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Hezbollah involved in Bahrain protests, encouraging riots

Posted by avideditor on February 20, 2011

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From http://olehgirl.com/?p=6664
Bahraini leaders have accused the Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah, a Shi’ite Muslim group, of encouraging riots in their country. Officials said that Hizbullah flags were found at the Manama rally,along with weapons and ammunition.
Previously King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain warned a highly-ranked U.S. official that opposition groups in his country were being trained in Lebanon by Hezbollah, according to a American diplomatic cable exposed by WikiLeaks, The Daily Telegraph reported on Friday.
Back in September several dozen Shi’ites trained by Hezbollah in Lebanon were arrested in Bahrain for plotting a coup to overthrow the Sunni regime.

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