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The Tyranny of Minorities Obama Death Care and Egypt

Posted by avideditor on February 14, 2011

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Wether commies with their Death Care trying to kill us all by nationalizing and ruining our health care or Jihadis trying to re-establish the Caliphate in the Middle East. They are the minority because most people are too smart to buy into their BS.
From A Tyranny of Minorities

“I have scant patience with this talk of the tyranny of the majority. Wherever there is tyranny of the majority, I shall protest against it with all my heart and soul. But we are today suffering from the tyranny of minorities.”

Theodore Roosevelt

The modern debate over government is based on offering Americans a choice between two minority monopolies of power. Government controlled corporations or corporate controlled government. Two extremes, both of which monopolize power in the hands of a small number of powerful and influential people. And deprive ordinary citizens of their rights. Because a tyranny of the minority is still a tyranny– regardless of what its guise is. And either corporate controlled government or government controlled corporations mean a totalitarian state serving the interests of a small group. The only debate is over which small group will benefit the most from the oppression of the majority.

The debate between government controlled corporations and corporate controlled government is mostly irrelevant. Because we have both.

We have the ObamaCare mandate which forces Americans to buy a specific type of product from a specific type of company. It’s not the worst such example, only the broadest. Companies have been using government power to force the public to buy their products, to outlaw competition and make it impossible for small businesses and independent contractors to earn a living– for a long time now.

Take the recent ban on the incandescent light bulb for example. It’s not as direct as the ObamaCare mandate, but it accomplishes the same basic goal. Even more indirectly, food safety regulations, such as the even more recent FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, helps push out organic and small farms, in favor of large industries. Paradoxically, or not so paradoxically, a great deal of the government legislation that is supposedly intended to protect the “little guy” has that effect. It’s one of the reasons why the rise of big government has gone hand in hand with the decline of small business.

Then there are strategic ways to structure the tax code so as to push out small businesses and independent contractors from certain industries. Senators urged on by lobbyists have effectively destroyed competition entirely with such structured tax codes. Then there are huge subsidies, fortune poured down the gullets of companies and industries with access, all at taxpayer expense. Subsidies that generally do not produce anything of value. And of course there’s the even more recent stimulus plan. Or Cap and Trade, which will reward some at the expense of the majority.
read the rest at A Tyranny of Minorities

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