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Noam Chomsky Calls For The Death Of All Republicans and People Who Vote For Them

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2011

Lots of civility. Guess it is good that his insanity is out in the open now. What other group kill others that don’t agree. Oh ya Jihadis. No wonder Chomsky likes distorting history to promote them.

From Noam Chomsky Calls For The Death Of All Republicans and People Who Vote For ThemYes. You heard that right. Noam Chomsky said,

“If this was happening in some small country (going right), in you know maybe Monaco or something, it wouldn’t matter much, but when it’s happening in the richest, most powerful country in the world – it’s a danger to the survival of the species,” Chomsky said. “Nobody else is going to do much if the UnitedStates doesn’t do a lot, not just some but take the lead. So we’re essentially saying let’s kiss each other goodbye.”

About the 2010 election he said:

He explained those feelings (conservative thought) led to November’s election results, and would have serious repercussions for civilization.

“All of this combines the latest election a couple of days ago,” he continued. “You could almost interpret it a kind of a death knell for the species. There was an article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, you know – not a radical rag exactly. They’re running through the new Republicans coming to Congress and they’re worried about them.”


Okay, I’m going to don my tinfoil hat and get my mind into the mindset of a drooling libtard. Hold on while I smack myself in the head with a smelly sandal a dozen or so times.

“Chomsky is speaking to his unhinged minions and telling them, not in a subtle coded way, but a blatant way, that the survival of humanity is contingent on wiping out conservatives. He is inciting people to murder conservatives.” – BigLibHat

Phew. That was taxing. But so worth it, just to show libtards how truly asinine they are.

Wait. I’m not done. Let me get out my hypnotizing fob.

“Calling all conservatards. Chomsky. He’s a danger… wink wink.”

HT to the DAILY CALLER. You can read the

10 Responses to “Noam Chomsky Calls For The Death Of All Republicans and People Who Vote For Them”

  1. Noreen said

    But then who will support liberals and liberal causes??

    • avideditor said

      not sure what you are saying. Care to elaborate?

      • Noreen said

        Sure! I was trying to be funny:0 If all conservatives are killed off that would be killing off most of the people that work and pay taxes.

        • avideditor said

          Got it now thanks 🙂

        • BS”D – Off topic a bit: I recently listened to an audio that makes the claim that US citizens earning the approx top 1% carry somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% of the tax burden. They are leaving the country at an alarming rate, in search of residency in countries who do not drain them so much of their hard earned money.

          Where does that leave the rest of us…? The government will then look to us to carry that additional 30%. That or cut “benefits”. Ouch.

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  3. chris said

    the man is a die hard communist! most communists hate Jews and America!

  4. This person may be classified as

    until these categories are
    multiplicities of publicly available

    All are ideological artifices.

    They are serving the purpose of making individualism a hard gig.

    Okay.Just one Rule.No violence. Hard fact.Just stop killing.Simple.

    Stop hating,torture-and begin to love. Love is hard work.

    Only a few free rides on the Love your neighbour express.

    Loving-kindness is also a cool gig.

    Always be kind to children especially.All rhetoric and extremism is boring but it is the price one pays for freedom
    of speech.

    America a military-industrial zone
    and is shortly to be owned by China;

    but don’t worry;-when change this radical happens and the climate is
    wierd-its time for Television again.
    And what-ever you do- Do NOT think.

    So easy,my citizens-Emerson– if in doubt-any movie if doubt persists.
    If extreme doubt, write.

    Do NOT go to the Doctor-organise locally-and create events/ things that are fun and make life wonderful again.
    Say as you say-in the end-just do
    it.Grow the beetroot.Use the technology.Praise commonsense.

  5. So in the span of a few sentences you spin out the ludicrous fantasy that Chomsky is calling for killings–and then call for Chomsky to be killed (wink wink). “Hypocrisy” doesn’t begin to express it.

    You people truly are beneath contempt.

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