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British Imam raped boy many times in mosque over a three month period

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2011

No surprise that a Imam did this. I bet he allow preached jihad and other absurd things from the koran. Since he got the perversion down he probably also got the violence down.
From here http://eye-on-the-world.blogspot.com/2011/01/british-imam-raped-boy-many-times-in.html

mollah.JPGBritish imam raped boy many times in mosque over three-month period. A prominent imam, who is said to have been regarded as someone very powerful in his local Muslim community of Sheffield, is finally going to trial for raping, attempting to rape, and also for sexual activity with a male child for three months in July to October 2009. 42-year-old Mohammed Hanif Khan is also charged with attempting to rape the young boy’s slightly older, 15-year-old cousin over the same period of time. In an appearance at Nottingham’s Crown Court yesterday, Khan entered not guilty pleas to all eight charges of rape or attempted rape. The rape charges against this imam include lurid details like making the young boy touch his penis and also using lubricant on the 15-year-old’s bottom.

The charges against this British imam also highlight the very devious tactic in which this imam operated in order to, “allegedly,” rape the 12-year-old boy numerous times. Abusing his power and influence as imam of a mosque on Stoke on Trent, Khan would separate the boy from the congregation of his little mosque and order the child to complete his prayers (to Allah, I’m betting) in a separate area. You know, away from prying eyes and all else that is considered inconvenient when an imam rapes a male child. In his authority role as prayer leader and also as educator of boys, the imam enjoyed ultra-special access to young boys and was also protected due to his powerful reputation in the Muslim community. In other words, he had all the conditions that pedophiles and child molesters like him just dream about.

To be frank, I almost vomited several times over when reading the absolutely gross and lewd details of the “alleged” rape that this imam committed against both the then-12-year-old boy and his then-15-year-old cousin. In recounting them here, I’ll be as delicate as I possibly can be, considering the sordidness that I have to communicate so that readers understand precisely what this “religion of peace” imam did.

The strategy of the imam was to lure the boy into private areas of his mosque that were not being filmed by cameras. The 12-year-old was subjected repeatedly to sexually charged questions such as, “Do you want some?” and when the imam was vexed with the boy’s refusal, promptly followed up with the forcible “For God’s Sake, just say yes!!”

On another occasion, after the 12-year-old was raped and after he dutifully finished his prayers, he had to use the toilet facilities inside the mosque to wash his rear end out.

The sexual activity with the 15-year-old is equally heinous. Khan used his power as imam to somehow persuade him to sleep over at his house. Once there, the imam began misbehaving in all sorts of perverted and taboo ways to the boy, first approaching him from behind and rubbing his private area over the boy’s legs and rear end. The boy could feel the pervert-imam getting aroused as he was asked, “Do you like this?” When night fell, things only got worse as the imam then made the boy remove his clothes, spread oil on the boy’s rear end, and then tried to rape him. Like all pedophiles, he then threatened the boy not to say anything to anyone.

Clearly, this misconduct is evil beyond evil, but I say that this begs the larger and broader question, In how many more Islamic mosques is this pedophilia occurring, exactly?! This was a UK mosque, but just try to imagine all these types of perverse incidents that may well be happening in Islamic countries in the Middle East, where society is more closed-off and such crimes don’t get reported by any media…because all their media is state-controlled, and no leader of a Muslim country would want something like this getting out!

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