barak Obama – The Messiah COMIC

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

Barak Obama – The Messiah: “

H/T: Grouchy Old Cripple

HT Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

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REZKO—Its Getting Closer to OBAMA

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008


More stories on Obama on my blog. 

REZKO—Its Getting Closer to OBAMA: “
The Democratic Party in Illinois takes the right to vote very seriously,everyone is expected to vote whether they are alive or dead, in fact during the 1960 Presidential election some wards had 100%+ of the voters show up and cast a ballot.

Chicago is the epicenter of the corruption in Illinois. Little by little that corruption is being exposed in the trial of Tony Rezko, the guy who helped Barack Obama buy his back yard, and as that corruption is unveiled it is inching closer to tangling the Senator in its web:

First Wright, Now Rezko
This time, a speech may not be enough for Obama.
By Stephen Spruiell Chicago, Illinois — After the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s now-notorious sermons gained a significant amount of national media attention, Illinois Senator Barack Obama felt compelled to explain his relationship with Wright in a major speech on race relations in America. Now that the governor of Illinois has been implicated in the schemes of Obama’s friend Tony Rezko, it might be time for Obama to explain his relationship with Rezko in a major speech on the endemic political corruption that afflicts his home state of Illinois. Rezko’s trial has lifted the veil on Illinois’s infernally corrupt political establishment, and a government witness named Stuart Levine has taken the part of a meth-snorting, double-dealing Virgil, guiding the public through it. Levine is a broken man, testifying for the government in order to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison. Over seven days of direct examination, he has described an astonishingly broad network of fraud, extortion, and bribery, culminating in Wednesday’s revelation that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich allegedly knew about at least one such scheme. Levine used his positions on various state boards to steal as much money as he could from people with business before those boards. One of those people was a Hollywood producer and financier named Tom Rosenberg. Rosenberg was a principal at a firm called Capri Capital. Capri managed over a billion dollars for the Illinois Teachers Retirement System, of which Levine was a trustee. Through a variety of corrupt means, including allowing TRS executive director Jon Bauman to write his own (glowing) evaluations, Levine wielded a disproportionate amount of influence over TRS investment decisions. Levine used this influence to steer TRS contracts to whomever would pay him and his associates the biggest ‘finder’s fees.’ Levine decided that Rosenberg was getting far too much TRS business and paying far too little in the form of kickbacks to him and his cronies — an arrangement that Levine saw an opportunity to amend when Capri sought a new contract from TRS in early 2004. According to his testimony, Levine and an associate named Bill Cellini (both Republicans) conspired with two of Governor Blagojevich’s top fundraisers and advisers — Tony Rezko and a roofing contractor named Chris Kelly (both Democrats) — to offer Rosenberg a choice: Either pay a $2 million bribe or raise $1.5 million for Blagojevich’s re-election campaign. Rosenberg was to be made to understand that all of his business with TRS was at stake. Levine testified that Allison Davis, a lawyer friend of Rosenberg’s, was the go-between. Davis allegedly approached Rezko on behalf of Rosenberg to ask about Capri’s business with TRS, and he told Rezko that Rosenberg would be willing to do some fundraising for Blagojevich if that would speed things along. Rezko told Davis that Rosenberg should ‘call Stuart Levine.’ When Rosenberg realized he was the target of such a massive shakedown, he was furious. In a recorded phone call between Cellini and Levine that prosecutors played for the jury, Cellini quoted Rosenberg’s reaction: ‘ ‘If [Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly are] going to do this to me and think they’re going to blackmail me, I’m going to take them down.’ ’ Rosenberg’s threat convinced the alleged conspirators to back off, and — in the biggest bombshell to emerge during the trial so far — Levine testified that Rezko told him that Governor Blagojevich had been informed of the situation. Prosecutors also played a recorded conversation between Cellini and Levine that appeared to confirm Levine’s testimony. In it, they discussed how ‘the big guy’ had implied that Rosenberg should not get any further business from the state. Blagojevich’s office issued a statement last night essentially accusing Levine of ‘not telling the truth’ — an accusation that is by no means baseless. Levine has major credibility problems. For one thing, he is testifying as part of a plea deal. For another, he testified on Monday that his drug of choice from the late ‘80s until his arrest in 2004 was a cocktail of crystal meth and the animal tranquilizer ketamine, known on the street as ‘Special K.’ But much of his testimony is nonetheless backed up by phone conversations that were recorded without his knowledge, in which he was speaking freely and had little incentive to lie. If Levine’s testimony regarding Blagojevich is true, then such nakedly corrupt behavior at such a high level is bound to attract greater scrutiny from the national media to the problem of corruption in the state of Illinois. To illustrate the gravity of the issue, three of the last seven governors elected in the state of Illinois have ended up in jail. If Blagojevich is indicted, tried and convicted, that will make four out of seven. Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, a Republican who is running for Cook County state’s attorney, calls an indictment of Governor Blagojevich ‘inevitable.’ ‘What we have,’ Peraica says, ‘is a level of corruption that is integrated both vertically and horizontally across all layers of government: city, municipal, county, and state.’ To him, the Rezko case illustrates that corruption in Illinois is a bipartisan problem. ‘We have a corrupt political combine, where the members of the two parties… have come together, not pursuant to a public interest, but to pursue their own financial interests, which they have done with great zeal and ingenuity.’ This corruption, should it become an issue in the campaign, could cause problems for Obama when people start to wonder how he could have made it through ‘the combine’ without getting involved in the overlapping networks of patronage and influence. Peraica, for one, argues that he didn’t. ‘Senator Barack Obama is an integral part and a product of this corrupt system,’ Peraica says. ‘Senator Obama has endorsed Todd Stroger for Cook County board president, Mayor [Richard M.] Daley for mayor of Chicago, Dorothy Tillman for re-election as an alderman, and other epitomes of bad government throughout his career in order to promote himself politically, at the expense of, I would argue, principles and morals and good government.’ Obama’s relationship with Allison Davis — the alleged go-between in Rezko’s scheme to shake down Tom Rosenberg — could pose another problem for him. Obama worked for Davis at the law firm of Davis Miner Barnhill. Later, when Obama sat on the board of a charity called the Woods Fund, he voted to invest $1 million in a partnership operated by Davis, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Levine’s testimony in the Rezko trial puts Davis in the middle of an attempted quid pro quo, making him yet another associate Obama might be pressured to disown. And the trial could stretch well into May, at which point a Rezko conviction could lead to even more headaches for the candidate. If Rezko is looking at a long prison sentence and decides to start talking, who knows what he might say? All the more reason that Obama might be tempted to try to address this metastasizing problem with a single bold gesture. Obama made a big speech about race to distract from his ties to one unsavory Chicago character, but distancing himself from an entire network of them might prove to be a tougher task. After all, Obama was able to claim the middle ground in his defense of Wright, denouncing Wright’s most radical views while excusing his run-of-the-mill resentments as being a not-atypical part of the black experience.
But America will have a harder time swallowing excuses for corruption as being a run-of-the-mill aspect of the Illinois political experience — particularly not from a candidate that has promised a new kind of politics. To succeed, Obama would have to denounce the behavior of some of his closest allies and demonstrate a candor about his own experience in state government that’s been missing from his campaign thus far. In the Rezko trial, Obama might have finally encountered a problem that a speech alone won’t solve.

(Via YID With LID.)</

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The new chilling video of B. Hussein Obama and his mentors

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

To read other post on Obama Click here. 

The new chilling video of B. Hussein Obama and his mentors: ”

Some of the stuff we are already familiar with and some new and but no less chilling: 

Makes those who support Obama look like America haters and/or zombies.

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Hussein’s Church Founded On “The Destruction Of The White Enemy”

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008


Hussein’s Church Founded On “The Destruction Of The White Enemy”: ”

Illinois Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama speaks during a services at Trinity United Church of Christ Sunday, Oct. 31, 2004, in Chicago

He always knew, he has long been a ‘passing for not’, racist.

The church where Sen. Barack Obama has worshipped for two decades publicly declares that its ministry is founded on a 1960s book that espouses ‘the destruction of the white enemy.’

Trinity United Church of Christ’s Web site says its teachings are based on the black liberation theology of James H. Cone and his 1969 book ‘Black Theology and Black Power.’

‘What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love,’ Mr. Cone wrote in the book.

Mr. Cone, a professor at the Union Theological Seminary in New York, added that ‘black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy.’

Mr. Obama’s campaign, which for weeks has weathered criticism about inflammatory racial language by the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. at Trinity, said the candidate ‘vehemently disagrees’ with those tenets.

‘It’s absurd to suggest that he or anyone should be held responsible for every quote in every book read by a member of their church,’ said Obama spokesman Reid Cherlin.

‘Barack Obama is not a theologian, and what he learned in church is to love Jesus Christ and work on behalf of his fellow man, regardless of race, class or circumstance. This is a faulty and disingenuous approach to a church, and a flawed way to judge a candidate,’ he said.

Mr. Obama has been a member of Trinity, on Chicago’s South Side, since finding religion there 20 years ago under Mr. Wright’s mentorship. Mr. Wright married the Obamas and baptized their children, and a sermon of his inspired Mr. Obama to title his book ‘The Audacity of Hope.’

There is no evidence to date in any of Mr. Obama’s public comments or speeches that he espouses the radical features of the black liberation theology practiced at his church.

Critics say Trinity’s message verges on separatist philosophy and at the very least advocates exclusively for blacks.

‘The liberation theology and the black-values system to which his membership ascribe is a clear commitment to the social and spiritual enhancement of only the black race,’ the Rev. Corey J. Hodges, who is black, wrote last year in the Salt Lake Tribune. ‘Even more troubling is Wright’s use of the pulpit to perpetuate racial division.’

For years, Mr. Wright delivered sermons and endorsed articles in the church bulletin that called the United States and Israel racist regimes.

The bulletin’s ‘pastor’s page’ included essays that said Israel and South Africa ‘worked on an ethnic bomb that kills blacks and Arabs,’ compared Israel to Nazi Germany and quoted leaders of the terrorist group Hamas calling Israel a ‘deformed modern apartheid state.’

In a bulletin last year, Mr. Wright lashed out at the news media for scrutinizing the church, blaming ‘racist United States of America’ and ‘white arrogance’ for distracting the country from more important issues, such as the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina victims.

The church declined to comment for this article, but the Rev. Otis Moss III, the church’s junior pastor, who took over for Mr. Wright, wrote in the bulletin in October that media conglomerates ‘operate with contempt and disdain for the black community, women, and people of the African Diaspora.’

Conrad Worrill, a leader of the Chicago-based National Black United Front, said attention directed at Trinity United demonstrates that racist attitudes persist in the United States.

‘Even if [Mr. Obama] did support some of the tenets of some of the ideas embedded in that theology, I still don’t think it has anything to do with his vision and his candidacy,’ said Mr. Worrill, whose organization promotes black political and cultural education and activism.

‘I think most black people would agree that what Jeremiah Wright said is the truth. … What we see playing out on the public stage is how black people still see America and the world and how white people cannot see the truth. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama.’

Mr. Wright, who recently retired as the church’s pastor after 36 years, defended Trinity’s religious views in ‘talking points’ posted on the church’s Web site (www.tucc.org).

‘To have a church whose theological perspective starts from the vantage point of Black liberation theology being its center, is not to say that African or African-American people are superior to anyone else,’ he said.

Mr. Cone recently told Forbes magazine that he doesn’t know how much Mr. Obama knows about black-liberation theology.

‘I’ve read both of Barack Obama’s books, and I heard the speech [on race]. I don’t see anything in the books or in the speech that contradicts black liberation theology. If he had it explained to him, I think he would [understand it],’ he said.

Mr. Cone calls his own teachings a fusion of teachings of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

In a debate last month with his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Mr. Obama rejected the church’s decision last year to honor Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who is known for anti-Semitic remarks.

The senator also disavowed some of Mr. Wright’s racist sermons after they were publicized in video clips on television and the Internet and on talk radio.

But in a March 18 speech on race, Mr. Obama said he could not sever ties with the pastor. He said Mr. Wright is like family and that the pastor’s outlook is scarred by civil rights struggles of the 1960s.

Mr. Obama said he was unaware until last month that his longtime spiritual mentor and friend used incendiary racist rhetoric in his sermons, such as denouncing the ‘U.S. of KKKA’ and proclaiming, ‘God damn America.’

Mr. Obama said rants against whites were never part of the Sunday services he attended.

‘I don’t purchase all the DVDs [of Mr. Wright’s sermons], and I didn’t read all the church bulletins,’ Mr. Obama said Friday on ABC’s ‘The View.’ ‘It’s not to excuse it.’

Mr. Obama said his mixed-race heritage — his mother was white and his father black — gives him a unique vantage point from which to help bridge the nation’s racial divides.

‘The church itself, though, is a wonderful, welcoming church. And if you guys went there on a Sunday, you would feel right at home,’ he told the panelists on TV’s ‘The View,’ most of them white. ‘You would see people talking about Jesus, and mercy, and sin, and family … and forgiveness.’

‘That doesn’t excuse what [Mr. Wright] said, but I do think it’s important just to put it in context.’

The Rev. Jane Fisler Hoffman, a member of Trinity who serves as a pastor in Southern California, said the Chicago church does not follow a radical doctrine, despite the angry words of Mr. Cone’s treatise.

‘It may have had some influence on what unfolded, but [Trinity] is a wonderful church, not a separatist church,’ said Mrs. Hoffman, who is white. ‘Anyone who tries to paint the church as hateful would be missing the mark.’

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Obama Linked To Arab Marxist Terrorist Group

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

This comes at no surprise. This news comes from Jews Against Obama.

Obama Linked To Arab Marxist Terrorist Group: ”

Hat tip: Vilmar

No doubt, the media, and all the liberal Jews and other Obama supporters will ignore this.

An article has appeared on the ISM affiliated website Electronic Intifada (EI) by one of its co-founders, Ali Abunimah, in which Abumimah recounts his close past working relationship with Obama prior to the presidential campaign and how Abunimah believes Obama is merely giving lip service to the Jewish community to get elected, and that once in office he will work for the Palestinian cause. Abunimah lists himself and is mentioned in subsequent Obama articles in the mainstream press merely as a ‘Palestinian activist.’ Abunimah insists that Obama will ‘come around’ once elected.

But Ali Abunimah is more than just some ‘Palestinian activist’ based in Chicago, the same location as Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ. He is, in fact, one of the founders of the fiercely anti-Semitic ISM Arab group Al Awda, the Palestine Right of Return Coalition. Abunimah is a high level international leader of the ISM for the Arabs who travels extensively between Chicago, Europe and Ramallah.

Al Awda in Arabic means ‘The Return,’ and the group not only calls for the complete destruction of Israel, even denying Israel’s current existence on its website and urging boycotts against not only Israelis, but American Jews and their businesses, but also calls for specifically supporting Arab terrorists in Iraq who kill US soldiers. Among its more than 130 chapters across the US and Canada, Al Awda’s New Jersey chapter is led by a young woman named Charlotte Kates who has called Israeli children killed by suicide bombers ‘fair game.’ The ISM’s Al Awda openly supports terrorism as ‘legitimate resistance’ in ISM revolutionary lingo.

Al Awda’s anti-Semitism has also linked to neo-Nazi groups in promoting the boycott and divestment from Israel on American campuses and in the US business community. It became so virulent that the group was booted by the UC Riverside campus administration from holding an international conference on that campus last year. Ali Abunimah, even today, is featured on the Al Awda website supporting terrorism against Israelis because he considers that ‘nonviolence is overrated.’

In short, Obama saw no problem being lobbied in the past by someone who openly promotes terrorism and discrimination against Jewish-Americans.

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“Palestinians” support Obama

Posted by avideditor on April 1, 2008

I found this on LGF. I see the “palis” like Obama’s idea of change. 

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