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Rare Glimpse Of The Taliban Air Force

Posted by DJM on May 8, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LiveLeak embeds can be touchy. If it doesn’t play, click HERE.

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“Japan offered to hide Bamiyan statues, but Taliban asked Japan to convert to Islam instead” [via JAPANTODAY] and Commentary [Avid Editor’s Insights Exclusive]

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on February 26, 2010

Philip Daniel


“Narrated ‘Aun bin Abu Juhaifa: My father bought a slave who practiced the profession of cupping. (My father broke the slave’s instruments of cupping). I asked my father why he had done so. He replied, “The Prophet…cursed the picture-makers.””–Sahih Bukhari Volume 3 Book 34 Number 299

“We were with Masruq at the house of Yasar bin Numair. Masruq saw pictures on his terrace and said, “I heard ‘Abdullah saying that he heard the Prophet saying, “‘The people who will receive the severest punishment from Allah will be the picture makers.”–Sahih Bukhari Volume 7 Book 72 Number 834

“Narrated Aisha: Allah’s Apostle said, “The painter of these pictures will be punished on the Day of Resurrection, and it will be said to them, Make alive what you have created.’ “–Sahih Bukhari Volume 9 Book 93 Number 646

Islam is Philistinism, as we all should be aware… Read the rest of this entry »

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homework and setting the record straight

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2010

Even though she does not link to me 😉 I think rose provides great context.

homework and setting the record straight: “
The Shoeshine Photo
The picture was actually created back during the last presidential campaign to emphasize the fact that Sarah Palin had more executive experience than Barack Obama….

For the last two days, the buzz has erupted in the Blogosphere, due to a blunder committed by a formerly prominent blogger. In an iconic example of irresponsible posting, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs stereotyped the Colorado DOT employee without any background investigation:

Here’s yet another ugly little upwelling of racism from the right wing base, as a Colorado Department of Transportation employee forwards an email to her co-workers containing a photoshopped image of President Barack Obama giving Sarah Palin a shoeshine.

Patterico’s Pontifications quickly called Charles Johnson on his mistake:

Charles Johnson denounces the ‘right-wing racism’ of the photo. Just one problem: the [CDOT] worker is a registered Democrat…. and there’s more…

This last one: H/T avid and howie for OE

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Obama sends to Afghanistan far fewer troops than his generals ask for and they are mostly Engineers and Medics

Posted by avideditor on October 13, 2009

Is he trying to start a military coup? I though he wanted to destroy the jihadis in Afghanistan. I guess it is beyond sick, in giving the jihadis a victory and more cannon fodder.  I thought he at least wanted to kill the jihadis that where responsible for 9-11. It looks like he is giving up. Read the rest of this entry »

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