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#MuslimBrotherhood And #Obama in #Egypt and the #past: #DiscovertheNetwork he is a #Jihadi and a #commie

Posted by avideditor on February 1, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution is Jihadi

From http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2011/02/muslim-brotherhood-and-obama-discover.html

Christine Brim at BigPeace, ‘Direct Access’ Stimulus Grants for the Muslim Brotherhood

‘Obama met Muslim Brotherhood members in U.S.’

Underground Uprising in Egypt: Obama’s acitivist friends Bill Ayers, Bernandine Dohrn, and Code Pink had their fingerprints all over the Egypt uprising, including involvement with the terror group ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’

Flashback 2009: Muslim Brotherhood Members to Attend Obama’s Cairo Speech

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that it is “not for me or our government to determine” whether Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak should leave office amid massive protests against his rule. vs.
New Obama Administration Muslim Appointee Echoes Muslim Brotherhood Positions
WH: No US contact with Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Administration Lifts US Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Obama’s reading preference: “Post American World”

Can we call it treason yet? and

Nexus between Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

Insist the LA Times release the suppressed tape of the 2003 dinner where Obama honored PLO advisor Khalidi.

3 Responses to “#MuslimBrotherhood And #Obama in #Egypt and the #past: #DiscovertheNetwork he is a #Jihadi and a #commie”

  1. Questionman said

    Typical bigots! You extremists keep trying to link Obama to muslims and that’s why the country is most racist, more bigoted than ever. 78 extremists still claims Obama is a muslim, by that case all of you are racist (aside from that facts) because you hate non-white getting the same equal rights we do.

  2. […] #MuslimBrotherhood And #Obama in #Egypt and the #past: #DiscovertheNetwork he is a #Jihadi and a #co… (avideditor.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Fuck_rag-heads said

    fuck you questionqueer.

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