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Jihadis do not want the Mezuza on the gates of the most holy city for the Jews

Posted by avideditor on January 16, 2011

Jihadis are trying to rewrite history by trying to remove Jews from it.
Raed Salah, the local fundamuslim rabble-rouser in Israel, (yes they have the same problem there as well) is pissed off that the gates to Jerusalem has a Mezuzot attached to it. Apparently it doesn’t mesh with the plan of Islamization of the Old City. So he’s whining about it, a lot.KGSIsraeli Arab Leader Demands: Remove Old City Mezuzot

NRG: The Israeli Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, led by Sheikh Raed Salah, is now demanding the removal of all “Mezuzot”** on the gates of Jerusalem’s Old City.

According to the movement, the mezuzot are an attempt to Judaize the “Arab heritage” of the Old City.

In a statement issued by the movement, it stated that during a patrol in the Old City, they saw mezuzot on the various gates, and Jews touching the mezuzot as they passed through the gates.

“This is a disgusting attempt to Judaize the Arab and Islamic heritage of the Old City,” the statement said, “and all the relevant Islamic institutions are called up to to act quickly to remove the mezuzot.”

Mahmoud Abu Atta, spokesman for the institution “Mossad Al-Aqsa” said that he sees these mezuzahs “as continued attempts to Judaize the Old City. A Mezuzah is put on the door of a Jewish home yet this [the Old City of Jerusalem] is an Arab city.”

Jameel @ Muqata: “On a personal note, I remember the first time I passed through Sha’ar Yaffo — the Jaffa Gate, and saw the large mezuza on the gate. Nothing is more appropriate than a Mezuzah on the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. It should be noted that the Adalah organization, a key New Israel Fund grantee in the Israeli-Arab sector, expresses support for Sheik Raed Salah. (JewishWeek) What could be more appropriate for a “New Israel,” than the Old City of Jerusalem, without any mezuzot?”

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