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Egyptians as role models: Radio radicals want Americans to rise up in revolution

Posted by avideditor on February 10, 2011

Jihadis in their own words on how the Muslim Brotherhood Is Jihadi Abridged Glenn Beck

From http://www.ihatethemedia.com/radio-radicals-want-americans-to-rise-up-in-revolution
Want to know why PBS and NPR need to be defunded? Just watch this video.

PBS’ Tavis Smiley and professional racemonger Cornel West hope the people of the United States will rise up and revolt just like those brave patriots in Egypt. In fact, they seem to hope they can inspire that revolt.

So the way we understand this Americans need to revolt because, you know, the Egyptians are oppressed and they’ve been ruled by an iron-fisted dictator for the last 30 years and so have we. Or something like that. We’re not quite sure how this squares with the Era of Enlightenment ushered in by Barack Obama, but surely that’s only because we’re not smart enough to understand these complex issues.

We suppose it’s possible that Smiley and West want a revolution just so they can throw a few punches at Anderson Cooper, but somehow we doubt that their motives are that pure.


H/T: WeaselZippers.us\

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