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Islam and jihad grow in Europe

Posted by avideditor on January 24, 2011

Europe is falling to the jihadis. Is is sad that it is becoming Eurabia.

Islam and jihad grow in Europe

Antisemitism increases in Europe concomitant with the growth of Muslim power and influence. “Islam and Jihad Grow in Europe,” by Chana Ya’ar in Israel National News, January 23:

The growing demographic picture of millions of Muslim immigrants and their descendants in Europe is beginning to bear bitter fruit in a quiet “under the radar” jihad against Israel.

Muslim lobby groups representing this sector are rapidly gaining a hold on Europe’s relations with the State of Israel and the Middle East, contends writer Soeren Kern in a long, well-referenced article entitled “Europe’s Muslim Lobby” published last week in Hudson New York. Kern notes in the report that in Britain alone there are 3 million Muslims. In France there are more — 4.1 million — and in Germany, home to Europe’s largest Muslim community, there are more than 4.5 million….

And as European officials increasingly demonize Israel, the European street becomes more convinced in the “evil” of the Jewish State, eventually voting in more anti-Zionist leaders who enact more anti-Israel policies — and the circle of hate slowly closes in a noose around Israel’s neck….

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