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Jihad = Mein Kampf – Part 4

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 18, 2009


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher, statesman (1729-1797)

In Arabic, “jihad” literally means “self-struggle”. So, say apologists for Islam. Just as the powers that be are softening our borders, by not protecting them, the jihadi softens his definition of jihad so it is compatible with Western thinking. Allowing ourselves to become entangled in politically correct ideas and language is meant to disarm us, to weaken our resolve to defend ourselves and our way of  life.

Jihad refers to the Muslim’s internal struggle. We are meant to think the concept of “jihad’ is solely about an internal, spiritual struggle. No. This is only part of the truth, says Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist in part 3 of this series.  He goes on to tell us that “Mein Kampf” also means “my struggle”. He then asks us, what and who, was Hitler struggling against? Who are the jihadis struggling against?

Below are the quotes from part 4 of the Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, a 10 part series found on Youtube. This time, I didn’t pick and choose quotes. The more I watch this series, the more each quote, each clip demonstrates to me the connection between the concept of “jihad”, the Muslim’s struggle against the Jewish people, the West, and all non-Muslims, all moderate Muslims, and “Mein Kampf”, Hitler’s struggle against the Jewish people and all who refused to submit to his view of things. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jihad = Mein Kampf – Part 3

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 23, 2009


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher, statesman (1729-1797)

What does “jihad” mean to a Jihadi, i.e. radical Muslim, militant Muslim, extremist Muslim? I know what many try to convince me it means: Jihad, according to many Muslim apologists, means “inner struggle”.

The definition of “jihad” that many Muslims are trying to sell to the West, namely, an inner struggle with oneself, much like repentance within Christianity or teshuvah within Judaism, is only a successful marketing scheme.

Not that moderate Muslims don’t buy into it. They often do. Jews, Christians, Atheists, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, moderate peace loving Muslims, anyone who abides by any creed or moral code must get a grip and realize that amongst themselves, the jihadis all know exactly what they mean by “jihad”; armed struggle to the death with those who do not hold to their apocalyptic, death worshipping views.

We have a couple of choices: Wake up and do something or partake of the “peace of the brave” as Yasir Arafat used to say smilingly after each deadly bus bombing in Israel.

You don’t think things are as stark as all that? Of course not. We humans don’t like to face reality when the crisis approaches our doorstep. I understand. I’m the same way. I want to keep to my routines, my projects, my quiet life. The jihadis can mind their business and I’ll mind mine, thank you very much. But we can’t always live a quiet life, being left alone to pursue our personal peace and prosperity, not if we want to preserve a modicum of that for our children and grandchildren. In fact, it seems nearly every generation is tested.

HINT: I think it’s HKB”H, seeing what we’ll do with the resources He alots to each generation.

So, if you’re still not convinced that we have a serious problem on our hands, then read the works of former Muslims who are risking their lives as they blow the whistle on their former co-religionists. Robert Spencer, Noni Darwish and Walid Shoebat, probably the list is even longer than this have put everything on the line, not because they enjoy a death threat hanging over their heads, but because they feel obligated to warn the West. Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and other Muslims who ache for reform within their religion. Ms. Ali has also risked everything to sound the alarm. All of these courageous men and women speak from their own lives, have been repudiated by their own families in order to bring us the truth. We owe them our respect. For the sake of our families, we need to listen up. I mean, they’re obviously not in this to sell books. There’s gotta be an easier way to make a living.

Walid Shoebat informs us that “Mein Kampf” also means “my struggle”. Mein Kampf is a runaway bestseller in Muslim controlled regions, such as the Palestinian administered territories.

1936 has returned. Maybe we can get it right this time, before it’s too late.

— Ellie Katz

Obsession: Part 3 of 10

Daily my classmates would recite poetry, jihadist poetry, and when they recited it, they were crying. They were wishing shahadah, to be shahid (sic), to die as a martyr, to die in jihad. — Noni Darwish, daughter of a shahid (martyr)

Parallel — Hitler Youth

Should we want honor. The only way to honor is jihad. — Ahmed Abdul Razek, Palestinian cleric, Palestinian TV 2002

Parellel – Dying for the Fuhrer

What they’re saying is United States is a threat, is a danger to them, is trying to dominate them, is trying to turn the whole world into America, and this what they are telling their people they have to fight against.Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch

Parallel – The Jews supposed domination of Europe

All the Arab countries and the non-Arab countries will be their targets. They continue the line of swallowing the world. — Ayatollah Ahmad Jannah, Sec’y Guardian Council, Iranian TV 2004 (translation from MEMRI)

Parallel – “international Jewry” swallowing the world

The US is the enemy of Arabs, of Muslims, and of humanity, and every person must resist it, to the best of his ability. — Anis al-Naqqash, al-Manar TV Lebanon 2005 (translation by MEMRI)

Parallel – The Jew is the eternal enemy of the German people

The West needs to be defeated one way or another. — Steve Emerson, The Investigative Project

Parallel — The war against the Jews had to be completed at all costs

Therefore, every Muslim, and every honorable man who is not a Muslim must stand against the Americans, English and Israelis and endanger their interests wherever they may be. — Ayatollah Ahmad Jannah, Sec’y Guardian Council, Iranian TV 2004 (translation from MEMRI)

Parallel — once again, the need for an uncompromising war against the Jew

…therein lies the issue the threat of militant Islam: The anointed right to carry out executions of anybody who is considered a threat of Islam itself. — Steve Emerson, The Investigative Project

Parallel — Execution rights Nazi’s held over Jews with absolute impunity

The word jihad in the Muslim vocabulary in the Muslim consciousness, is a very powerful word. — Khaleel Mohammed Ph.D., Asst Prof Dept Religious Studies, San Diego State University

Come and join us, join this blessed jihad. Come for the sake of Allah. Join us in this blessed jihad, with Mullah Omar and Sheikh Osama bin Laden. — al-Qaeda operative 2005 (translation from MEMRI)

Defines “jihad”, and expresses the universal duty of jihad upon all Muslims everywhere

First of all the word “jihad”, in literal Arabic, basically means “a struggle”, coming from the world “jahadah”, to struggle. — Khaleel Mohammed Ph.D., Asst Prof Dept Religious Studies, San Diego State University

Jihad in the traditional sense means “self-struggle”. Look within yourself to try and make yourself a better person. — John Loftus, Former US Justice Department Prosecutor

People think about it. Yes, ‘jihad’ does mean ‘self-struggle’, ‘struggle within’. But so does ‘Mein Kampf’! Mein Kampf means ‘my struggle’. But what struggle? Nazism had a struggle with what? What did the Jews do to ‘Tango’ in Nazi Germany? Jihad is being used in the Middle East as ‘struggle with the Jewish people’, ‘struggle with the West.’ — Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist

The Americans and their President and the British and those that follow them and the Zionists, the spoiled offspring of the entity (chanting) if A–ah permits us, oh nation of Mohammad, even the stone will say ‘Oh Muslim, a Jew is hiding behind me. Come and cut off his head. And we shall cut off his head! By Allah, we shall cut it off! Oh Jews! (more chanting as he pulls out his sword and waves it in the air and the crowd chants in response, angry fists upraised.)Sheikh Dr. Bakr al-Samarai, Iraqi TV, February 2003 (translation by MEMRI)

Parallel — Hitler’s insane rants; the impunity with which he feels he can simply execute any Jew who crosses his path

A British teenager tore out an elderly woman’s heart after stabbing her and drank her blood. These are people [in the West] who are enthusiastic about drinking elderly people’s blood. — Sheikh Muhammad al-Munajid, Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia) August 2004 (translation by MEMRI)

Parallel — blood libels

The  Americans are beasts in human form! — Mamoun al-Tamimi, political commentator, Al-Majd TV, UAE, May 2004 (translated by MEMRI)

Parallel – The Nazi’s were brainwashed into believing the Jews were vermin in human form

In the Arab media, there is a process of demonizing Jews and the West. — Khaled Abu Toameh, Palestinian Journalist

Parallel – Nazi demonization of the Jews

There is widespread use of this theme of portraying Israel and the United States as Satan, and this is an integral part of Arab/Islamist propaganda. — Itamar Marcus

Parallel – more demonization of the Jews by the Nazis and the Nazi propaganda machine

Satan, Satan, conceited Satan. He occupies countries with the weapon of tyranny. This is Satan (showing G.W. Bush) the source of tyranny. This is Satan, the source of tyranny. — Iranian music video 2004 (translation MEMRI)

Parallel — Nazi  propaganda demonizing Jews and Jewish leaders of all sorts

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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