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Sharia 4 America Jihadis want to put a veil on then destroy the statue of liberty

Posted by avideditor on March 2, 2011

DICTATOR OBAMA APPOINTED THIS FOOL DIRECTOR CLAPPER Is O’reilly pro Jihadi? He is no Allen West IMHO Bill O’Reilly Morphing Into Barbara Walters Bill O’reilly Morphing into Helen Tomas The EDL are great video redo Beck Abridged: Jihadis in their own words. Muslim Brotherhood edition

Obama Contrasted with Allen West State of the Union SOTU Is Obama being pro Jihadi in the State of the Union 2011? Bill Maher on Real Time is a hypocrite attacks Palin, Beck, and Tea Party Liberals Blood Libel Smear Live to Die for Virgins in the Sky. One of the best music videos Ever

Israel is just the Canary in the Coal mine. This sick jihadis want to take away your liberty and make you slaves to there stupid moon god. Islam means submission, Allah does don’t mean G-d. Jihadis are a plague on our society and unless we start standing up they are going to enslave us.

From the sick jihadi site http://shariah4america.com/NewYork/The-Islamic-Demolition-of-the-Statue-of-Liberty (warning they are capturing you ip address for some shady reason and might negatively infect your computer as well as mind )

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