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Hezbollah gearing up for another round with Israel

Posted by avideditor on January 18, 2011

I say bring the war on. Hezbollah is just a proxy for Iran but I think Israel can easy totally take them down just don’t hold back this time.

From http://www.theblogmocracy.com/2011/01/17/hezbollah-gearing-up-for-another-round/

I found a very interesting article written by Michael Totten. Hezbollah and really the rest of the Islamofaciasts have been employing a strategy for years on how to eventually destroy Israel. They attack, lose, regroup, refortify, and attack again. While they continue this cycle unbroken, they indoctrinate their children to hate all Jews through the most insidious form of child abuse known to any civilized society. These children are so thoroughly unable to even think critically about a peaceful coexistence by the time they are young adults, it may very well be that it will take another two generations before the concept has any chance of working.

Watch a couple of clips of Palestinian TV and bear in mind that this is meant for children.

I’ll end it with a compilation clip with music added.

In the mean time, the hapless U.N. inspectors, known as Unifil, fail to notice that Hezbollah has quadrupled their missile capabilities since the end of the last war. As a part of the end of the last war, and as a condition of Israeli withdrawal, The U.N. and the rest of the world promised Israel that Hezbollah would not be permitted to rearm itself. Here we are though, a scant 4 years later and they are firing across the border, armed with 50,000 missiles once again. Israel was blamed by the world’s biased media last time around. Will that be any different this time? Especially now that we see Hezbollah is clearly arming itself for another unprovoked attack. Get ready for more fraudulent reporting like this.

The hardest part of this to understand is that we’ve all seen this movie before. The islamists are masters at painting themselves as victims. The Israelis, while they are much more representative of our values, morals, and peaceful in intention, are also lousy at the public relations game. It is a shame too. Israel is our only true ally in the region. They are the sole Democracy and trading partner who is actually seeking to enrich us as a result of that trade rather than use the trade as a means to destroy our nation. They share our values of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. They share our values of respect for life, and seeking to allow people to live freely in an open civilization. The islamists, if Israel would ever be defeated, would seek to destroy us next.

Here are some of the more interesting passages from the Totten article.

“Four years ago you could easily see Hezbollah positions and bunkers from here,” she said. “Now you can’t. Hezbollah pretends to respect United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, but that’s just their public face. Their posts are now hidden in houses and mosques.”

So, they are purposefully hiding weapons in schools with children and in Mosques.

Hezbollah had 10,000 rockets before the war in 2006. Now it has between 40,000 and 50,000. Some are stored in warehouses. Others are hidden away a few at a time in private homes.

This is a clear contradiction of Resolution 1701.

“They’re storing huge amounts of C2 explosives next to clinics, schools, and mosques,” she said. “It’s terrible that Hezbollah is doing all this in civilian areas and sabotaging the new order in Lebanon. It’s sad, not just for Israel, but also for Lebanon.”

What will be the world reaction when in the course of defending herself, civilians are accidentally harmed. History has shown that the Israelis will receive most of the blame.

Can you imagine Hamas or Hezbollah investigating their fighters and punishing them if they harmed Israeli civilians? The very idea is absurd. The whole point of firing missiles at cities and sending suicide bombers into restaurants and onto busses is to murder as many civilians as possible. These aren’t just acts of terrorism. They’re war crimes.
“If we get complaints about the intentional targeting of civilians, we have to investigate,” she said. “Our soldiers often take it personally and get angry. They resent being investigated after being ordered to go to war and risking their lives. I understand why they feel that way, but we have to do this. It’s not just important because of all the international pressure. It also matters for the health of our society.”

In the end Hezbollah will target civilians specifically, and Israel will try to not harm any civilians. The political left in this country will defend Hezbollah and demonize Israel. The press will agree, as they have been shown to be irredeemably biased in so many other instances. One more exit question, if you please. How did a nation like Lebanon, which at one time was a majority christian, become about 65% Muslim today? Do you believe that happened peacefully, or by other means?

8 Responses to “Hezbollah gearing up for another round with Israel”

  1. ampbreia said

    If Israel were to treat the Palestinian Hamas and Hezbollah or Iranian Hezbollah the way those terrorists have treated them, I wouldn’t blame them. Holding back hasn’t seemed to help them much.

    Funny thing in Washington state where I live there was a recent attempt by Palestine supporters in Seattle to put ads for their cause (prodaganda) on the sides of city buses. The pictures title “Israeli War Crimes” were of the homes of terrorists’ families and supporters being bulldozed in retaliation for terror attacks on Israel citizens.

    We have free speach here (something they no doubt consider a weakness) so it almost happened. It made the bus drivers and their riders nervous however. Wherever divisive and brutal Palestinian politics go, terrorism does too. PERIOD full stop. It was a moral issue too. We don’t see terrorists as victims. So another organization decided to put up a counter ads showing pictures of blown up school buses, markets, nursing homes, schools, and hospitals with blood and body parts everywhere. These were titled “Palestinian War Crimes.”

    In the end, the City Counsel, for the safety and wellbeing of all, decided to rule against noncomercial advertising on city buses. Unfortunately, this rules out charity organizations as well unless they amend it but, overall, I think it was a very wise decision. We don’t need to import terrorism after all. That would be Darwin Award worthy right up there with the Palestinians themselves if they keep on the way they’re going.

    • avideditor said

      Great comment 🙂 I disagree with your point that promoting pro terrorist lies on buses counts as free speech. I am no lawyer but isn’t promoting terrorist groups treason? IMHO it is.

      • ampbreia said

        Good point, but the lines are blurry sometimes and, yes, it can be used against us if we let it be. A famous statement attributed to Voltair and often touted in defense of free speach goes, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” By the same token, publically telling lies about someone in your exercise of free speach, is libel if they feel it causes them harm. It’s justice plan and simply though if it’s the plain unvarnished truth. The Israelis DO bulldoze the homes of terrorists’ families and supporters and that’s the truth. They don’t aim to kill anyone in the process however. But the terrorist DO plan to kill and do so randomly on top of that. What’s more, if they target anyone deliberately, its most often innocents. That’s also true. So let them throw stones in their own glass houses back home. You’re right though in that promoting terrorist causes via the ads ought to be considered treasonous so long as the War on Terror goes on… but I suspect it isn’t. As near as I can recall, this is the first time they’ve attempted drumming terrorist support here so fully in the public eye. Now that they’ve made themselves noticed, more laws to keep them in check will no doubt follow. I hope so anyway!

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