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Rape Jihad

Posted by avideditor on January 14, 2011

Seems the jihadis are using rape in order to continue their sick jihad.
From http://sheikyermami.com/2011/01/15/rape-jihad-4/

Rape Rover:

I was kept prisoner by the Asian sex gang predator: Victim tells harrowing story of ‘boyfriend’ who dubbed his car the ‘Rape Rover’

Trophy: Toni-Marie Redfern was initially flattered by the attention she received from Abid Mohammed Saddique

Pretty teenager Toni-Marie Redfern thought she’d found the perfect boyfriend. Polite, handsome, and seven years her senior, he drove a silver BMW, wore designer suits and bought her dinner at her favourite pizza café.

No wonder her schoolfriends were envious. And when he asked her to marry him, she started to make plans for their future. Yet Toni-Marie eventually learned the truth about Abid Mohammed Saddique. (Read the rest at Daily Mail)

Bendigo mum ‘raped as children slept’

A group of seven young men allegedly trapped a 21-year-old mother in her laundry in Bendigo, Victoria and raped her as her children slept.

Each of the men, who came to Australia as refugees from Sudan and Afghanistan, have been charged with 17 offences, including rape and assault. (NineMSM)

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