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Jihadis are taking over CPAC

Posted by avideditor on January 18, 2011

I understand and agree with why Geller and other anti Jihadis are going. But shame on anyone else that goes shame on you for giving jihadis control over there opposition. I fear that the republican party is turning into the Jihadi control conservative party of Britain. Suhail Khan is a jihadi. Norquist is a dhimmi. An he does not belong anywhere near other conservatives IMHO. We need more Allen West and less Suhail Khan IMHO. I agree with Geller here “I think that the conservatives pulling out of CPAC because of the inclusion of the gay rights group, GOProud, are wrong. FOX has a long piece on the whole ugly business, but I stand by my position on the infiltration of ACU and CPAC by Islamic supremacists and its resulting damage.”

Conservative Conference Beset By Accusations of Pro-Gay Takeover, Muslim Agenda FOX

Critics like Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, Pamela Geller from the website Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch are among critics who accuse Americans for Tax Reform chief Grover Norquist, who is also on the CPAC board and an ally of Khan, of being too biased in favor of radical Muslim activists.

They say Norquist and Khan are unduly influencing the CPAC agenda, proving the organization is not serious about the threat of Muslim extremism.

“I have long been aware of the stealth Islamization of CPAC leadership, but held my events there in the hopes that we might snatch back leadership,” Geller recently wrote on her website. “David Keene has stacked the board with Islamic supremacists, and their chief diabolical Islamic apologist is none other than the infamous Grover Norquist.”

Norquist did not return calls or e-mails for comment, but Khan, a former White House staffer and Republican congressional aide, told FOXNews.com that he is used to the attacks. He said the unsubstantiated accusations against him first emerged after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks when he was working in the Bush White House.

Khan is now a fellow at the Center for Global Engagement working on religious outreach. He said he is the only board member that was elected by the wider ACU membership and enjoys strong support from fellow conservatives.

“The (accusations) are completely false, there is no merit to them,” Khan said. “I’m just grateful that the vast majority of conservatives at-large know me as a life-long Reagan conservative who has dedicated his life to individual liberty, limited government and a strong defense. This has not been a controversy internally.”

CPAC’s Suhail Khan addressing Muslim Brotherhood front the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), co-conspirator in the largest Hamas funding terror trial:“The early Muslims loved death, dying for the sake of almighty Allah, more than the oppressors loved life,” said an impassioned Khan, who wiped away tears throughout his speech. “This must be the case when we are fighting.”
He added: “What are our oppressors going to do with a people like us? We are prepared to give our lives for the cause of Islam.”

According to CPAC organizers, at least one panel is scheduled on Islamic Sharia law and the debate over its creeping influence in Western societies, including the United States.

Jordan Marks, executive director of the Young America Foundation (YAF), which co-founded CPAC nearly 40 years ago, said when it comes down to it, most young people coming to the three-day event won’t be aware — or care — about of the infighting and the controversies.

Got parts of this piece from Pam Geller’s site.

It is like haveing Obama at CPAC spreading this nonsense

Obviously, we haven’t gotten it closed.  And let me just step back and explain that the reason for wanting to close Guantanamo was because my number one priority is keeping the American people safe.  One of the most powerful tools we have to keep the American people safe is not providing al Qaeda and jihadists recruiting tools for fledgling terrorists.

And Guantanamo is probably the number one recruitment tool that is used by these jihadist organizations.  And we see it in the websites that they put up.  We see it in the messages that they’re delivering.


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