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Liberalism is Immoral A great rant by Mark Levin

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2011

My proposition is that liberalism — or Statism — is inherently immoral.

It is inherently immoral. Any philosophy that has, at its core, the belief that thievery is a virtue — is immoral.

If you steal from a bank, that is, you rob a bank but you intend to use that money to feed the homeless — the act of robbing is still immoral. You’ve taken somebody else’s money. Perhaps taken it from people of modest means to advance a belief that you have.

090530-liberty-tyranny2.jpgA liberal may be moral in his or her own life, of course. They may be honorable and ethical in all they do personally, of course.

But then to support a political philosophy that seeks to do that which is immoral when done outside the realm of government — that is, stealing — then what is that?

How can that be moral?

To vote to put people in office who campaign on stealing — who campaign on stealing — to oversee such an agenda, which promotes a fundamental power-grab, to confiscate somebody else’s property and to assign to some other use, is that not an immoral act? Whatever that use may be?

I’m not done: Liberalism is inherently immoral.

When you run up deficits — and I don’t just mean Democrats, liberal Republicans too — when you run up deficits that are so massive, that you create a crisis and that crisis gets worse and worse and could destabilize our society someday soon… and could destroy the opportunities for our children and our grandchildren one day, is that moral?

No, that’s immoral.

If you keep telling people that pay into Social Security that they’re paying into a non-existent trust fund, and if you keep voting time and time again to use the money that’s supposed to be put aside for Social Security to pay for every-expanding programs and spending for other things… then is not the act of lying — not just lying once, but lying repeatedly, lying as a matter of philosophy, is that not immoral?

Yes, it’s immoral.

Liberalism is inherently immoral. And there’s no getting around it.

You can hear this debate around Obamacare. Look at the statistics that have been knowingly used to promote a lie: that adding 30 million more people to health care, massively increasing the federal government’s role, massively increasing subsidies, will cut the deficit?

That’s a lie. And it’s immoral. And it’s immoral to keep saying it.

Yet that’s what liberals are doing.
Liberalism is Immoral [Mark Levin]

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