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Brooklyn, NY: Muslims ignore ‘stop work order’ and continue to build the Voorhies Avenue mosque

Posted by avideditor on January 24, 2011

Jihadis do not follow our laws. It is insane we offer jihadis right here.

From http://eye-on-the-world.blogspot.com/2011/01/brooklyn-ny-muslims-ignore-stop-work.html

Rules just don’t apply to them.

Excerpt from the e-mail:

The DOB is dragging its feet reviewing multiple Public Challenges associated with the property, while construction crews are rushing work at the site, ignoring DOB inspectors, complaints by neighbors and a Stop Work order. After multiple complaints, letters to local politicians, demonstrations and media reports, city administration is still trying to ignore the obvious violations associated with the project in question. Just like the Sanitation Department abandoned you when you needed help the most, other city agencies are not doing much to protect your quality of life. The Community Center designed to accommodate hundreds of people on a daily basis is bad for the neighborhood, and creates “objectionable influence” as stated in our zoning laws, and endangering our lives as emergency vehicles

New variations of the paperwork get submitted to the Department of Buildings (DOB) by the project architects on a regular basis, and despite obvious omissions and mistakes, like absence of dates and signatures, wrong addresses and floor counts, the city signs off on all of them almost instantaneously.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) issued construction permits for parking, roadway and sidewalk blockages, without taking into consideration the specific location of the site. Voorhies Avenue, which has only one lane in each direction, becomes very dangerous when one of those lanes is occupied by several parked dump trucks and motorists have to drive against traffic. Announcements were made at PS 52 informing teachers that cars parked in front of 2812 Voorhies would be towed away. But there is no extra parking available in the neighborhood. Each spot counts, and when teachers and parents are forced to circle around dump trucks looking for parking, our kids are endangered as they walk to/from school, especially since they can’t use the southern side of Voorhies Avenue sidewalk, which is also blocked by dump truck/excavator.

Fortunately, the evidence of violations provided by lawyers and engineers working with Bay People is so overwhelming, that City Council member, Lewis A. Fidler, realized that his constituents really need help and contacted the DOB asking for explanations. He specifically urged the DOB to make sure the architectural plans are accessible, no mistakes are made while reviewing the plans, and 311 complaints don’t go unanswered.

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