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Women’s Liberation: Pageants=Evil, Sharia=*crickets*

Posted by avideditor on January 18, 2011

Women right group is going after pageants instead of the true enemy the degeneration of women by the Jihadis
from Women’s Liberation: Pageants=Evil, Sharia=*crickets*

muslin women

by Lisa Richards
Ladies, it’s time to pull off those fabulous diamond tiaras, burn those bikinis, and wield those five inch stilettos in angry protest! Left-wing feminists are hot-flashing in anger over the idea that beauty should be allowed to mix with brains in the Miss America pageant.

Ms. Magazine feminists believe Miss America is the evil culprit brainwashing young women with the idea that marriage and children are fulfilling. In the eyes of radical feminists, Susan B. Anthony’s fight for women’s rights, jobs, property, and financial equality didn’t liberate women, it continued them down the mascara-and-lipstick path of marriage and babies. And worse, American women have the gall to assume beauty can be part of the total package!

Pageant contestants who aspire to marry and have babies will never aspire to, or rise to, the status of senator, governor, congresswoman or secretary of state. These women will never enter presidential races and compete against men, beating them all the way to primaries, or, be placed on a vice presidential ballot next to a man because they’re not truly liberated.

Tell that to Muslim women getting their noses cut off their faces or heads removed from their bodies for daring to think freely and wishing to become the next Hillary or Sarah of the Middle East. These burqa-ed and silenced-by-the-sword girls can shut up and put up with their authentic subjugation – radical feminist causes are far more important than rallying for Muslim women’s rights and liberation from cruel and inhumane torture by abusive brutes.

There are thousands of Muslim women in the Middle East who would love the subjugation American women are forced to endure: marriage, children, high powered jobs they drive themselves to daily while showing their faces to society, even running companies in which men work for women.

Ms. Magazine’s Amanda Litman disagrees, declaring the Miss America pageant is enslavement of women :

[O]ur [feminist] dreams for the future aren’t limited to just walking in high heels while wearing a bathing suit, or talking about world peace while modeling an evening gown. Miss America is still around, though…still objectifying women, albeit in a 21st century sort of way.

Litman continues, complaining about the pageant’s ongoing existence and the fact women today still enter and compete despite women’s lib activists fighting for an end to the pageant and its “housewivery” indoctrination.

This is the nonsense radical feminists worry about: women in beauty pageants wearing high heels, bikinis and curve hugging gowns. And all that curled hair and those big eyelashes! And worse, they talk about marriage and children! Oh, heaven help us, “housewivery” must be protested before women are enslaved into the false beliefs that feminine is female and marriage is fulfilling.

Ms. Magazine‘s self-centered narcissistic rants are not working for them, because American women do what they individually want, and American women do and have it all on their own terms, not with the stipulations of radical 60s feminism. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Muslim women. [snip]

Where are the FemiJihad rallies against the horrible abuses Muslim women endure at the hands of Islamic men and Sharia laws? Leftist feminists have a strange propensity for ignoring Islamic violence against women, yet they view Miss America pageants as abusive strangleholds brainwashing young women into becoming nothing more than wives and mothers. [snip]

And then we started hearing about these radical feminists across town…They [women of the 60s] were younger women who had come out of the SDS and the young people’s movement and they had fought with the guys who were treating them like slaves…They wanted to change the world. That’s why they said, we don’t want women’s rights. We want women’s liberation, you know?

So do abused Islamic women.


Here’s a social platform idea feminists, if you really believe in women’s liberation, why don’t you whiny women, worried about societal abuse, suggest pageant contestants stand up against Islamic abuse against women.

Read the rest here.

Bingo. Why don’t they? Because it is not, nor has it ever been about women’s liberation.

Just like the entire progressive’s agenda, it’s about control.

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