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Iranian Regime Celebrates 32nd Anniversary – Torches US Flags

Posted by avideditor on February 11, 2011

Beck Abridged: Jihadis in their own words. Muslim Brotherhood edition

From Iranian Regime Celebrates 32nd Anniversary – Torches US Flags
The Iranian Regime celebrated their anniversary today by torching US flags.



The Iranian regime celebrated the 32nd Anniversary of the overthrow of the Shah’s regime today.
Fars News reported:

Iranian demonstrators, in their final statement at the end of their massive rallies on the 32nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, extended their full support for uprisings in the region, Tunisia and Egypt in particular, and asked for continued resistance against the US and Israeli policies and plots.

The full text of statement is as follows:

The statement of nationwide rallies of 22 Bahman

In the Name of God

Endless praise for God for putting the Islamic Revolution and the leadership of the late Imam Khomeini (PBUH) on the historical destiny of the Iranian nation to entitle honorable livings of the Iranian people, under the light of the Islamic Revolution, as a model for other nations.

On the eve of 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the Muslim and revolutionary nation of Iran with “firm steps and full insight” will shout the greatness of the God form “depth of its soul.” With announcing its “full loyalty” to its “wise leader”, the Iranian nation will stay consistent until the fulfillment of the “Devine promises”.

We announce our stances to all people around the world with the theism voice of “God is the greatest” ahead of the 22nd of Bahman’s magnificent rallies and the current “sensitive, complex and decisive situations in the Muslim World.”

1- 32 years of the blessed existence of the Islamic Revolution is a proof that the theories of “Islamic Governance” and “Velayat-E Faqih” are contributing doctrines in management and movement of global communities toward “real development” and “social justice. Ahead of the 32nd anniversary of Islamic revolution, the Iranian nation is thankful of God for the blessing of thoughts of the late Imam Khomeini. Renewing its loyalty to “the soul of the late Imam”, the Iranian nation will defend the “principle of Velayat-E Faqih” as the pillar of Islamic Revolution.

2- United Iranian people at the first step owed its passing from ups and down, crisis, plots, sedition and consistency of its movement towards fulfillment of Islamic revolution goals to intelligent management and powerful leadership of the wise leader of Islamic revolution and jurisprudence of our ages grand Ayatollah Khamenei. People of Iran unanimously stress on following pure Islam and leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei that is the key to the persistence of Islamic revolution. The nation condemns any efforts to undermine the glorious fact of revolution which is aimed to satisfy enemies of Islamic revolution.

3- The glorious uprising of Egyptians and their seeking for real Islam concurrent to the 32nd anniversary of Islamic revolution of Iran is another joyful real aspect of Islamic revolution spreading to other countries. The people of Iran based on their great experiences gained through the Islamic revolution announce their full support for the uprisings of Egyptians and Tunisians and other Middle East countries. It is necessary to mention that divine promises will come true and they should never neglect the conspiracies of enemies of Islam, including the USA and the Zionist Regime which sought to throw the seeds of division among Muslim nations.

4- U.S. the great Satan and the cancer trauma of Middle East, Zionist Regime, along with the so-called supporters of human rights are committing crimes against humanity. Citing the comments of the late founder of the Islamic revolution “the U.S. cannot do anything “, the Iranian nations announce its support for oppressed people and their movements. We condemn the U.S. and its allies for the crimes committing in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other parts of the world.

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