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Warning don’t see the movie Paul It is Boring, leftwing antigun, anti christian terrible propaganda

Posted by avideditor on March 19, 2011

Not only is it anti Christian and anti Gun, It is really really boring. The trailer has the only funny parts. The rest of the movie is terrible. I want my hour and 1/2 back. Luckily many others felt the same way and we where given free passes for our trouble. Don’t waste your time or your money.

Here is the tailer the only funny parts of the terrible movie.

It is a terrible movie and really left wing. Hope it fails like all the other bs lefty films Hollywood tries to make us pay for. Guess it was okay to insult Christianity like they did but if some one does the same thing to Islam they would be killed. Even point out that radical Islam causes oppression of women and violence and you will be censored.

30 Responses to “Warning don’t see the movie Paul It is Boring, leftwing antigun, anti christian terrible propaganda”

  1. Jason said

    Agreed. They made Christians look stupid and backwards. Especially the scene where the father’s double-barrel shotgun is resting on his other hand, and that hand is clutching a bible. All that and promoting bi-sexuality, and science as the new way of thinking. That was an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back.

    • Cory said

      well that is because you are stupid and backwards. The movie paul was funny enough but you got butt hurt over the fact that they called your backwards beliefs out and showed how stupid christianity is. Christianity has been proven wrong over and over again and you continue to say “you can’t prove god right or wrong.” Your beliefs are ignorant and backwards. Religion has caused more death and hate in the world than anything in the history of mankind. And finally a movie has the balls to tell you how stupid you are, while still containing funny, light hearted comedy throughout the entire thing. Of course you wouldn’t like a movie that shows how ignorant you and your beliefs are, that doesn’t make them wrong.

    • Tim Richfield said

      Just saw this flick. Left wing drivel. Just like Boston Legal, started out funny and then turned into a “Conservative bash” at every turn. Typical Hollywood, no surprises, this is what they do.

  2. Not your average dumbass said

    Silly right winged Christian conservatives… Logic is for liberals
    Jk : P it was actually an okay movie. Don’t believe this guy if you really believe this was all “left wing liberal atheist science propaganda” then you really need to grow the fuck up and see reality. No offense dude, just saying my opinion. By the way don’t dis my spelling I know it sucks

    • avideditor said

      I am not Christian but I saw the movie bashing them beyond belief. It wasn’t funny. it was a waste of time. The movie was so wrapped up in bashing guns and Christians it forgot to be funny. The best parts where in the trailer. It is like beerfest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZBJxhjqUgs the only semi funny parts are in the trailer. What else did you find funny. The move was terrible. It was a decent concept just terribly executed.

  3. David said

    I am sorry, but is there anyone here that knows what comedy is. Why is there always a christian who is so serious about everything. How about you just stay home and put head in the sand. If you know anything about what Paul was saying then you would get the whole point of the movie. How about listening to more than what you hear every Sunday. Does there have to be an argument about everything on religion. No christian were harmed or killed making this movie. But there have been millions kill in the names of several gods. Now that’s not comedy, that’s very sad indeed. I am not trying to hurt or step on anyones toes here. And I don’t have a cross to bare like some of you. Let’s enjoy life instead of making it an argument. Paul is one of the best comedies I have seen in awhile. Peace

  4. Jeff Cornell said

    I loved this movie but saw right thru the shots that were taken at Christianity, guns. I’m not a Christian because the reality is a true Christian is hard to be, and hard to find. A true Christian is not perfect, but would not have acted the way that hill buck fuck did. True Christians do not get involved in politics or military actions, but were instructed to preach in peace until Jesus’s return. Right now it’s pretty much anything goes. So false religion is to blame for the blood shed in God’s name, btw Jesus is not God but rather his son. Any religion that supports the trinity doctrine is false. How you find the real Christianity that will have most accurate knowledge, and God’s backing is by using a sort of scientific method to shoot down false doctrines one by one. Science actually supports the bible in many ways. The founding father’s of America supported gun use NOT because they really liked hunting, rather that if the government ever got out of control “we the people” could rise up and overthrow the government. The founder’s where damn near anarchists but knew that some government was needed for even a measure of peace. Studies show that when guns are removed there can actually be more murders, the 911 system is a joke in some cities. We are our best keepers. To illustrate picture a paraplegic trying to eat, they can’t use thier hands, ok so someone else has to hand feed them. Have you ever tried to feed someone it’s bullshit!! it would be much better if the person could get up get and get their own damn food. The more we can do on our own the better our lives are. Having a gun would allow a person to say, “hey bro, you just broke in my house, if you move your dead”. When God’s kingdom finally is here it’s people will be truly free, free from sin, for example murder won’t exist whoever is a part of the kingdom will be perfect able to care for themselves and never die.

    • Ben said

      Dude you are very mistaken, we know of God, Heaven and Hell from the Bible. The Bible states that The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit are one. If you read the bible instead of going by what you think you know, you might gain some True Knowledge.

      • Ed Dylina said

        True knowledge in the bible? Please enlighten us as to which part of the bible is this “true knowledge” that you speak of. Is it the part about the world being only roughly 6000 years old? Is it the part about the entire human race being populated from 8 people that left the arc?

        • Cory said

          haha yeah! Oh and lets not forget about “the earth is stablish is does not move” or “a woman is not to speak or speak out against a man” or “If a mans testicles are crushed or penis is cut off he is not welcome in the eyes of god.” Is GOD really who you want to be spending all your time with. The god who can create such a evil place as hell. A god who spends the first 6 books of the bible killing people off? A god who’s jealous and proud of it? A god who damns people to eternal suffering for not believing in him while evidence of his non-existence stacks up against him? The old testament god is even worse. he’s racist sexiest and genocidal. If the opposite of god is the devil. The devil is probably a good guy.

  5. Legion said

    Thanks, I won’t be wasting my money or time. Hit hollywierd in the pocketbook and they might stop making this crap.

  6. Tim said

    It had its funny moments, but it was no Shaun of the Dead. It did have a definite anti-Christian/pro-evolution agenda. Wish hollywad would just leave the mean spirited rhetoric to Bill Maher and Glenn Beck and give more yuks. Leave the philosophical debates out of the film. Moviegoers want to be entertained, not schooled.

    • LEGION said

      Correct on Bill Maher- WRONG on Glenn Beck- not a mean bone in his body. You’ve never seen his show apparently. Maher finally got spanked by NOW (after they were shamed into doing it) for his slur against Palin after a lame Jap sunami joke. Glenn is a kind decent person who loves America and is doing his best to help it- not so with the self hating Maher. Get a clue.

      • avideditor said

        Leg just laugh it off. Usually, the same people smearing beck are making the moral equivalence between terrorist that cuts babies throats and jews that want to live in peace. You are right though. But I think Beck tries to make the confused smear him because it exposes them.

  7. JuanKhmer said

    It is just a movie, please people relax, and I dunno, but I myself really had a decent laugh, I mean it is kind of “Roboty Chickeny” I guess, but it is after all a comedy, everyone gets a chance to make fun of everyone else.,

    and dude, to be honest, on the religious front., To me dead is dead and gone is gone., and the Universe and earth itself are here despite us, (not because of us)

    • avideditor said

      The thing is the movie is not funny IMHO. What parts did you find funny that where not in the trailer. The trailer is great just warning about the movie because it fails miserably IMHO

  8. Redskin said

    This is a deceiving film. Its promoters deliberately conceal the fact that it’s a profane attack on Christianity and the belief in God. Some may say it was just a movie, but I can assure you that if the promoters had let on what type of movie this actually was, only the 10% or so of atheists would be watching this film and we know that would be bad for box office returns.

    All in all, this was irresponsible. Saying this was just a comedy is no excuse for it.

    • avideditor said

      Thanks for making that great point. Said it better then me. Think people need to know that movies is promoting a lefty anti G-d and Gun agenda.

    • Wynter said

      Redskin you are exactly right. Same thing happened at the movie, The Invention of Lying.

      I was so angry after watching both movies. Neither trailer let you know what a left wing, Christian bashing movie this was going to be. I know we would NEVER have gone to see Paul or The Invention of Lying had we known.

      To another commenter who asked if we had a sense of humor and understood that this movie was a comedy, of course we have a sense of humor. But look at it from a true Christians perspective. Not only was the portrayal of Christians inaccurate by showing an uneducated person toting a Bible around and looking and acting deranged, it gives non-Christians false information about God and that is what is really wrong.

      Everything from the huge paint by number Jesus picture on the wall, to the book or whatever that was that showed a picture of Jesus shooting someone with a gun (can’t remember exactly what that part was), but it was ridiculous. Jesus did not act in such a manner and had there been guns on the earth over 2000 years ago, Jesus would not have used one to kill anyone.

      To another poster who said that Jesus is not God, you are WRONG my friend. Yes, Christians are imperfect, there are no perfect people on this earth, we are humans and we make mistakes. The mistake I made was going to see the movie Paul with someone who thought the R rating was mainly about drug use. We won’t be making that mistake again, we will look at Christian reviews before watching another disgusting movie.

      This movie could have been SO good had they left their left wing propaganda out of it and the foul language did not add to the humor. The main issue is that they did not need to bash Christianity like they did. Hollywood always portrays Christians as back woods hillbillies without a clue. I am a Christian and I am most definitely not a back woods hillbilly. I know many Christians who are highly educated, successful in business, etc.

      As far as guns go, there is nothing wrong with them. Now, saying that, if there were a way to remove every single gun from the earth, then I would be for it. However, there is no way to do that, it would depend on every one and every government being honest and we KNOW that is not true. Gun laws do not work. Remember, CRIMINALS don’t care about laws, so if gun laws ban guns altogether, only criminals will have guns, leaving decent law abiding citizens defenseless in their own homes. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE DO.

  9. Carl Stringer said

    I am not offended by the pro evolution angle, after all it’s a major scientific theory, but the Christianity bashing and the way it was portrayed in this movie was absolutely inexcusable. If I had known about this I wouldn’t have paid money to see it. After the introduction of that hateful shtick that preaches a Godless universe, I couldn’t enjoy any of it.

  10. lisa said

    This has taught me to research any movie I go see. This was a horrible movie from beginning to end. I wish I would have asked for my money back. There should have been a sign to to along with the movie…attention: movie for atheist, no morals or values and no clue to real comedy only.

  11. Matt Wilson said

    I cannot believe the bashing this movie is taking. I enjoyed the movie myself, it was funny and if it had only poked fun at Americans or guns it wouldn’t have made such a ripple. I am American and I thought it portrayed some Americans pretty well. We are a society that follows whatever is shoved in our face from the day we are born. Just because the movie poked fun at religion people are having a fit. If you are secure in your beliefs or faith, it shouldn’t be thought of as more than a comedy. If it upsets you that much then maybe you need to review your belief system, maybe something is wrong with it.

  12. noGodforme said

    This religious banter just goes to show who the nut jobs are. I believe that people use religion as a crutch.. a way of making sense of things that would otherwise be too overwhelming for their minds to process without some sort of anxiety or sense of helplessness. I’m not saying they’re weak.. they’re just not realists like many of us who don’t believe that everything was created by an invisible entity who will let us burn in Hell for eternity if we don’t devote our lives to him and show him our undying love. Sounds like a communist to me. I only need one supreme ruler in my life to make sense of it all and get through it just fine… MYSELF!

  13. Minky Moose said

    The movie had a few funny parts, overall it was kind of boring and juvenile. I guess it would be funny to little kids but only a simpleton adult would find it amusing. One thing I don’t understand is why atheists can’t just be happy to believe or disbelieve whatever and leave everyone else alone. Why so much proselytizing, preaching and trying to convert everyone? They do exactly what they claim that the “religious nuts” do. They don’t seem very secure in themselves or what they believe…

    • Ed Dylina said

      Why so much proselytizing, preaching and trying to convert everyone? Seriously? Do atheists go door to door trying to shove their beliefs down the throats of the religious? Do atheists have evangelical shows on television feeding people lines of complete bull to sucker people into sending them “donations”? If you answered no to either of these questions perhaps you should use your mind and think before you comment.

  14. Dumb and Dumber said

    I very seldom get pissed at a movie. Went to see a lighted heart movie about an alien instead to get a left wing attack on my religious faith.. I am a Brit by blood and realize many in homeland England think they have an exclusive grasp of omnipotent knowledge and the dumb gullable uneducated Christians have held on to silly superstitions of Jesus and the Bible. The fool hath said in his heart there is not a God. Time and the absence or the presence of an afterlife will deinitively prove who hath erred. . This could have been a good movie with a little consideration for the audience.

  15. John said

    If you’re a Christian and you don’t want your cult made fun of, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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