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Why are the left so beholden to anti-Semitism?

Posted by avideditor on February 3, 2011

From http://eye-on-the-world.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-are-left-so-beholden-to-anti.html?zx=d51fd4f842f9e065

One of the more disturbing things about the UK today is how it is fashionable for the left to be anti-Semitic. Which explains why so many Unions/Church groups and such have no problem going out of their way in which to attack the Jews (not physically) because they belong to the same religious group as the people of Israel. So we have idiots walking free from court (in Scotland at that) after a racially aggravated conduct against members of an Israeli orchestra. As I mentioned the other day, the former mayor of London was sanctioned for referring to a Jewish reporter as a Nazi death camp guard, and we have the case of how protesters who broke into a factory in the south of England casing £180,000 of damage, walked free from court because the judge accepted their reason for doing so was because they believed that the company EDO makes components used by the IDF (not weapons, not ammunition but components) during its then war against Gaza in 2009.

The left, the very people who correctly play the ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists‘ card, appear to not to use the same criteria when referring to Jews. In their eyes all Jews are hooked nosed racist bigots and thus beyond contempt. Which is how today during a student protest in London (yup, our students are protesting over having to pay for a university education) the head of the National Union of Students (Aaron Porter) was heckled with calls of… wait for it… ‘Tory Jew scum’.

Isn’t it great how 13 years of socialist rule in the UK has installed in our youth a belief that everything in life will be handed to them on a plate, and if you don’t get your way, you can always run riot and blame the Jew? Can you imagine the outcry from the left if somebody had shouted out ‘Islamic scum?’

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