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Muslims burn effigy of the Pope. Again

Posted by avideditor on January 19, 2011

“Imagine now, the reaction if someone burned an effigy of Muhammad. Better yet, cover him in pig feces. Now notice that no one responds to this in the way muslims respond to any slight, real or perceived.”

From Muslims burn effigy of the Pope. Again

5 Responses to “Muslims burn effigy of the Pope. Again”

  1. ampbreia said

    Hmm… Covered in pig feces and burned is exactly how the blown off heads of suicide murdering jihadis should be treated. Excellent idea. I can’t see you videos btw. They’re blocked to me on this computer.

  2. ampbreia said

    None of them have so far. I assume it’s not a problem with your html though. It’s just that this a company computer rigged by the IT Nazis to block streaming media.

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