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Michigan: ‘Islam in America’ forum on Martin Luther King Day

Posted by avideditor on January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King something like to be anti zionist is to be anti Jew. The jihadis are anti Israel and anti Jew. And are desecrating MLK memory. I slave traders of the past are trying to rewrite history so we can be their slaves now.
From http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/michigan-islam-in-america-forum-on-mlk-day/
Apparently, Muslims all across America are hijacking MLK Day to promote Islam. This event in Michigan, is the third event we’ve posted on and there are probably events in many other cities – with CAIR not far behind. The Islamists aren’t content just having Muslims holidays, they want every holiday to be a glorification of Islam (see Christmasand Independence Day at the respective links).

via ‘Differences without Divisions: Islam in America’ forum set Jan. 17 at the library – Life – Heritage Newspapers.
Despite being a majority religion in about 50 countries, the Islamic faith remains a mystery to many Americans.
A group of local residents hopes to change that by hosting a forum, “Differences Without Divisions: Islam in America,” set for 7 p.m. Jan. 17 at the Chelsea District Library, 221 S. Main St,. in Chelsea. The event helps to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.
“I think, on the whole, there’s a lot of interest in the community in learning more about what it means to be Muslim in this area, and also an interest in a more balanced perspective on Islam and its practitioners,” said organizer Micky Howe of Chelsea.
“We’re hopeful that by having this forum, it will increase understanding and tolerance for people who believe and live differently than ourselves. I strongly believe that seeds of peace can be planted in our small towns and hopefully lead to a transformation in attitudes on a larger scale.”
Last year, Howe’s daughter made a number of Muslim friends at the University of Michigan and in her all-women student dorm. Howe and her husband, Ray, hosted about a dozen of these women for a “hallal” Thanksgiving dinner, and later the Howes enjoyed the hospitality of a Muslim family in Dearborn.

Three nationally known Islamic leaders will discuss contemporary issues for Muslims living in America; a place for Muslims in the world today; American media representations of Islam and its practitioners; Islam and youth; the role of women in Islam; Islam and humanitarian service; and the future of Islam and its role in America and the world.
Imam Sayid Hassan Al-Qazwini is a scholar and religious leader at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, and a past consultant to The White House, U.S. State Department and Defense Department on Muslim affairs.

Dawud Walid is executive director of the Michigan Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a chapter of America’s largest advocacy and civil liberties organization for Muslims.

State Rep. Mark Ouimet, R-52nd District, will deliver the opening remarks for the forum.
Despite al Qazwini’s interfaith veneer, he reportedly supports Hamas and Hizbollah. More on al Qazwini from Militant Islam Monitor:
Thus rule number one, fight for the sake of Allah. Who must you fight? Those who start the war against you. Those who establish the war against you. Those who initiate the war against the Muslims. Then you are allowed to defend yourself…If you are attacked, you ought to defend…Permission has been given to those fighters whom have been forced, have seen injustice, have seen wrongdoing, have seen oppression and occupation. Then, they are given the permission to fight and to defend themselves and let them know that Allah will assist them to victory.”
Since Al-Qazwini believes that Muslims—inside and outside America—have been wronged following the 9/11 attacks, does he also believe that Muslims should fight “for the sake of Allah” against America, a country that Al-Qazwini claims for Muslims?
In the same speech, Al-Qazwini discusses the issue of martyrdom in Islam. He uses the terms “shahada” and “shaheed,” which are also the Arabic words used to describe suicide bombers in Iraq and the Palestinian territories.
He states: “Shahada is equivalent to a very very important degree in Islam. The shaheed is not washed. The body of a shaheed is not washed. The shaheed is [pure/exempt from washing]. Thus he is placed in his grave immediately after he dies, because the shaheed is a purified figure. Not anybody that dies can be given the title of a shaheed. The shaheed is chosen by Allah, and the prophet is chosen by Allah. Those two people. Less not anybody can go and become a shaheed, brothers and sisters.”
With this information in mind, it’s no wonder that the Assidiq Islamic Educational Foundation issued a disclaimer on its website warning viewers that the center is not “liable for damages of any kind arising out of [one’s] use of [the center’s website]” just in case one would want to go off and start a jihad or become a shaheed.
And then there is the terror-linked CAIR’s rep at the event, Dawud Walid (aka Willis Delano Anthony, Jr.):
In a September 2006 blog, Walid complained that a group of blacks and Jews were meeting at what he considered to be a pro-Israel function. ”Tonight in Detroit,” he said, “the Fellowship of Israel and Black America (FIBA) will be holding an event to propagate the misnomer that African-Americans and Israelis have a natural connection whose interests are mutually exclusive…. With Islam being the fastest growing religion among African-Americans and waning pro-Israeli sentiments within mainstream America, this organization seeks a marriage of political convenience.”
In June 2007, Walid gave a speech at the American Moslem Society (a.k.a. Masjid Dearborn), titled “Know Your Rights,” where he told his listeners how they could avoid being surveilled and questioned by the FBI. “We should obey the laws of the United States of America,” he said, “except when those laws bar us from those things that are obligations [of] our religion.”
Walid was a supporter of the American affiliate of the Al-Mabarrat Association, a pseudo-charity headed by the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, Sayyid Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah. When this organization’s office was raided by the FBI on July 24, 2007, Walid informed his website readers that regardless of the U.S. government’s action, they could still donate not only to Al-Mabarrat, but also to another terror-related charity, Life for Relief and Development (LIFE), which had been raided in September of 2006.
Interfaith love from CAIR – where being Muslim takes precedence over being black, or American, or anything else. Read more in Dawid Walud Unhinged.
One would hope State Rep’s would vet the participants at events they participate in a little more closely.

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