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Eye on Zion

Posted by Glezele Vayne on June 24, 2010


Yishai and Malkah Fleisher are touring the US this summer to highlight the importance of American Jews coming home. For more information on the initiatives for aliyah from America spearheaded by Yishai Fleisher and his lovely wife Malkah, here are a few links:

Israel National Radio


Eye on Zion

Check it out, see if they’re coming to your neck of the woods this summer. And to the Jews who read this blog, seriously consider returning home, where your mothers and fathers are buried.

We are.

From Glezele Vayne

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The Full Measure of Joe Biden’s Hypocrisy on Jerusalem

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 2, 2010


By Sultan Knish

Reposted here with permission

Not that long ago, Joseph Robinette Biden was supposedly gravely insulted by Israel announcing that potential housing to be built in Jerusalem had passed one stage of a multi-stage approval process. Biden was so insulted by this dastardly act that he stood up the Prime Minister of Israel for 90 minutes and that he and various Obama Administration officials proceeded to lambaste Israel for “insulting” Biden.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed; “it was not only an insult to Biden, but an insult to the United States.” “There was an affront, it was an insult“, huffed Senior Obama advisor David Axelrod. Hundreds of newspapers immediately penned editorials denouncing Israel’s grave insult. The essence of it was that Israel had insulted Biden by laying claim to Jerusalem during his visit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Zeev Visits First Hareidi Outpost

Posted by Glezele Vayne on September 14, 2009


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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Why George Soros’ Ideas Won’t Bring Peace…and What Will

Posted by Glezele Vayne on August 30, 2009


Israel’s Religious Right and the Question of Settlements.

Brought to you by the Soros funded International Crisis Group.

Chassidic Zionists

Chassidic Zionists

These plans will come to nothing if we truly learn from our grieving and our prayers during the 3 weeks of mourning and on Tisha B’Av. Ahavas Chinam will defeat sinas chinam, and our enemies will not be able to gain a toehold into our Land. HKB”H will see our unity and our love for one another, which is based on our love for Him and on our emunah, and He will  honor our prayers, even if all of us have not yet “arrived” at our final destination within Yiddishkeit. No one will be able to put a wedge between any of us….even if a thousand careful analyses and plans are created to do just that.

Photo courtesy of WeJew.com

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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Posted by Glezele Vayne on August 19, 2009


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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Understanding Ahmadinejad

Posted by Glezele Vayne on June 28, 2009


I have done an extensive google search on Ahmadinejad’s now famous words regarding “the Zionist entity”, which he spoke at the The World Without Zionism conference in Tehran, on 28. 10. 05. (translated version; provided by Iran Focus) Wikipedia covers the controversy as well. I looked for a transcript at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting , but it doesn’t appear to have archives that far back.

According to all the leftie sites I visited, the following are the transliterated words in question.

“Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”

I have a couple of Iranian acquaintances. I’ll run this sentence by them sometime. In the meantime, here’s the liberal/antizionist (read “antisemitic”) take on their pal Ahmadinejad’s words.

That passage will mean nothing to most people, but one word might ring a bell: rezhim-e. It is the word “Regime”, pronounced just like the English word with an extra “eh” sound at the end. Ahmadinejad did not refer to Israel the country or Israel the land mass, but the Israeli regime. This is a vastly significant distinction, as one cannot wipe a regime off the map. Ahmadinejad does not even refer to Israel by name, he instead uses the specific phrase “rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods” (regime occupying Jerusalem).

So this raises the question.. what exactly did he want “wiped from the map”? The answer is: nothing. That’s because the word “map” was never used. The Persian word for map, “nagsheh”, is not contained anywhere in his original farsi quote, or, for that matter, anywhere in his entire speech. Nor was the western phrase “wipe out” ever said. Yet we are led to believe that Iran’s President threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, despite never having uttered the words “map”, “wipe out” or even “Israel”.


The full quote translated directly to English:

“The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”.

Word by word translation:

Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

Cropped version

Cropped version

Uncropped poster

Uncropped poster

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Ron Liddle of The Spectator and His “Take” on Hebron

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 20, 2009


THE SPECTATOR.CO.UK published an article entitled,  “You Get Your Film, and Go Home” by Ron Liddle on 4 April, 2007. I know, We’re right on top of things. Well, “Schmoozing” is an opinion site, not necessarily an up-to-the-minute news site. Neither of us gets paid enough for that.

If you want the latest, I…uhm, really don’t know who you could count on in the MSM. Sorry. They sometimes have some of the latest. As for it’s veracity, that’s another — story.

Back to Mr. Liddle’s piece, below are a few of the more notable salvos, er, paragraphs, found on page two of his article. (Note to self, be kind. Mr. Liddle did admit to feeling like an imbecile — bottom of page 1. Knowing there is a problem is, after all, half the battle.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Electric Kahane

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 18, 2009


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more about “Electric Kahane“, posted with vodpod

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Jailed Teenage Heroes

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


So, elections don’t work. Israelis voted in “tough on terrorism” Arik…and we got the policies of Yossi Beilin, the Judenrat. (Arik got a living hell.) Nice touch, expelling us during Tisha b’Av. We voted in BB, and we get talk of two-state “solutions”, and easing the lives of the Arabs.

The secular law is broken, non-functional. It honors our enemies and disgraces the very people it has been installed to protect. At such a point in a nation’s history, the only recourse left to the people is civil disobedience. Kol hakavod to these courageous young girls and their equally courageous families.

Congratulations leftists. You called us radicals when we were willing to cooperate. Now, we are not so willing. You thought we were radical. You didn’t know radical. Now we are radicalized.

Allow me to name a few reasons for our radicalization:

  1. Our children murdered on their way to gan
  2. Our young sons, hacked to death, raped & beaten while on a nature hike
  3. Our dead babies who moments before were tasting their first piece of pizza
  4. Our lovely young daughters, their modesty violated by your cruel vindictive police
  5. Our destroyed homes that we gave up for the good of Israel, only to find more Israeli homes under fire,
  6. Now, our enemies take their cues from you, claiming Tel Aviv as a supposedly abandoned Arab village, when we all know it was nothing but sanddunes.

I could go on. But why make myself more sick than I already am?

All these failed policies have radicalized the most moderate and patient amongst us. Do you really think 6 million Jews in Eretz Israel and 6 million Jews in the Golus will sit and watch you dismantle our still newly re-born nation? You’d better hope so, because if you are wrong, then justice will be meted out to those who are responsible for the deaths of our children, the violations, the incarcerations of our innocent children, our soldiers who refuse to obey your illegal orders, our beloved husbands and wives lost to us on the way to the store, or work, the destruction of our homes.

May the Sanhedrin deal with all traitors according to the Torah, b’imhera v’yamenu. Amayn.

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more about “Jailed Teenage Heroes“, posted with vodpod

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