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Dems, Republicans: Keep Muslim Brotherhood Out

Posted by avideditor on February 11, 2011

Beck Abridged: Jihadis in their own words. Muslim Brotherhood edition

From http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/Dems-RepublicansKeepMuslimBrotherhoodOut/2011/02/11/id/385768
Now that Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak has resigned, the issue turns to what kind of government will take his place. Even before Mubarak’s announcement Friday of his departure, Democrats and Republicans strongly urged the Obama administration to keep Egypt’s government out of the Muslim Brotherhood’s hands, The Hill reports.

dems, gop, muslim, brotherhoodThe worry is that the group would push Egypt away from its alliance with the United States and toward radical Islam. The Brotherhood wants religious law to rule, and its commitment to democracy is uncertain.

“Engaging the Muslim Brotherhood should not be on the table,” says House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla.

Many Democrats agree. “Why would you load a virus into the system?” asked Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y., The Hill reports. “Nothing good will come of it, (as the Brotherhood) would destroy the government.”

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