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Florida High School Students Participate in “Kick a Jew Day”

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2011

It is insane that that bigoted practice is going on here. Probably from jihadis and the left. Here is a video on it http://www.thejidf.org/2009/12/video-kick-jew-day.html
From Here Florida High School Students Participate in “Kick a Jew Day

What passes for “in jest” these days leaves a lot to be desired.

(Press & Sun-Bulletin) VESTAL — An incident in which Jewish students at Vestal High School were kicked by fellow students is being investigated by school officials, according to a parent, the local Jewish community and the school district.

“Apparently, there was an incident, or series of incidents, in which a number of students were involved in ‘kick a Jew day,’ in the Vestal school,” said Michael Wright, chairman of community relations for the Jewish Federation of Broome County.

Some students are facing disciplinary action, one parent said.

The parent, Gordon Gardner, said he got a telephone call this week from Mike Rotondi, assistant principal at Vestal High, who told him 37 students, including his 14-year-old son, could face suspensions because of the event.

His son has admitted taking part and should be punished, said Gardner, a Press & Sun-Bulletin employee. But he believes the event took place because of immaturity, not intolerance or maliciousness. Specifically, Rotondi told him the students were copying a prank inspired by the animated television show “South Park.”
The Vestal event came to Wright’s attention after a parent and a local rabbi called him with reports about incidents that happened in early December.

Wright said he called school Superintendent Mark LaRoach, who assured him the situation was being taken seriously by officials and would not be tolerated.

According to reports he received, some students thought the Vestal event was done “in jest” and was “fun,” while others did not, Wright said.

If it would of been “Kick a Muslim Day” all hell would of broke loose…

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