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ACLU Sues Seattle for Refusal to Run Jew Hatred Bus Ads Why Didn’t ACLU Include AFDI Bus Ads in their Suit, As Well?

Posted by avideditor on January 20, 2011

The anti Jew bus ads saga continues.

From ACLU Sues Seattle for Refusal to Run Jew Hatred Bus Ads Why Didn’t ACLU Include AFDI Bus Ads in their Suit, As Well?

The ACLU is suing Seattle Metro for their refusal to run these anti-semitic ads (go here.) The Jew hate ads (at first accepted) were rejected after I submitted pro-Israel bus ads (see below.) Can’t have any pro-Israel ads now, can we?

Bus jewhate

Seattle Metro refused to run my pro-Israel ads. (see here)

Bus 2

And this one:

Bus 1

My question is, why didn’t the ACLU sue on our behalf as well? Why has the ACLU become an arm of the Islamic/leftist prpopaganda war machine?

I will be preparing a lawsuit for Seattle. And watch this space for legal action on San Francisco BART. BART is running Jew ahtred campaigns but has refused to approve or reject my bus campaign submitted to them via TRITON (their ad buying middleman) December 29th. Tick Tock Flip Flop.

If BART won’t run pro-Israel ads but accept anti-Israel ads, they will be slapped silly with a lawsuit and hatemongering.

Carl in Jerusalem has this:

ACLU Sues Seattle Metro (hat tip Emet)

Remember the Seattle bus ads that weren’t? Well, the ACLU is going to court over them.

The American Civil Liberties Union is taking King County to court over its refusal to post controversial bus ads criticizing the Israeli government.

KING 5 News first broke the story that the ads reading, “Israeli war crimes, your tax dollars at work,” were set to appear on 12 Metro buses. That set the stage for a showdown where the county ultimately backed down.

This wouldn’t be Metro’s first time running controversial ads. You might remember the one that ran last Christmas, “Yes Virginia, there is no God.” The ad for the “Bodies” exhibit at Pacific Science Center was controversial, even “Save Gaza,” in 2009. None of those ads elicited much of a response. This one did.

If the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign’s goal was to raise awareness about its cause, it succeeded. Just about everyone knows about the ad and its now infamous slogan. Not because they saw it on the side of a bus, but because they didn’t.

“We still don’t know who informed the press,” says Ed Mast with the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign. Word got out, before the signs came out. “The local media exposure, of course, quickly created a media controversy about the ads.”

King County, citing security concerns, opted not to run the ads. That, says the ACLU, violates the First Amendment right to free speech.

“If every time we have a concern that some speech is going to cause some kind of problem, we might as well all just shut up right now,” says ACLU of Washington’s Executive Director, Kathleen Taylor.

Several bus drivers have told us they feared they could be targeted in the backlash. Many in the Jewish community were appalled, some even proposed their own counter ad, “Palestinian war crimes, your tax dollars at work.”

Read the whole thing.

Free speech, yadda, yadda, yadda. So here’s my question folks: If these were ads by Pam Geller and Robert Spencer’s group seeking to help people to leave Islam safely, and they were banned, does anyone think that the ACLU would care? My recollection is that Pam’s and Robert’s ads were almost banned in Florida and that the ACLU didn’t say a word.

4 Responses to “ACLU Sues Seattle for Refusal to Run Jew Hatred Bus Ads Why Didn’t ACLU Include AFDI Bus Ads in their Suit, As Well?”

  1. ampbreia said

    No. I think you’re right. I’m betting ACLU is an arm of the Islamic movement. They’re not going to win this one in any case. If their anti-Israel ads are allowed to go up, then the anti-Palestine ads must be allowed too. But the reason Metro removed the ads in the first place was because they got so many alarmed phone calls and emails from frightend and offended customers and employees that wouldn’t feel safe riding the bus anymore with such inflamatory ads on them.

  2. Adam said

    Both ads will end up being allowed in the end—keep in mind that Seattle is within the 9th Circuit. If KC Metro is forced to run one, it will have to accept both. The question is: Will they appear on the same bus?

  3. Jeff Welch said

    Israel is not a religion – it’s a (secular) government. Criticism of the policies of the government of Israel is not “Jew hatred” you idiot.

  4. Jeff Welch said

    “why didn’t the ACLU sue on our behalf as well?”

    Did you ask them to? The ACLU doesn’t sue “on people’s behalf” – they represent clients who approach them.

    Did YOU?

    Fucking moron.

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