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Your future is being a servant to a jihadi in MEAC mind

Posted by avideditor on January 16, 2011

I think it is important for people to not submit to the ideas of these sick jihadis. They are traitors and should be prosecuted and or kicked out of this country. Wake up ! They want you to be there slave or believe the sick things they do.


“Islam requires that every Muslim observe and live under Divine Law, yet many cultures are not receptive to this life. Many Muslims are prohibited from governing themselves under the principles of their own faith. We must combat intolerance to spread acceptance of Sharia across the world. “

Here’s how they are going to shove the sharia down your kafir throat (from MEAC: Muslim Education Action Center): hat tip Western feminista

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Islam in America is at a crossroads. One path is continued confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination, and the other is the truth and beauty of the Quran. America has been struggling with which road to choose primarily because it does not know or understand the beauty of our holy teachings.

In other words, if you do not accept living under the most radical, extreme ideology on the earth, Islamic (sharia) law, than you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.”

If you study Islam and know and understand the sharia and attempt to educate others, much the way I and others (Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Wafa Sultan, et al) have done, then you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.”

If you oppose the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque, than you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.”

If you expose their agenda and you expose the Islamic supremacists and Muslim Brotherhood proxies like CAIR, MAS, ISNA, ICNA, Imam Rauf, Daisy Khan, et al, than you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.” Did you see Daisy Khan’s vile Islamic propaganda in Reader’s Digest (of all places)? The media has signed our death warrant as a civilization.

More from MEAC:

Amidst these perilous times for Islam in America, MEAC has come a long way in recent years thanks to the tremendous leadershipand generousity of Chairman Bin Talal, his associates, and his family. MEAC Trust holdings have nearly tripled under his tenure and continue to grow, ensuring that as the Islamic way of life is increasingly threatened in America, MEAC will have the means to respond and continue to protect the vision of our founders.

MEAC continues to bring religious education and truth to students across the country and to serve the growing Islamic schools and university departments with resources, support and guidance. We also assist educational institutions in lobbying state and national government for the autonomy and resources necessary for effective teaching of Islam.

MEAC is a servant of Islam, and may peace be upon us all.

I’d rather blow up the world than live as a slave. As for Bin Talal, we have to stop financing our executioners. Enough dollars for jihad. We need to throw the left-enemy out of power and start drilling and mining our own resources. We must throw off the shackles that the enemy within has enslaved us with.

UPDATE: Troubling note on the subversion and how these groups cross-pollinate and are one, in fact operating from the same Islamic playbook (the qur’an):
Reader Megan wrote tipped me off to this. I googled the address of the MEAC trust — 2100 M street suite 170 — and the very first search result is Ground Zero mosque imam radical Rauf and the Cordoba movement here, under the Muslim Brotherhood proxy ISNA.

How creepy is all this? MEAC, ISNA, Rauf — stealth jihad.

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