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Even Coptic Christians fleeing to Australia are not safe from islam

Posted by avideditor on January 27, 2011

It seems Jihadis are most places. Lets destroy them before they take over the world.

From http://infidelsarecool.com/2011/01/24/even-coptic-christians-fleeing-to-australia-are-not-safe-from-islam/

Funny how jihad follows wherever islam goes. Sad, too.

Australia – Safe Haven No More

I am an Australian, I am Coptic and I was born in Alexandria, Egypt.My parents immigrated to Australia when I was a very young child.

Neither of my parents could speak English and they had no acquaintances or relatives here. I recall arriving in Australia, and getting into a taxi. My father handed the taxi driver a note with an address. It was the address of the only Coptic Priest here in Australia, the very Rev Fr Mina Nematalla (May God have mercy upon his soul and grant him eternal peace).

After a long taxi drive from the airport, we arrived at a house in Pendle Hill.

It was a Sunday, it was summer and hot. We arrived and the house was locked; no one was home. I was hungry and fell asleep on the verandah.

Late afternoon, Father Mina arrived with his family to find my family at his doorstep.

They welcomed us, took us in, fed us and accommodated us. Within a week Father Mina found us a unit, found my parents employment and a school for myself and siblings.

Our new life in the wondrous land of Australia had started. We were too young to comprehend why my Parents left everything and fled to a country where they knew no one. (I might Add Father Mina established many many families, and the Coptic community has grown from 1 church in the late 60’s, to over 26 parishes today, as well as schools and monasteries in this beautiful land of Australia.

As young children we were fortunate to be raised and educated in Australia. My siblings and I lived here free to practice our faith in the sanctity of Australia, and had no idea religious discrimination even existed. We attended Catholic Schools, and are now all professionals with families of our own. We were blessed not to experience the daily persecution and ridicule that our Coptic brethren suffer in Egypt simply because they are Christians.

I am sure you have all heard the old adage “all good things come to an end”.

Read the full article.

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