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Posted by avideditor on January 26, 2011

The jihadis are attacking everyone through out the world. Lets stand up and destroy this plague.

From http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2011/01/jihad-in-thailand-nine-buddists-killed.html

More jihad by Muslim supremacists. Global jihad advanced by the silence of the media lambs. More hate crime from journalists.

Thailand: Jihadists murder nine Buddhist hunters with roadside bomb Jihad Watch

Jihad against Buddhist wild pig hunters. “Bomb kills 9 civilians in restive Thai south,” from Reuters, January 25 (hat tip Weasel Zippers):

YALA, Thailand (Reuters) – A powerful roadside bomb killed nine civilians and wounded two others in Thailand’s restive deep south on Tuesday, an attack blamed on separatist insurgents, police said.The victims were all Buddhists and were travelling in a pickup truck to hunt wild pigs when the bomb exploded in Yala, one of three predominantly Muslim provinces plagued by violence since a separatist rebellion resurfaced seven years ago….

The violence, which has been limited to the border region, is believed to be the work of ethnic Malay militants and has claimed more than 4,300 lives since January 2004.

“Ethnic Malay militants” = Islamic jihadists.

Attacks are typically drive-by shootings, ambushes and roadside blasts although car bombings and beheadings have taken place in recent years….

UPDATE: More, thanks to dumbledoresarmy

The ‘Bangkok Post’ had a few more details, including – most importantly of all – the names of two of the murdered Buddhist civilians.

“…the pick-up truck with 11 people on board was running over a land mine that was detonated remotely with a mobile phone (note – same modus operandi as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq… – dda).

‘The pick-up truck was badly damaged in the explosion. Seven passengers were killed at the scene while four others seriously wounded.

‘Two of the wounded died on arriving at Yaha hospital.

‘They were identified as Sakchai Siriphan, 36, a teacher of a non-formal education school in Yaha district, and Aroon Noonim, 52, of Sabayoi district of Songkhla province.”

The BBC, the AFP, the AP, Reuters et al will never tell you things like that – they will never, or only very rarely, give you the names, professions, faces of those who are erased by jihadist atrocities.

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