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“Historic Palestine”

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

“Historic Palestine”: “One of the well-worn memes of the anti-Israel crowd is that Israel is only offering 14%, or 12%, of ‘Historic Palestine’ to the Palestinian Arabs. For example, here is a small sample of how the phrase has been used in recent days:

What remains to the Palestinians now is less than 14% of Historic Palestine, all of it as isolated Bantustans, shrinking ghettos, walls, fences, checkpoints with surly soldiers,and the perpetual encroachment of expanding illegal Israeli colonies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Poor Arabs, being ruled by apes and pigs

Posted by avideditor on March 14, 2008

Post came from the elder I had missed this lovely speech given by an elected member of the PA parliament, Hamas member Fathi Hammad, on Al-Aqsa TV last January. It just has so much good stuff that it deserves a wider audience:

The wounded men have sacrificed themselves in defense of the honor of the Arab and Islamic nation, and in defense of the holy places. They have sacrificed parts of their bodies in order to stop the advance of the Jews, who want to uproot you. As you know, the Israeli flag has a star between two blue lines. They want to establish the state of Israel between the Euphrates and the Nile. The Jews want to invade Egypt and Iraq, to destroy Saudi Arabia, and to return to Khaybar.

This is a perfect example of Muslim projection. Muslims believe that every land they ever ruled must remain Muslim forever and that they will come back to conquer it. Since Khaybar was once a Jewish province in what is now Saudi Arabia, it is logical that Arabs think that Jews are pining to avenge their loss of that land to Mohammed in 628 – exactly like many Muslims ache to return to Andalusia, Spain.

Where is your valor? Stop being such cowards. The time has come for you to awaken from this deep slumber. The time has come for your honor, dignity, and valor to awaken. Where are you, Muslims? Are you monotheistic, or not? Are you Muslims, or not? Do you love Allah, or not? Do you love the Prophet, or not? As a sign of your love for Allah and the Prophet, you should sweep away the borders, which were created by imperialism.

Notice again that Hamas is consistent in not desiring a Palestinian Arab state but a pan-Islamic ‘ummah.

We are in need of weapons, we are in need of food, we are in need of moral support, as well as support by the media, economic support, medical aid, and support in weapons.

Notice the priorities! And it seems he mentioned one of those priorities twice, just to get the point across.

Therefore, oh Arabs, who number 300 million, you cannot allow yourselves to be ruled by four million brothers of apes and pigs. Where is your nobility? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Where are you, oh Muslims, who number one and a half billion, yet you are ruled by four million brothers of apes and pigs?

The hilarious part is that he is describing himself as being ruled by the hated, despised and weak Jews, giving the Jews far more real power than they have ever sought themselves.

Where is your manliness? Where is your nobility? You stand there like women and do not lift a finger. What is the meaning of this apathy? What is the meaning of this cowardice? What is the meaning of this fear?[…]Your armies have become like women, who hide and cannot lift a finger. Your armies, tanks, and planes have become rusty.

The consistent posturing of masculinity is also funny. By putting the conflict in terms of manliness, he is admitting that Israel has made the Arabs look like women in comparison. This is of course a major source of their anger – their emasculation by the hated Jews – but for all of their bluster, they themselves admit it unwittingly in speeches like these. By trying to arouse an animal-like instinctive reaction from his listeners, he is actually insulting them and strengthening the case that they are in fact inferior. Rather than frame the fiery speech in terms of how good Arab culture and the Islamic nation are, he instead unwittingly tells his audience that they are failures, lower in the evolutionary scale than apes and pigs.This is really a great speech. Watch it to see his frothing anger as he accidentally admits that he and his people cannot compete in today’s world.

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Video: Some reasons to love the ‘Palestinians’

Posted by avideditor on March 13, 2008

I know that you’re all looking for reasons to love the ‘Palestinians.’ Well, here they are!

HT Israel Matzav 

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Proof That Iran Is Arming Terrorists

Posted by avideditor on March 13, 2008

Proof That Iran Is Arming Terrorists:

“These weapons were captured by the IDF, and taken from Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon War.The weapons were manufactured in Iran, and supplied to a designated terrorist organization, in violation of United Nations sanctions and international law.While Iran arms and trains their proxy armies, Hezbollah and Hamas, the world sits and looks on, or devotes their energies to attacking Israel for defending herself from those who openly advocate and work toward her destruction.Iran cannot be allowed to attain nuclear weapons.Whatever the cost.“(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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Palestinian Child Abuse

Posted by avideditor on March 9, 2008

click the link bellow to see the amazing video documenting how the pali jihadis use children as expendable human shields. I was trying to post the video here but I couldn’t figure it out. Sorry I am new to this.  

Palestinian Child Abuse: “Here’

s a video showing how the palestinians use children as human shields and have them perpetrate terrorist acts themselves.Keep these images in mind next time you hear of a palestinian child being killed.”(Via Israellycool.)

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J’lem Arabs fear Israeli retaliation. They should. I hope Israel retaliates soon

Posted by avideditor on March 8, 2008

Israel should retaliate. I have been holding my tongue for too long. Israel should revoke the Israeli ID for all muslims no longer living in Israel. Innocent unarmed children who where studying torah where massacred by muslim thugs using back door access into Israel. Innocent people will die as long as the Israeli government gives free healthcare and education to people that want to destroy Israel. Israel should take away theses benefits revoke the IDs and move the jihad’s out of Jerusalem. Any one that hires a a muslim has blood on there hands. They are supporting these jihadis. If Israel doesn’t have enough back bone to follow the torah an kill the people that want to kill them first, it should at least close its borders and give murders no ability to kill innocent Jews. I am insulted that the Jerusalem post so liberal and complaining of “collective punishment.” Israel needs to punish the society that created the murders not just the murders themselves. 

Many Arabs in Jerusalem expressed fear over the weekend that Israel would retaliate for last Thursday’s shooting attack at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva by denying them privileges they are entitled to as holders of Israeli ID cards.Meanwhile, the family of Ala Abu Dhaim, the 25-year-old resident of Jebl Mukaber who carried out the shooting spree, reacted with mixed feelings to the involvement of their son in the attack. Some of them hailed him as a “hero” and “martyr,” while others expressed fear that the attack would give Israel an excuse to impose strict measures against Arab residents of the city.”This attack has caused huge damage to the Arabs in Jerusalem,” said Hisham Shkirat, a resident of the neighborhood. “I’m very worried when I hear some people in Israel talk about expelling Arabs from the city in response to the attack.”As residents of Jerusalem, the 220,000 Arabs living in and outside the city are entitled to the same privileges as Israeli citizens, with the exception of voting for the Knesset.Since they hold blue Israeli ID cards, the Arabs in the city enjoy freedom of movement and are entitled to social, economic, health and education services provided by the state.Unlike Palestinians living in the West Bank, the Jerusalem Arabs are also entitled to drive cars with yellow Israeli license plates.”I hope Israel does not resort to collective punishment following this attack,” said school teacher Majdi Shweiki, who lives in Silwan. “I believe that the majority of the Arabs in Jerusalem would prefer to continue living under Israeli rule.”Shweiki said he was nevertheless concerned that some Israelis would exploit the attack to demand a tough policy against the city’s Arab residents.”In every society you have a minority of people who act against the interests of their people,” he said. “But we must bear in mind that most of the Arabs here are peaceful.”Shweiki said young people such as Abu Dhaim were obviously affected by the scenes of dead children and women in the Gaza Strip during the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip last week.”The Arab TV stations, specifically Al-Jazeera, broadcast many pictures from the Gaza Strip that had a negative impact on many people,” he said. “I’m sure Abu Dhaim was also affected by the things he watched on TV.”An Arab lawyer living in the Bet Hanina neighborhood did not rule out the possibility that Israel would revoke the Israeli ID card from many Arab residents in response to the attack.He warned that such a move would have “serious repercussions” and could drive more people into the open arms of the radicals.”Revoking the ID card is tantamount to deportation from the city,” he said. “Once you lose your status as a resident of Jerusalem, you would not be permitted to enter the city or any part of Israel.”The lawyer said that an Arab who lost his status as a resident of Jerusalem would also be denied payments from the National Insurance Institute, free health care and education.”These are severe measures that could backfire,” he cautioned. “When you deny people their rights, they will resort to violence.”In Jebl Mukaber, relatives of Abu Dhaim said they were surprised to hear that he had carried out the attack.”Ala was a quiet man,” said his cousin, Omar Abu Dhaim. “He was engaged and was supposed to get married this summer. We had no idea that he was planning something like this.”He also denied reports that Abu Dhaim belonged to Hamas or any other group. However, some residents said Abu Dhaim was known for his support for both Hamas and Islamic Jihad. “He was a very religious person,” said one neighbor. “But we didn’t expect him to carry out such a big attack.”On Friday, the police released Abu Dhaim’s father, Hisham, and one of his uncles. The two were arrested shortly after the attack. The father used to work as an engineer for the Jerusalem Municipality.Abu Dhaim’s fiancée remained in custody over the weekend, as did a number of his relatives and friends.One of Abu Dhaim’s cousins, who asked not to be identified, said he was proud of Abu Dhaim, whom he described as a shahid (martyr). “We have nothing to apologize for,” he said. “Ala did what he did because of the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This was a heroic operation that was carried out against radical Jews, some of them members of the Israeli security forces.”The Fatah-controlled media has also praised Abu Dhaim as a martyr, describing the attack as a heroic operation. Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, issued a statement in support of the attack.One of the mukhtars (elders) of Jebl Mukaber, who also asked not to be identified, said he was worried by the fact that many residents of his village viewed the attack as an heroic act.He said he and other village leaders phoned Israeli friends over the weekend to condemn the attack and ask that Israel refrain from taking retaliatory measures against the whole village.”Most of the young men here work in Israel,” the mukhtar said. “Some of them have already been told not to return to work and this is very worrying. We hope that Israelis will refrain from collective punishment.”

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The fifth column

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

I was going to say something that I might regret but I decided against it.

The fifth column: “From JPost:Hundreds of Arab teens pelted Israeli cars, police and passersby with stones and rocks in east Jerusalem on Monday, as rioting over the violence in Gaza continued in the Arab sections of Jerusalem for the second straight day.

 In the most serious incident, two Jerusalem Municipality city inspectors felt in danger of being lynched on a central east Jerusalem thoroughfare that was blocked by burning garbage bins after their car was pelted with dozens of stones and rocks by half a dozen teens, one of whom jumped on the vehicle and beat the window with a metal bar.The two city workers, who were inside their vehicle when they came under attack, eventually managed to bypass a burning garbage bin that was overturned on the road by driving on the sidewalk and escape to safety.’I was afraid we were going to be lynched,’ said city inspector Chaya Elihan.The two city workers were in telephone contact the whole time of the attack with their boss, Elihan said.’Our instructions were just to get out of the there as quickly as possible without paying any attention to the damage done to the car,’ city inspector Moshe Ephraim said.

But thats not all…

Meanwhile, a group of 150 Arab students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem held a boisterous protest Monday against the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip. The Arab students who took part in the afternoon protest just outside the main entrance to the university’s Mount Scopus campus were met by dozens of Jewish students in a counterprotest opposite the street, with police separating between the two sides.Carrying Palestinian flags and dressed in keffiyehs, the Arab students chanted the Palestinian liberation slogan: ‘With our blood and soul we shall liberate Palestine.’We are part of the Palestinian people and it is impossible to separate us from them,’ said protester Ali Behar, 23, a third-year student who heads the Arab Students Committee.’We are protesting against the Zionist terror against the Palestinian people,’ Behar said, ‘or as [Deputy Defense Minister Matan] Vilna’i called it, ‘the Holocaust.” Vilna’i has said that he used the Hebrew word Shoah in a radio interview which took place Friday only to mean disaster, ruin or destruction and was not referring to its primary definition as Holocaust.Israeli student protesters, who supported the army’s actions in Gaza, expressed their dismay that the university and police allowed such radical Islamic activity on campus.’We are talking about a group of students who live in the dorms, who study at the expense of the state and in exchange call for the murder of Israelis and support terror,’ said Erez Tadmor, 28, head of the right-wing student group If You Will It, referring to the words of Theodor Herzl.’Regretfully and shamefully, the incitement of the Islamic groups on campus are ignored by both the police and the university administration,’ he said.

Israeli Arabs have the right to protest, of course, but if they want to see the state get destroyed it is reasonable to ask that they no longer get the benefits of that same state.

“(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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