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While the World is preoccupied with revolutions, Iran pursues nuclear weapons

Posted by avideditor on March 7, 2011

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Watch the other hand 😉

From http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2011/03/while-world-is-preoccupied-with.html

The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other countries that have preoccupied the ‘international community’ have been a dream come true for Iran. If the world often doesn’t pay sufficient attention to Iran, right now it is downright beingignored.

The Danish paper Politiken is reporting, based on Norwegian intelligence, that the Islamic Republic of Iran has on several occasions tried to purchase materials in Norway that could be used in the production of weapons of mass destruction. Sometimes these reports turn out to be true; sometimes they turn out to be false. The Norwegians, however, have not historically been prone to exaggeration on these issues. The Danish report links to the Norwegian security-service report.

The Obama administration has little interest in revelations of Iranian cheating; they could undermine its push for diplomacy. Sometimes, though, reality gets in the way of policy. It’s ironic that, after years of bashing Bush for doing so, it is Obama who now turns a deaf ear to the Europeans.

But it’s not just the Europeans. Last week, Iran entered into an agreement to purchase yellowcake (raw) uranium from Zimbabwe in exchange for supplying its fuel needs (Hat Tip: Powerline via Memeorandum).

A leaked intelligence report suggests Iran will be awarded with exclusive access to Zimbabwe’s uranium in return for providing the country with fuel.

The report – compiled by the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog – said Iran’s Foreign and Co-operative Ministers had visited Zimbabwe to strike a deal, and sent engineers to assess uranium deposits.

Experts say the move contradicts Iran’s claim that it now has enough domestic uranium supplies to sustain its nuclear energy ambitions. They say Zimbabwe’s defiance of sanctions and its support for the pariah state will scare those considering investing in its economy, which is only just starting to recover after years of hyperinflation.

We’re still waiting for the outcry from the West on that one. read the rest http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2011/03/while-world-is-preoccupied-with.html

One Response to “While the World is preoccupied with revolutions, Iran pursues nuclear weapons”

  1. Mark Leffingwell said

    Nice website!
    I just hope all the filthy hajis out there get a chance to look at it. They need to take a break from whatever it is they do that makes their putrid iraqi cities smell like diarhea, and kick back for some comedy stylings, and thoughtful insight from this awesome reading corner. Might I suggest a coloring book? You know for the kids?

    Sinister Minister

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