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How is one to know the difference beaten Yezha Hora and Hashem? I asked a couple of Rabbis but they seem not no know

Posted by avideditor on January 8, 2009

How does one know that the feeling they get comes from Hashem not the Yetzah Hora? I know this is not coving Gaza but I have been thinking a lot today and I want a good answer. I am getting enough people reading my blog so maybe one of you knows. I can’t believe thousands of people want to read my writing everyday. I do not think I can post so much everyday. Should I get some one to do around 5 great posts or a once in a while really intriguing post is better from me? There are some people I respect on the left should I invite a lefty to blog?  I do not personally care where you stand as long as you see the Jihadis the greatest evil to free society. I am not condemning the billion plus muslims;. I am against the Islamo-fascist. I see why people want to say Islam is all evil but I see no practical solutions with that mind set.  Yes the comments here are moderated to prevent the jihadis from getting trough but if you have something intelligent to say feel free to link it. I check the comments when I can. Your comment will get through with in a day. If it is a great comment and I respond I might email you telling you that if you included a good email. If you do not want me emailing you to tell you I respond just leave pleasedonotemailme@aol.com or something like that. Well thanks for coming. Feel free to comment.

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