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Could the man with the mustache be your next President? John Bolton for Pres :)

Posted by avideditor on January 20, 2011

I wish he was our next press. But I am doubtful on how he will do. I like his attitude towards the UN and the Jihadis. Bolton Akbar 😉 That Akbar is in arabic meaning greatest not hebrew meaning mouse 😉

From http://www.ihatethemedia.com/could-ron-bolton-be-your-next-president?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+ihatethemedia+(I+Hate+the+Media)

Off the top of our heads, we’d say there hasn’t been an American President with facial hair since, who, maybe Teddy Roosevelt? Well, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is considering running for President.

Russian Television gave him an 18-minute sit-down interview, which is about 15 more minutes than all the American networks combined have given him.

Unlike Katie Couric, Russian television asked him tough questions. And he gave honest answers. How honest? He said on Russian television that Russia is a threat to the United Sates.

Russian Television describes it:

RT’s Dina Gusovsky sits down with former UN Ambassador John Bolton for a candid conversation about his views on the new START Treaty, relations with China, defense spending, and a potential run for President in 2012.

Bolton says that he believes if he were to run, he would get the Republican nomination and go head to head with President Obama in 2012. Bolton feels that the Obama administration has mishandled several national security issues, which has driven him to consider his own presidential run.

We love this guy. We’ve always loved this guy. How about Bolton-Christie 2012. (That might actually work, because Christie said his one year as Governor of New Jersey didn’t give him the experience to be President, which conveniently weasel-worded around the possibility of running for Vice President.)

President Bolton could run foreign affairs. Vice President Christie could run domestic affairs. And after four or eight years, Vice President Christie would definitely have the experience necessary to take over the big chair.

Yeah, yeah, we know all the stuff about Christie being a RINO. But we’re fantasizing here. Can’t a guy fantasize?

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