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Are you better off then you where two years ago?

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2011

Great question and analysts found here ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN TWO YEARS AGO?

Under Obama,

  • unemployment is up;
  • oil is up;
  • foreclosures are up;
  • the dollar is down;
  • inflation is up;
  • the deficit is up;
  • the national debt is up;
  • there have been more jihadist attacks within the USA than ever;
  • air travel has grown more tedious;
  • partisan attacks by the left against the right have become more vicious and ludicrous;
  • Iran has gotten closer to getting a bomb;
  • Lebanon’s government has collapsed;
  • Turkey has drifted completely into the Iranian camp;
  • we’ve become more dependent on foreign oil;
  • we’ve appeased Russia on arms and NATO expansion and Missile Defense;
  • Mexico has become a failed state on our border – a border which is as porous as ever;
  • and our healthcare is more regulated than ever and healthcare insurance is skyrocketing;

in fact, I can’t think of one good thing Obama has done – or of one area in which we’ve improved sine Obama has become president.


If the USA federal government was corporation and us its shareholders, then we should have a revolt and force the Board of Directors to fire him.

Or – if he had a shred of dignity and decency – he would admit he is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD and that his leftist policies have made things worse – and resign to spend more time with his family.

I don’t think new WH CoS Bill Daley – a member of the Chicago Machine – is gonna make things any better.

And with oil expected to reach $100/barrel and our foreign policy a shambles, I think things can get even worse – and sooner than anyone is predicting; YES: WE COULD GO BACK INTO RECESSION.

The only answer is for the White House to accept and adopt the policies about to be introduced by the GOP House.

Because Obama is no Clinton, the odds of this are small.


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